Thursday, December 5, 2019


(KWTX) Two men injured in a dog attack Wednesday morning in Jones Park at 1002 West Avenue H in Temple were taken to Scott & White Medical Center after a police officer killed one of the aggressive animals.

“Officers observed that both victims suffered extensive dog bites,” police spokesman Cody Weems said in a press release Wednesday.
Officers responded to a report of the attack at around 7:50 a.m. and when they arrived they found two dogs attacking one of the victims and the other victim “on the ground suffering from dog bites,” Weems said.
A third dog was nearby, he said.
A witness at the Temple Care Clinic across the street says he saw the three dogs attacking an older man at the park.
Witness, Bruce Hillis, said all three dogs were  PIT BULLS.
"The first thing I heard was the man screaming and hollering real loud and I walked outside and I saw three dogs attacking him," Hillis said.
He says a second man came in to help, but was also attacked before police arrived.
"He got out with a stick and then they attacked him he fell down and they bit him a couple times. He got back up and went to his truck and came back out with a bigger stick but there was no stopping them until the police showed up," Hillis said.
“Officers approached but were unable to get the dogs to disengage,” Weems said.
“An officer fired one round that struck and killed one of the aggressive dogs. This caused the other two dogs to run away,” he said.
The dogs’ owner was at the park and secured the two dogs in her vehicle until animal control officers arrived.
Animal control confiscated the two surviving dogs.
Hillis says the woman did not have a leash for any of the dogs.
"The owner was trying to get the dogs off of them but they wouldn't listen to her they were in full attack mode just going crazy," Hillis said.
“Potential charges against the dog owner are pending,” Weems said.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019



 (KGTV) - A Ramona couple walking their yellow Labrador puppy say they were attacked by  TWO PIT BULLS  Tuesday night, suffering serious injuries.

Michael Dougherty was walking with his wife, Dee, in the Kmart parking lot in the 1800 block of Main Street training their puppy, Rueger. Dougherty said it's easier in the parking lot, as there is more light, compared to their rural neighborhood.

As they walked toward the Taco Shop, around 7:15 p.m., Dougherty said from the corner of his eye, he saw two pit bulls charging.

They attacked Rueger and his wife, who went down trying to rescue the dog.
Dougherty is recovering from a back injury and walks with a cane. He used it as a weapon.

"I just started beating the dog, beating the dog, until it [the cane] snapped. This fell down alongside the dog and my wife and she grabbed this and was jamming it into the dog's mouth. When this broke I started punching the dog in the head."

Eventually they were able to separate all three dogs. No one escaped uninjured. Dougherty described his wife's wounds, "the top fang went in," gesturing at his left cheek, "and the bottom fang went under her chin like this."

"Both arms are bitten up quite a bit, I couldn't even count them there were so many," he continued, saying her hand bore the worst injury. "Her thumb was bitten three quarters of the way around," saying the skin had been pushed up, away from her hand. "She said she could see the bone, but I don't know about that."

Dougherty suffered a bite to his hand as well.

As he called 911, he saw the owner and the two pit bulls walking away.
"It's frustrating to think that he didn't have the courage to stand here and be responsible for what his animals did."

Dougherty said they don't know how much his wife's emergency room trip will cost. They have a $500 veterinarian bill and said his wife is anxious when he leaves the house.

Dougherty hoped by telling their story he would "make people aware and maybe get some information to get this wild animal off the street. He was plain vicious."

Animal Control confirmed they have a dog in quarantine, and will have the couple identify Friday whether it's the same dog who attacked them.

Dougherty has a GoFundMe set up to help with his wife's expenses. His son said she will be out of work while she recovers.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Christine Rollins's car was parked just outside of the home she was trying to enter when she was attacked by feral hogs.
There have been at least 585 people killed by Pit Bulls dating back to 1833      

Christine Rollins steered her white sedan toward the rural Texas home and parked it just a few steps away from the front door. She stepped out of the car, locked it and prepared to head into the house, where she worked as a caretaker for an older couple.
Instead, according to the authorities who are now investigating her death, she was attacked by  a herd of FERAL HOGS   before she could make the short walk.
Hog attacks are rare, but the scene was so harrowing that investigators could find no other explanation for Ms. Rollins’s death early Sunday morning in Anahuac, about 50 miles east of Houston. It was just the fifth deadly feral hog attack documented in the United States in nearly two centuries, according to one study. 
“It was like nothing we’d ever seen,” Sheriff Brian C. Hawthorne of Chambers County said in an interview on Tuesday, the day after a medical examiner ruled the cause of death as “exsanguination due to feral hog assault,” using a medical term for severe blood loss.

One of the homeowners went to check on why Ms. Rollins, 59, had not come inside at her usual time and discovered her body on a small patch of grass.
Christine Rollins

Ms. Rollins was one of three caregivers who worked 12-to-14-hour shifts looking after the husband, 84, and wife, 79, who suffer from memory loss. She was known for her compassion, the sheriff said, relaying a story of when Ms. Rollins drove over from another town to feed the couple when the wife got sick.
Ms. Rollins’s son-in-law told a local television station that the family had been preparing for her 60th birthday, which falls on Christmas.
Sheriff Hawthorne said it was clear from her injuries that Ms. Rollins had fought back against the hogs. He said it was impossible to know exactly how many had attacked her, but that there had been more than one, based on the varying sizes of her bite wounds.

There are millions of wild hogs in Texas, though they are rarely violent toward humans. Texans mostly encounter them when the animals have uprooted a flower bed or damaged crops. Unlike domesticated pigs, feral hogs can become aggressive if they feel trapped, or if a female hog is defending her offspring. Most weigh about 200 pounds, though they can grow to more than 500.
“Feral pigs will lunge at you and attack you” if they perceive a threat, said John J. McGlone, a professor of animal behavior at Texas Tech University who has studied feral and domestic hogs.
There were about 100 documented attacks by feral hogs on humans in the United States between 1825 and 2012, four of which were fatal, according to a 2013 study. The most recent of those was also in Texas, in 1996.
Three of the four fatal attacks were by pigs wounded by hunters. But feral hog attacks in urban and suburban areas have increased since the mid-1990s, said John J. Mayer, the study’s author. He warned that many attacks likely go unreported, especially in rural regions.
Sheriff Hawthorne said the tragedy was one of the worst he had seen in his 35-year career. He said that as developers build houses in rural areas, more wild hogs are coming into contact with people. But the only other hog attack he had worked on was when one had attacked a pet cat.
“Feral hogs are just that: They’re feral, they’re wild and they roam,” he said. “One minute they’re tearing up the land on one ranch, the next minute they’re tearing up the ranch in the town over.”
Feral hogs descended from European wild boars, which were first brought to Texas in the 1500s and sometimes bred with domesticated pigs, Professor McGlone said. They mostly eat vegetation but are omnivorous, and can briefly run at speeds up to 30 m.p.h.


(WJW) — Quick action by a neighbor and postal carrier helped save a woman who was attacked by her 100 pound dog. The woman was taken to the hospital and is home recovering after undergoing two surgeries, one on each of her arms.
33-year-old Janae Presutto-Canon says around noon Wednesday, she heard her dog, Zeus, a 16-month-old  CANE CORSO yelping in the back yard. She says when she went outside to check on him, his paw was stuck underneath part of the fence. Right before she reached him, Zeus jumped up and latched onto her arm with his jaws.
“That’s when I heard her screaming, ‘Oh my God, help me. He’s biting me, he’s biting me, help me, help me,” recalls neighbor Linda Morrow.
As Morrow rushed over to help, Presutto-Canon was able to pull the dog away by grabbing his collar.
“For some reason, she was able to get him off and she was able to get to her feet and he was sitting beside her,” said Morrow.
The longtime neighbor says as she approached, Zeus attacked his owner again.
“All she did was move her foot and her dog got on her again. This time he was being more aggressive on her,” said Morrow.
At that time, postal carrier Alex Uber, was making his daily rounds through the neighborhood and heard the commotion.
“I looked over the fence, I put my mailbag down, put the mail on the ground and I hopped over the fence to look. I was peeking over the top and I could see her being dragged by the dog,” said Uber.
Uber says he carries several cans of mace with him and handed one to the neighbor. Meanwhile, Morrow’s husband grabbed two pieces of a dog cage to use as a defense against the dog.
“I was able to take the mace and take the little fence thing and get the dog off of her. Then we were able to distract it with me long enough that I could spray it in the mouth with the mace,” said Uber.
“Janae was able to get onto her feet and made a run for the gate and I grabbed her and we brought her out,” said Morrow.
Presutto-Canon was taken to Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain where she was treated for 27 puncture wounds on her arms and back. She returned home Thursday.
Presutto-Canon says she received Zeus as a birthday gift last October when he was four months old. She says he was neutered and went through obedience training. She also took him with her to pet stores and nursing homes where she worked. Presutto-Canon says she has no idea why he would attack her.
Her neighbor and mail carrier say they also were surprised that the dog would turn on his owner.
“Friendly…I mean, he knows all these kids. She has a four-and-a-half-year-old that gets on him like he’s a toy,” said Morrow.
Zeus was euthanized and tested for rabies, although Presutto-Canon says he is current on his rabies shots. She says she also had her other dog put to sleep because it began to be aggressive toward her after she returned home from the hospital.
She feels fortunate that her neighbors and mail carrier were able to come to her rescue.
“Between me and the neighbors, we were able to accomplish something together,” said Uber.
The United States Postal Service released a statement, which reads:
“The Postal Service is proud of Alex Uber for helping the woman that was attacked by the dog and we wish her a speedy recovery. Our mail carriers are in neighborhoods everyday and many of them have assisted customers in emergency situations. Mr. Uber will be nominated for the Postmaster General Hero Award for his heroic efforts.”


(KKTV) Police think  three adult  PIT BULLS   chewed through a neighbor's fence, then tore up a chihuahua named "Grandma" killing it.

Then they attacked the woman trying to get the dog back.
"They were mauling me, jumping on me and trying to bite me," Ashley Hayes said.
Hayes admits she was simply trying to make sure the dogs did not eat the chihuahua but realized afterward getting in the middle of the fight was not a safe move.
Hayes and her husband called the police. When animal law enforcement arrived at the home on the southeast side of Colorado Springs, the owner of the pit bulls told officers he had the dogs, but later said his sister-in-law came to pick up two of them, and he had one in the house.
When officers asked to see the lone dog remaining, he told them all of them had run away. Police believe he is lying.
“it is going to the warrant status and he was made well aware of that, that didn’t affect him at all," Sgt. Jeff Rigney explained. "He just didn’t care...he was uncooperative.”
Edward Mussaw, another one of the owners of the chihuahua says the owner of the pit bulls came over and apologized for his dogs afterward, but police told him to leave.
Now police believe that neighbor is hiding those dogs.
“He is going to get himself deeper into legal issues if he does not produce these dogs,” Sgt. Rigney stated.
Officers believe those dogs to be dangerous, and said it was a very real possibility that another animal or even a child could be the next victim.
11 News tried to speak with the owners of the pit bulls, but a man told our reporter "I'll have my dogs bite you" and cursed the reporter out.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Leonard Miller was in his kitchen when he heard a frantic knocking at the door and the sound of a little girl screaming for help.
The 13-year-old girl told her neighbor their dog was attacking her younger sister and would not let her go. Miller didn’t think. He reacted.
The following minutes were a blur as he rushed to the next-door home.
Thinking back to Sunday afternoon, the 88-year-old wishes he would have grabbed his baseball bat before heading into the home. He didn’t want to be without a weapon, so he snatched up the first thing he could — a 2- to 3-foot nutcracker that was part of a Christmas display outside of his neighbor’s home.
“This dog had this little girl down just growling,” Miller said. “He had her arm and was shaking her like he would shake an animal or something. I hit the dog in the head three or four times, and it wouldn’t let loose.”
After hitting the white  PIT BULL  a few more times in the back, it finally let loose its grasp on the 10-year-old child, Miller said. The girls ran out of the home, and Miller backed away from the dog, locking it in the house.
As he made his way out of the residence, the dog didn’t make a move to attack him, he said. It didn’t growl at him. He yelled authoritatively at the dog: “No. No. No.”
He took the girls to his home where he called an ambulance.
On Monday, the dog’s owner surrendered it to the Stark County Sheriff’s Office.
″... That dog was vicious,” Miller said Monday morning. “I don’t know what they’re going to do. ... I couldn’t sleep too good because of everything that happened yesterday.”
Severe injuries
Miller, a U.S. Army veteran, served as a combat medic in Korea. His instincts kicked in, and he didn’t hesitate to help the girl. Even at 88, Miller uses the treadmill and lifts weights to stay in shape.
“My doctor tells me, ‘you’re in better shape than most 50-year-olds,’” Miller said.
Perry Police Chief Mike Pomesky said officers were called to join the Fire Department just before 4:30 p.m. Sunday.
It appeared the attack was unprovoked, Pomesky said. The girl was transported to the hospital with severe injuries, he added.
The 10-year-old girl’s condition was unknown Monday. She had severe injuries to her left arm, officials said.
The neighbor girl reminds Miller of when his own children were young. He said he often saw the girl, who is a Perry cheerleader for youth football, doing somersaults and playing in the front yard.
“I’m glad I was here to help,” Miller said. “I don’t know what would have happened.”
Vicious dog
Not long before noon Monday, Miller was outside of his residence talking with reporters when he saw a man exit the home and then quickly return inside.
Miller crossed the yard to his neighbor’s home and knocked, hoping to get an update on how the girl is doing. No one answered the door. As he stood outside the residence, he picked up a nutcracker matching the one he used to hit the dog.
“This is heavier than I thought it was,” he remarked before setting it back in place.
The dog remained at the residence overnight. Miller could hear it barking Monday morning.
Major C.J. Stantz of the Stark County Sheriff’s Office, said the dog was deemed vicious. Deputies went to the residence Monday afternoon to talk with the owner, who decided to surrender the dog, Stantz said.
According to the Ohio Revised Code, a “vicious dog” is a dog that, without provocation, has killed or caused serious injury to any person. The owner of the dog has the option to surrender the dog.
When the girl’s mother was notified by the Sheriff’s Office and given paperwork, she told officers the dog did not belong to her; it belonged to a man who had also been living in the residence, Stantz said.
“As a police officer, we can recommend,” Stantz said. “We can strongly recommend to the homeowner and give them some scenarios. Ultimately, it’s the property owner’s decision what they do with the dog. ... We can’t violate their rights.”


DACULA, Ga. — The daughter of a Dacula woman attacked by dogs is speaking out, after her mother died last week. 

On Sept. 16, 23 year-old Engrid Alvarado told 11Alive that she received a phone call from her mother, Lorena Cordova saying, "those dogs are here again."

"I got the urge to go check on her, and I went through this back door and I yelled for her, and I couldn’t hear anything. I could just hear dogs barking," Alvarado recounted. "So, I yelled to my mom in Spanish, and then in the distance I heard a little ‘ah’."

Alvarado said that she got into her car and drove over to her neighbors' home, where she found her mother lying in the road.
"She had bites on all four limbs," Alvarado described. "I couldn't help or hold her, because she had chunks of her arm missing."

Alvarado recounted how her mother climbed into the passenger seat of her car, and she began driving them towards the main road while on the phone with 911.

Gwinnett County Police officers responded to the scene on the 3000 block of Luther Wages Road, and the responding officer told Alvarado to drive to a nearby fire department to get medical attention.

According to Alvarado, Cordova was then taken to Gwinnett Medical where she was eventually placed in a medically-induced coma. 

"The attack caused muscle and nerve damage in all of her limbs. She also sustained internal organ trauma," Alvarado said.

Cordova passed away on Thursday, Nov. 21 from her injuries. Her daughter said she was dealing with a bacterial infection, in addition to her other injuries. The coroners' office has not yet confirmed the cause of her death.

A celebration of life ceremony for Cordova was held over the weekend at Iglesia Cristiana La Familia in Norcross. A GoFundMe page has also been started to support Cordova and her family's medical costs.

NOVEMBER 23, 2019by Jim WiseOrganizer

Dear friends and family, Lorena succumbed to her injuries on Thursday evening, after a very long and painful fight. A Celebration of Life is scheduled for Sunday, November 24 at 11:00 a.m. at Iglesia Cristiana La Familia. The church is located at 100 Pinnacle Way, # 100, Norcross GA 30071. Her family thanks everyone for their generosity and thoughtfulness in helping them get through this terrible time.

Lorena is a dear friend of mine, and I have known her and her family for many years.  I am shocked and saddened that she was viciously attacked by  THREE PIT BULLS  in her own yard just a couple weeks ago.  The dogs came from a neighbor's house and were not fenced in.  She is fighting for her life and needs our help.   The attack caused horrific, life threatening injuries that require specialized care.  She has considerable muscle and nerve damage in all of her limbs.  The doctors are unsure if she will ever regain use of her limbs. She also sustained internal organ trauma and has not been able to communicate with her family.  If she makes it out of the hospital, her road to recovery is expected to be long and arduous.

No one can be prepared for a devastating situation like this, and, as you can imagine, the family has been caught completely off guard.  One of her children just graduated high school, and two more are in high school.   She also has a very young granddaughter who worships her.  All of these children rely on Lorena for emotional and financial support.  This horrifying incident has placed the futures of everyone in this family in financial jeopardy.   Therefore, I am asking that friends and family donate any amount possible to help her family pay for the extensive medical expenses. 

Lorena's children are her life, and she is the center of their world.  Understandably, they are terrified that she will not come home.  Lorena has always been a caring, hard-working, and generous woman.  She has always been full of life and her energy always lights up a room.  Seeing her suffer like this is causing unimaginable pain for everyone who loves her.  I hope that seeing the support from all of you will provide some measure of hope for them.

Rolando Gonzalez-Carrillo is Lorena's husband and is managing all of her affairs while she is incapacitated.  I have designated him the beneficiary of this campaign, so that he can apply the funds to her medical expenses.


A Dacula woman is still recovering from her injuries after being attacked by  THREE DOGS  while working in her yard.
A Gwinnett County Police officer was dispatched to the 3000 block of Luther Wages Road on the morning of September 16th.  
According to the police report, a gold car was seen speeding down the road away from the address where the incident had been called in. A Hispanic woman began yelling that her mother had just been attacked by dogs. The responding officer advised the woman to take herself and her mother to a nearby fire department to get medical attention, while the dogs were contained.

A family member of the victim told officers that he had attempted to get the dogs away from the woman when they began biting him. According to the report, he sustained bite marks to his buttocks and scratches to his right leg. The victim then ran through the wooded area towards the home where the dogs resided.
Officers reported finding spots of blood in the woods, including the victim's shoes. The family told officers that this was not the first time the dogs had been aggressive towards them and their own dogs. According to family, the victim remains in the hospital for injuries sustained during the attack.

2019 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 43  (13 children + 2 teenagers + 28 adults)

PIT BULL - 1  (KY 3, FL 2, CA 4, TX 2, MI 2, OK 1, VA 1)
3 PIT BULLS - 1 (GA)
BOXER ? - 1 (IA)

CA - 9
TX - 6
KY - 4
FL - 3
TN - 3
MI - 3
GA - 2
AZ - 1
CT - 1
IA - 1
MA - 1
MS - 1
NC - 1
NV - 1
NY - 1
OK - 1
PA - 1
SC - 1
VA - 1

Pit Breeder's 2 pits killed teen that climbed over their fence because nutter befriended him? - 29 
Neighbor's Loose Dogs - 1, 3, 7, 9, 10, 26, 28, 30, 31, 43
Family Pit Killed Owner - 27, 35, 39 
Family Rescued Great Danes Killed Owner - 40
Family Pit Killed child - 17, 33
Family Foster Pit Killed Child - 38
Family Husky Mix Killed Infant - 26
Family Pit/Mastiff Mix Killed child -22
Family Coon Hounds Killed wife - 32
The Pit at Grandma's House - 5,
Family Rottweilers Killed their 3-year-old boy - 36
The 2 Rottweilers at Grandpa's House - 14
Rottweiler owned by a friend Killed child at Grandpa's House - 16
The Rescued Pits at Aunt's House - 12
Land Squatters on victim's property with 4 Pits Running Loose - 2,
Australian Cattle Dog Killed Owner - 23
2 Doberman Show Dogs Killed Owner - 6,
2 Boxer Mixes Killed Owner - 8
2 Pits Killed Owner at Animal Shelter - 15
Pit Killed Volunteer at Animal Shelter - 18
Relative's Dogs - 13
Babysitter's Dog - 11
Negligent Mother's German Shepherd Mix - 4
Teenager Killed by 4 Dogs while doing work at a friend's kennel - 19
A Father Died while defending his daughter from a Boxer attack - 20
Homeless pit breeder's pits fatally mauled a homeless man who had come to visit 
    her at a homeless encampment in a dry creek bed - 42
3 Pits/Pit Mixes killed homeless woman while walking early morning - 21
Possibly homeless man walking on road at night killed by neighbors 2+ Pit Bulls - 24
Man taking a shortcut on a trail through a wooded area killed by 6+ Pit Bull Mixes - 25
Man spending the night with friends ...killed by their 2 pit bulls - 37
95 year old woman killed by pit bull/pointer mix at either friends or family's house - 41

1)   1-9 -  Dianne Reves - 70 - Grenada County MS - A total of 7 dogs were taken into custody - The Sheriff's Department reported she suffered about several hundred dog bites - Facebook posts from a neighbor shows the dogs were GERMAN SHEPHERD/BLUE TICK HOUND MIX.

2)  1-16 - Lana Bergman - 70 - Joshua Tree CA - She was fatally mauled by 4 PIT BULLS that were living on her property.  

3)  1-21 - Edward Stanley - 85 - Amarillo, Potter County TX - He was severely mauled over his entire body by a PIT BULL AND A SHEPHERD MIX in his driveway - A passerby came to his aid but he died 2 weeks later -

4)  1-24 - Patricia Henson - 8-Months-Old - Tucson AZ - She was found dead with a dog near her - Severely and Catastrophically Mauled - An autopsy report of 3 bags of stomach contents from the dog showed baby teeth and skeletal fragments - A neighbor reported seeing a German Shepherd mix  taken from the home - Her mother, Breanna Henson was arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect. 

5)  2-7 - Ashton McGhee - 1 - Guthrie KY - The 1-year-old baby boy lived in Hopkinsville KY and was visiting his grandparents' home when one of the family dogs came in from outside and attacked him - The Chief of Police said the PIT BULL MIX may have been spooked by a thunderstorm and then spooked again by the ball the child was playing with - "IT'S AN UNFORTUNATE FREAK ACCIDENT".

6) 2-8 - Elaine Richman - Houston TX - She owned two DOBERMAN PINSCHERS  that she trained as show dogs - She was found dead in her backyard with bite marks over her face and body. 

7)  2-15 - Angela Johnson - 54 - Anza Riverside County CA - On Dec 15, 2018, she was hanging out clothes on a line in her yard when a neighbor's 3 pit bulls mauled her - A main artery was bitten into on her neck and she suffered a severe stroke - She remained in a coma and died on Feb 9, 2019.

8) 2-21 - Nancy Burgess-Dismuke - 52 - Greenville SC - She was playing in her yard with 2 of her dogs said to be  BOXER MIXES - Neighbors heard her screaming and at first thought they were just playing, then realized they were mauling her  - several men came running and hit the dogs with various things but the tiny woman had lost so much blood from her upper extremities ... "one arm was hanging and the other was bitten off!!!"

9) 2-26 - Bessie Jill Peterson - 88 - Pall Mall Pickett County TN - She was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center after being mauled around 5pm by a neighbor's dogs - 6 GERMAN SHEPHERDS - Her sister, who was in the home with her, says that she went outside to check on a drainage ditch and the flooding in her yard when the dogs attacked - She tried to help her sister but the dogs chased her back in.

10) 2-27 - Johnnie Mae Garner - 88 - Lubbock TX - Family members believe that the neighbor's dogs were trying to get to her dog in her backyard and she was trying to scare them away when they mauled her.  

11) 3 -5 - Jacari Long - 6 Months -Salisbury NC - The child's babysitter had gone outside to the car to clean off a seat for the baby boy when she heard her mother scream and ran inside to fine her ?PIT BULL/BOXER MIX? mauling him - He was taken to a local hospital then airlifted to Winston Salem where he was pronounced dead. 

12) 3-8 - 2-Year-Old Boy - High Springs Alachua Co FL - While in the care of his grandmother who was letting out large dogs at his aunt's house - 2 of the dogs mauled the boy - He was pronounced dead at the scene and the grandmother was injured trying to save him - 6 dogs were taken from the home - They were adopted dogs from Rescues and appear to be Boxer/Pit mix, and various mixed breeds and a large Dogo Argentino - The 2 dogs that killed the baby were an American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) and an American Bulldog.

13) 3-13 - Jimmy Lee Grigg - 53 - Galveston County TX - The Sheriff said he was fatally mauled by 3 dogs owned by a relative on the Grigg's property and he said the dogs were MIXED BREED INCLUDING ONE HEELER/MASTIFF MIX - Cause of death was from blood loss - His brother was the one that called 911 for help - A neighbor reported that she had called animal control several times because it sounded like dogs fighting on the property.

14) 3-22 - Jaysiah Chavez - 2 - Fresno CA - Apparently the child was in the care of his grandparents when he went into the front yard - Other children ran in to tell the grandmother that dogs had the child - She tried to get the 2 Rottweilers away and save him, as did the grandpa, but he died from the injuries.

15) 3-23 - Johana Villafane - 33 - Irving TX - She was visiting her 2 Pit Bulls that were quarantined at O'Connor Animal Hospital for biting someone earlier in the month - Someone noticed her lying unconscious outside in an exercize area - Responders could not get to her because of the viciousness of the meat grinders so police shot them - She was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and later pronounced dead. 

16) 4-27 - Kyna Marie Pamela Deshane - 15-Months - Henderson NV - The child was fatally mauled by a 4-year-old Rottweiler owned by a family friend while she was at her grandfather's house - She was rushed to Henderson Hospital with Life-Threatening injuries and was pronounced dead there.

17) 5-2 - Isaiah Geiling -  2 to 3-year-old boy - Louisville KY - A woman ran from the small house in the Chickasaw Neighborhood to a next door neighbor saying a Pit Bull was attacking a child - Two men ran and began attempting to get the very vicious large dog off the child who was laying face down in pools of blood and barely breathing - He was rushed to a hospital but died from the massive injuries - It is now being reported that the Monster had attacked him before. 

18) 5-9 - Christine Liquori - The volunteer was found dead inside a fenced play area at the Humane Society of St. Lucie County - Fort Pierce FL - A medical examiner ruled that she died from severe blood loss due to dog bites.  

19) 5-9 - Ryan Hazel - 14 - Dighton Bristol County MA -  The teen's grandmother had driven him to his job at Scott Dunmore's house where he took care of about 11 dogs when Dunmore was in Boston - This usually took him about 45 minutes - When he did not return to his Grandmother's car, she called neighbors who came and found him severely mauled in the backyard - 4 dogs were loose and 7 were caged up ...3 Dutch Shepherds and 1 Belgian Malinois. 

20)  5-31 - Robert Joseph Quick - 33 - Fort Madison Lee County IA - The father died after defending his 5-year-old daughter from a large dog said to be a BOXER attacking her in the face - Officers arrived to find the large dog attacking a man lying on his back in the front yard - The dog refused to release so they shot it - Then they found Quick in the doorway of the home suffering from the dog attack and he ask they to please take care of his daughter who had been attacked in the face - He later died at Fort Madison Hospital ER - Autopsy pending to determine exact cause of death.

21) 6-16 - Crystal Lynn Pearigen - 36 - Bakersfield Kern County CA - She was found dead with multiple dog attack injuries at 6am on June 16 near Costco parking lot - 3 dogs were identified and taken in - One Mixed Breed and Two Pit Bulls - The woman may have been homeless and authorities are searching for her family.

22) 6-27 - Nicholas Farris - 2 - Newman Stanislaus County CA - The child was fatally mauled in the rear yard of a residence by a family dog said to be a PIT BULL/MASTIFF MIX.

23) 6-28 - Maria Cristina Crawford - 54 - Ventura CA - A person returned home to find their family member dead - There was evidence that she might have been bitten by one or both of her dogs - A large Australian Cattle dog and a pit bull  - Authorities now say that after waiting for results from the medical examiners office it was determined that the Australian Cattle dog attacked her and was responsible for her death ...the same dog had turned on her and bitten her twice before. 

24) 6-29 - Brian Butler - 46 - Gilbertsville KY - A passerby found his body on the side the road and called police - An autopsy revealed that he died from sharp force trauma from a dog attack - Animal Control took 2 Pit Bulls found in the area and warned of the possibility that more dogs were involved.

25) 7-4 - Melvin Olds Jr - 45 - Lake Placid Highlands County FL - His family said that he took a shortcut through a wooded path and never came home - His body was found later with more than 100 dog bites - A pack of dogs had been seen hanging out in the neighborhood - Traps were laid and 6 strays were captured .... all PIT BULL MIXES.

26) 7-9 - Ruth Flores -  22-Days-Old  - Hall County GA - The Infant was mauled by the family's Husky Mix in a bedroom where she was sleeping.

27) 7-11 - Homer Utterback - 52 - Uniontown Fayette County PA - His girlfriend said she heard a noise in another room and went to see what it was and found him on the floor with the Pit Bull on top of him biting into his neck - By the time first responders arrived he was dead - Utterback considered the Pit Bull his "best friend" and had it for over a decade - He suffered from seizures and an autopsy will be done to see if it can be determined if he died from a medical condition first and then the Pit attacked him.

28) 7-18 - Mario Williams - 40 - Memphis TN - A driver discovered the man being attacked on the street at about 2 am Thursday - The witness described a pack of dogs, 6 or 7 dogs, attacking the man who was severely mauled all over his body - He died shortly after arriving at Regional One Medical Center - It appears that a PIT MIX and a Mixed Breed  are 2 of the dogs captured so far.

29) 8-11 - Nelson Cabrera - 16 - Irving TX - A neighbor heard the barking and screaming in the backyard around  5am Saturday morning and climbed on top her truck to see the 3 adult pit bulls mauling the teenager - She called 911 as the victim tried to knock on the door to get the owner to let him in - Police arrived and went over the fence and shot one pit as it charged them - Besides the 3 adult pits, there were 4 puppies there also - The pit owner/breeder and backyard auto mechanic said he knew the boy and he had told him that he was homeless and he said that he wanted to help him ... So I guess this was the reason the teen was in his backyard!

30) 8-20 - Emma Valentina Hernandez - 9 - Detroit MI - It was reported that she went out to play and ride her bike possibly with a brother in her backyard and a neighbor's 3 pit bulls SOMEHOW GOT OUT and mauled her - Family members and neighbors gave her CPR but she died right there on the ground with her neck eaten out!!! 

31) 8-30 - Adrieanna O'Shea - 19 - Maryville TN - On Aug 23 the college student went to a home in Knox County to retrieve her purse she had left the day before - It was the middle of the day and the woman at the home heard screaming and looked out to see the neighbor's 5 dogs attacking the teenager - She was the dog's names and telling them to stop so she knew the dogs - The attack went on for 20 minutes - She was shredded all over especially her arms and was placed in a coma because of the blood loss and her organs shutting down - family prayed and surgery was done but she did not survive such catastrophic injuries. 

32) 9-7 - Arlene Renna - 67 -  Pleasant Valley Duchess County NY - The news articles say she and her husband owned 2 Coonhounds - A Redbone and a Black and Tan - Her husband found her on the floor in her home unconscious Saturday with injuries consistent with a dog attack and she did not recover - A facebook post has come out showing Renna with a large pit bull and says she was volunteer of the month of February for the SPCA - The writer of the post says that the pit bull is actually hers and that she regularly took it to local elementary schools and day cares to show how misunderstood pit bulls are .... I am looking for more on this, but it appears at this time that the coon hounds probably killed her.  

33) 9-20 - Baby "Doug" Doe -  13-month-old boy - Granite Bay Placer County CA - The family's 6-year-old female pit bull killed the child in what authorities say was an unprovoked attack in the family's living room - An adult was with the toddler at the time and finally got the pit off the child but damages were so severe he was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

34) 9-30 Alan Bruce - 56 -  Bennington OK - He was attacked on Saturday 9-28 by a man's dogs said to be 2 pit bulls and a pit bull mix - the dog's owner spoke to the media and said he was a friend of Alan Bruce - Neighbors said that the dogs had recently attacked 2 other people.

35) 9-30 - Morgan Crayton - 31 - Hampton VA - She was mauled by her pit bull in her backyard - Her facebook posts shows 1 pit bull but it was reported that there was multiple "dogs" at the home at the time of the attack. 

36) 10-1 - Steven Thornton III - 3 - Louisville KY - It has been reported that the small child got out of a window sometimes during the night and was found around 9am on Tuesday fatally mauled by the family's 2 Rottweilers that were kept in the yard. 

37) 10-8 - Dustin Bryan - 21 - Modesto CA - He was spending the night at a home that had 2 pit bulls - NUFF SAID!!!

38) 10-29 - Benjamin Cobb - 4 - Hazel Park MI - First News Reports say the 60 pound Pit Bull was a foster pit that the family had not had for very long - Police arrived and tazed the dog that was actively attacking the child's body and neck - The dog ran out and the child was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead - It has now been revealed that the mother was pit sitting for a friend and the monster had been in the home for less than a day.

39) 11-1 - Brandy O'Dell - 41 - Bay City MI - She was found dead in a house trailer and the coroner ruled that she died from an attack by one or both of the PIT BULLS that were in the home ......need more

40) 11-1 - Mary Matthews - 49 - Clearcreek TWP Warren County OH - The woman was found dead in her home by her husband and his son with blood everywhere and her two large dogs, that first reports are saying are Rescued Great Danes, on the deck - Coroner ruled that she died from probably blood loss and severe injuries from the attack by the dogs - 

41) 11-6 - Janet D'Aleo - 95 - She was from Enfield CT but was visiting in a home in Suffield CT when a pit bull/pointer mix attacked her - She was taken to Hospital in Springfield MA where she died from Life-Threatening Injuries.

42) 11-   - Lasaro Macedo - 38 - Madera CA - A homeless man who was mauled by another homeless woman's pit bulls ....
Death Investigation:
On Monday November 11th, officers responded to a deceased person in the riverbed, in the 1400 block of E. Yosemite. We have identified the deceased male as 38-year-old Lasaro Macedo. An autopsy was conducted and ruled that Macedo died as a result of injuries he sustained during a dog attack. At the time of our response an extremely aggressive dog charged officers. In self-defense the officers had to shoot the dog, killing it. There was a second dog impounded at scene that was believed to be involved in the attack. We have been attempting to locate the owner of the dogs, who has been identified as Heather Anglin, without success. We ask anyone with information on her whereabouts to call in or Heather herself contact Det. Short at 675-4239. We would also like to take this time to offer our sincere condolences to the Macedo family for their loss. MT

43) 11-21 - Lorena - Dacula, Gwinnett County GA - She was attacked by a neighbor's 3 pit bulls in her yard on Sept 16 ...She was hospitalized with horrific life-threatening injuries including muscle and nerve damage to all limbs, internal organ damage and unable to communicate with her family members - She died on Nov 23.


2-15 - Brenda Hamilton - 77 - Pantego Beaufort County NC - She was attacked around 6am on Friday morning on Indian Run Road - Canine DNA was found on her - Investigators are collecting DNA from "canines" in the area to find which animal horribly and fatally mauled her .....

4 - ? Freddie Mack - 57 - Venus Johnson County TX - Relatives had not heard from the reclusive man since April 19 so a search began on his property where he lived with 18 + or - dogs - The dogs were so aggressive that no one could get near to check his home - In mid May detectives found bone fragments, possibley human hair and pieces of clothing in and around feces - Tests were done and it proved to be remains of Mack - Authorities say that it is impossible to tell if Mack died from a medical condition and then was eaten by his dogs or if his dogs killed him and ate him!