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For 15-year-old Emma, the memories of her traumatic injury are still fresh.
Last year, on the night before Thanksgiving, she and her sister, Sharon, were watching TV in the family room. Nothing special, just a low-key evening before the holiday. Sharon was on the couch and Emma was on the floor about 2-feet from her dog and best buddy,  BRUNO. They were inseparable.
“We were super close,” Emma says. “We did all sorts of things together. We would mess around, play tug-of-war a lot. He would sleep in our beds all the time. He was really nice.”
But in an instant, her young life was about to change.
Emma  stood up to leave, and, in a flash, her dog lunged for her and began to attack her, tearing at her face.
Sharon, who is Emma’s legal guardian, sprang into action, forcing the dog's jaws apart to free her little sister
Emma says from there, it all unfolded like she was in a dream.
“I didn’t have much of a clue. I saw myself, but I just saw blood. I didn’t realize that my nose was actually off of myself.”
Emma doesn’t really remember pain in those moments, but rather, flashes of imagery and sensation. The cold press of the ice pack her sister applied while waiting for the paramedics. The ambulance ride. She even remembers her anxiety about the prospect of getting an I.V.  Emma could not have known what trouble she was in, but her sister saw it clearly.
"Her nose was gone.  And her mouth--her jaw, was split open completely.  It was in two pieces,"  Sharon says.
Emma was rushed to a nearby hospital and had emergency surgery. The next day, on Thanksgiving, she was transported to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, where her long journey to healing would begin.
Emma would meet Alex Rottgers, M.D., the plastic surgeon destined to play the leading role in her restoration and recovery. Rottgers is the medical director of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. He’s no stranger to difficult cases. Over the years, he has performed surgery to repair everything from birth defects, such as cleft palates, to serious injuries sustained from accidents. His analysis of Emma’s injury was sobering.
“We see dog bites all the time, unfortunately,” Rottgers says. “But three or four times a year, we see truly awful dog bites. Emma rose to the level of being one of those.”
The dog had broken Emma’s mandible—her jaw. She would require bone plate fixation in order to put her jaw back together, so that her teeth would come together appropriately. She had a cut on her eyelid that had sliced one of her tear ducts, so Rottgers would need to reconstruct the tear-draining mechanism. And then, most noticeably and most challenging, he would have to determine a plan for reconstructing almost all of her nose.
“Nasal reconstruction is one of the hardest things we do,” he says. “One of the most difficult operations we perform is rhinoplasty. It is very unforgiving. Millimeters make a difference.”
Add to that the extent of the injury, the amount of tissue missing, and the fact that this was an adolescent girl at a time in her life where physical differences can take an especially difficult toll socially, it was the perfect storm of challenges.
During the first operation, the surgical team fixed Emma’s jaw. They repaired her tear duct, and did a full assessment of the damage to her nose.
It was during those early days in the hospital, between those first surgeries, that Emma wanted to see herself in the mirror. Her family had shielded her from it up to now, worried that it might frighten or discourage her. When she insisted, she stepped gingerly to the mirror to take full inventory of what had happened.
”When I looked, I think my heart dropped,” Emma says. “I didn’t think my dog would do something so … destroying and hard, you know?  I didn’t expect that of him.”
Emma knew that her dog had been put down, and she knew it was for the better. She would need all her strength to stay strong through the next several surgeries.
Rottgers’ plan was to proceed with a three-stage forehead flap, a technique that takes skin from the forehead to help reconstruct the nose. He wanted to make sure Emma was clear on every detail of the plan.
“His bedside manner is just excellent for a child who is going through something like that,” Sharon says. “The way he explains things so that she completely understands. He just helped her get through the process.”
Successive surgeries were painstaking procedures. They would involve cutting away extra tissue, and taking cartilage from Emma’s septum to help rebuild the structure of her nose, all the while, keeping the "big picture" goal in mind of normalcy for Emma—for the rest of her life.
“We needed a nose that would take her through high school, graduation, college, career, marriage, children,” Rottgers says.
With each new surgery and the healing that came after, Emma would notice that her face looked a little better.
By mid-summer, Emma and her sister were genuinely amazed at her progress.
“It’s crazy that I once looked like a swollen watermelon and he just changed me back to my normal self. I feel like I look almost exactly the way I did before,” Emma says.
“It was scary, the damage that was done,” Sharon says. “But then to see what he was able to do with her face was unbelievable. To have it look so similar to what her nose looked like. He did an awesome job.”
Emma has the option of one more surgery to refine her nose and minimize her remaining scars, but she’s not really interested in that for now. The scars are part of her story, she says.
For this family, Thanksgiving not only marks the end of a life-altering year, it also brings a keen sense of gratitude and clarity. Sharon always will remember the hospital staff who helped her little sister to heal.
“These people enjoy what they’re doing and you can tell. This hospital was like no other hospital I’ve ever been in.”
Emma says she is thankful to be alive, and forever grateful to Dr. Rottgers.
“I was very lucky to get him. He’s an amazing doctor.”
As this holiday nears, Emma is especially thankful to look in the mirror and see … herself.


A woman in Massachusetts is claiming that JetBlue won't help her track down the dog who bit her before a recent flight.
A JetBlue passenger from Massachusetts says she isn’t thrilled with how the airline is handling a recent incident that occurred at the Orlando International Airport.
Brittany Langlois told Fox 25 Boston that she was bit by a fellow passenger’s dog while waiting to check in for her flight. However, she says she’s having no luck tracking down the animal’s owner after JetBlue employees scuttled the other passenger from the line — leaving Langlois uncertain of whether or not to seek treatment for rabies.
"[My doctor says] 'it's an extremely painful shot and it's a series of three, I wouldn't want you to go through that if you didn't have to,'” Langlios told Fox 25. “At the same time, I'm like, I don't wanna go through that either.”
Langlois added that when the incident first occurred last Sunday, she was in such a state of shock that she didn’t get the other passenger’s information, let alone any information on the dog or its vaccination history.
"I turn around and this owner is kinda reeling the dog back in, and I look at her and I'm like 'that dog just bit me!' and I think I was in like, an initial shock," Langlois said.
Fox 25 reports that Langlois wasn’t able to track down any information on the dog’s owners from JetBlue agents. Furthermore, her subsequent efforts with JetBlue’s customer service department have been futile.
"[JetBlue customer service is] like, 'There's nothing we can do, we can cover your medical bills but that's about it,' said Langlois. She also claims the airline offered her a $50 voucher for a future JetBlue flight, though she doubts she’ll use it.
In a statement obtained by Fox News, however, JetBlue is claiming that they attempted to gather information from the dog's owner, but the "unknown individual refused to cooperate."
"The safety of our customers is our top priority," the airline said. "Regrettably, while in the pre-security area near the ticket counter, a JetBlue customer was bitten by a dog in the company of an unknown individual who was not a JetBlue customer. JetBlue crewmembers attempted to speak with and identify the handler of the animal responsible for the bite. However, the unknown individual refused to cooperate and immediately exited the terminal with the dog. The JetBlue customer received medical attention onsite."
The airline further apologized for the incident, and said they "continue to offer our support, and encourage the customer to pursue appropriate medical treatment."
In the meantime, Langlois’ doctor has reportedly put her on antibiotics and pain medication, but she only has a few days left before her deadline for a series of rabies shots expires.
Representatives for the Orlando International Airport have not yet responded to requests for comment.



SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. —A Massachusetts woman is still recovering more than a week after a  PIT BULL  bit her while she was waiting to check in for a flight.  

Brittany Langlois was standing in the check in line for JetBlue at the Orlando Airport before her flight back home when a pit bull tore at her leg.

“The line kept moving and the next thing I know I am bit,” Langlois said. “I turn around and the owner is reeling the dog back in."

Langlois was with her girlfriend Heather Cox and the couple immediately tried to find out if the pit bull was up to date on its shots. The JetBlue representative told them the dog was an emotional support dog.

Pedro said, “I have both your reservations, yours and the other passenger, but I cannot legally give you that information,’” Langlois said.

Back in Southbridge, Langlois took pain medication and antibiotics. She had a 10-day window to start a series of painful rabies shots, but after Newscenter 5 inquired, JetBlue released a statement saying the pit bull’s owner was not a JetBlue passenger.

“The unknown individual refused to cooperate and immediately exited the terminal with the dog,” the statement said.  “We called police and we were told it wasn’t a police matter,” Cox said. “It was a JetBlue matter.”

In her last conversation with a JetBlue representative, Langlois said she was told it wasn’t JetBlue’s dog that bit her so it isn’t the airline’s problem. 

Even though passengers traveling with emotional support dogs have to check them in, no proof of vaccinations is needed for domestic flights.

Langlois said she starts her rabies shots Tuesday.


A man and woman have been hospitalized after they were attacked by TWO PIT BULLS in East Oakland Friday morning.

The attack occurred in the 2600 block of 63rd Avenue at about 10 a.m.

In addition, police say a PIT BULL/SHAR PEI MIX that belonged to the female victim was attacked and killed by the two dogs.

The daughter of the woman, says her mom 54-year-old Nichole Kennedy, suffered a broken leg and several severe bite wounds to her head and face.

"She had just come from getting coffee and smoking her cigarette. And she was coming down to take the dog walking," said Princess Kennedy.

"I'm just praying she'll be okay and just waiting on a phone call to go back up there and see. But, they were cleaning her up while the operating people were coming in and I thought my mom was dead," explained Kennedy.

The male victim is listed in stable condition at a local hospital, according to police.

Oakland Animal Services also responded to the attack.

Rebecca Katz, that agency's director, said Animal Services is investigating the incident and has taken into custody the two Pit Bulls that were involved in the attack as well as the dog that was killed.

Katz said her agency also has taken into a custody another Pit Bull that's owned by the man who owns the two pit bulls that were the attackers.

The daughter of the female victim says her mom's dog was supposed to be turned over to animal control because of allegations that it had bitten someone.

Police are still investigating what happened in the dog attack and it's not clear if the owner of the Pit Bulls will face any charges.


A man and woman were hospitalized with severe bite wounds after they were attacked by TWO PIT BULLS  in East Oakland Friday morning, police said.

The woman's pit bull was also attacked and killed by the dogs, authorities said. The mauling happened about 10 a.m. in the 2600 block of 63rd Avenue, south of Bancroft Avenue.
The woman, 53, and man, 71, suffered deep puncture wounds, including to their faces and heads.  Both were taken to the hospital and were in stable condition Friday afternoon, authorities said.
The woman was in a back lot with her dog when two pit bulls from a nearby residence attacked her dog, and then her, continuing the assault after she fell to the ground.
As the woman screamed for help, she attracted the attention of the 71-year-old man, who tried to ward off the dogs using a mop. The effort failed, and the man was knocked to the ground and severely bitten before the dogs’ owners were able to retrieve them back to their property.
Terence Martin, of Birmingham, Alabama, was in town for a funeral and witnessed the attack.
“I heard the lady yelling for help. I looked at the window and saw her on the ground, and they (the dogs) were on top of her and biting her. Biting her head, her face, they were just attacking everywhere,” Martin said.
He said the man who tried to help was bitten in the leg and was knocked down and bitten some more by both dogs.
“I’ve never seen anything like this before and I don’t want to see it again,” Martin said.
Both the dead pit bull and the attacking dogs were taken by animal control officers to the city shelter.
Authorities said the woman who was attacked was supposed to have surrendered her dog to animal control officers on Thursday because of its history of biting people, but she had failed to do so.


A 10-year-old Atlantic Beach girl is recovering at Wolfsons Children’s Hospital Saturday after her family said she was bitten on the face by a PIT BULL Wednesday. 
Atlantic Beach police are investigating the attack that happened near 6th and Main streets.
According to the girl’s family, the dog jumped a fence and ran through a neighboring yard before attacking her. 
The family said a facial surgeon at Wolfsons Children’s Hospital spent an hour operating on her face. 
News4Jax spoke with Atlantic Beach police who confirmed the attack and added that the girl required stitches. 
“Beware my daughter was attacked by (a) pit bull on Wednesday around 5 (p.m.). It jumped a fence ran through another yard and got her face. Wolfsons Children's facial surgeon spent an hour putting her face back together. This has been very tragic,” the girl’s mother wrote in a Facebook post. “I would post pics but they are very graphic and I have a 10-year-old scared to play outside or walk to the school bus.”
News4Jax spoke with a Bethelyn and William Jarvis who said they haven’t seen a pit bull in their neighborhood before. 
“I walk around a lot but don’t think I’ve ever seen a pit bull,” William Jarvis said. 
“I think they’re a vicious dog,” Bethelyn Jarvis said. “I don’t like them.”
City officials told News4Jax that the dog has been located and quarantined, and the dog’s owner will likely be cited.

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UPDATE: The GoFundMe account to help raise money to save the life of Stewie 'Bug' has exceeded its $2,500 fundraising goal needed to pay emergency vet bills.
The online campaign has raised $2,900 as of Thursday morning.
William Gilbert, and his wife, Robin Hensley, told News 4 Tucson if they couldn't pay the money upfront, their beloved dog would be euthanized. They thanked the community for their generous donations. 

A local couple says they are in desperate need of help after their dog was viciously attacked by another dog.
William Gilbert and his wife, Robin Hensley, say a neighbor’s dog broke past their fence and into their Southside home this week.  
“I tried to stop the dog and I couldn't and it got my dog under the kitchen table,” said Hensley. “And he was just shaking my dog really hard.”
Robin was eventually able to get her dog, Stewie 'Bug', away from the attacking dog.
“My dog was lying unconscious in the floor and there was just blood spread everywhere in the kitchen,” she said.
County officials took the attacking dog away. Stewie is now in grave condition. The family is now stuck with a $2,000 emergency vet bill and, if they can’t pay it, they say they will have to euthanize their dog.
“We can't find a vet that would even help us without everything up front, they won’t even take five hundred dollars down and take payments,” she said. “It's not our fault that this happened; it's not our dog's fault that this happened. He’s suffering and we're suffering.”
PACC officials confirmed that the attacking dog was only recently adopted from its center. Officials say it had no bite history, but was classified as not being good with other dogs. It has been surrendered to the county, and will not be placed for adoption again. 
You can donate through the couples GoFundMe.

Image may contain: people sitting and dog

Bug is an awesome dog, he is known all over the nation! He has been to 39 states over a dozen times trucking with us in an 18 wheel truck! He has friends in many states!!

My neighbor adopted the pit bull just a few days before the pit bull charged in my house as I was leaving, he had jumped my fence to even get in my yard, he viciously attacked my dog bug under my kitchen table, I hit the pit bull with a metal pipe several times before he dropped bugs lifeless body! Now bug bug is fighting so hard to survive. Please pray for bug, he's my heart!



An attack one Lake Worth woman never saw coming would change everything she knew about being a responsible dog owner.
“It happened so fast. The dog was out and on Oliver – it was seconds,” Amy Freeman said, clutching her dachshund Oliver close to her chest.
Freeman was walking Oliver in her neighborhood when she decided to speak to neighbor.
“I knocked on the door. A young girl answered, and the dog just came running,” said Freeman.
In one lunge, an 85-pound pit bull had her jaws around Oliver.
“I panicked. I don’t think I was thinking. I screamed,” said Freeman, who noted the pit bull had to be tased four times before finally letting go of Oliver. “It was just so aggressive I stopped looking.” 
Oliver survived, but the attack almost killed him. “He had over 40 stitches, four drains and torn trachea,” Freeman said. 
Most dangerous dogs by breed. Keep scrolling to learn how to protect yourself from aggressive animals.
Dangerous dog breeds in Palm Beach County:
Pit Bull - 29
Labrador Retriever - 14
German Shepherd - 9
Rottweiler - 4
Golden Retriever - 3
American Bulldog - 2
Border Collie - 2
Staffordshire Terrier - 2
Standard Poodle - 2
American Staffordshire - 1
Australian Shepherd - 1
Belgian Malinois - 1
Black Mouth Cur - 1
Boxer - 1
Bull Terrier - 1
Bullmastiff - 1
Chihuahua - 1
Chow Chow - 1
Doberman Pincher - 1
Greyhound - 1
Mastiff - 1
(list continues)
Oliver’s battle was over, but Freeman began to hear about other attacks by the same PIT BULL. Some were not reported to Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control.
“I did not have any idea that they had a dog that had been aggressive or had attacked before,” Freeman said. 
A loophole in state law prevented other attack victims from taking action, and it was about to affect Freeman’s campaign to get the pit bull classified as a "dangerous dog." 
Florida law says animal care and control can classify dogs as "dangerous" if the animal severely injures a human once. But dogs who attack pets cannot be labeled dangerous unless they attack twice, and off the dog owner’s property
“Had we been six inches further on the sidewalk then it would have been a different story,” Freeman told Contact 5 Investigator Merris Badcock. “I was just so shocked that something so vicious had no response.”
“The state law and the county ordinance are very clear,” said Capt. David Walesky with Animal Care & Control. “For us to put these mandates on a dog and move forward with the classification, the incident has to occur off the owner’s property."
But Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control has tried to do more. Which is why just one attack against a pet will get a Palm Beach County dog classified as "aggressive" --  a precursor to the dangerous classification. However, those attacks must happen off private property too. 
Contact 5 found last year there were more than 1,700 dog bites in Palm Beach County, but less than 100 dogs on the dangerous dog list.
“You’ve got to keep in mind, a lot of those bites were minor bites that happened inside the home where a person was bit by their own dog," said Walesky. 
However even Walesky admits sometimes those bites are serious, even fatal. 
“I’m not doing it because I'm angry. I'm doing it because I think we have to have changes,” said Freeman. “We should be able to walk our dogs on our street without feeling terrified.”
So here is how you feel safe: if a dog is coming at you in a threatening way D-O-G-S.
  1. Divert your stare
  2. Offer the dog an object. Put anything between you and the dog: a backpack, a trashcan, a bicycle or an umbrella are commonly used items.
  3. Give a command like “sit” or “get down”.
  4. Stand still. Do not turn your back or run.  Also look for specific signs in your neighborhood. A yellow ‘bad dog’ sign means a dog lives here who has bit a human before, and the orange ‘dangerous dog’ sign means a dog lives here who has been officially classified as dangerous. Most importantly, report all animal attacks. “We need people who are willing to go the distance and come into the courtroom with us, and make sure that whatever it is that we are able to do, is upheld legally,” said Walesky
“Put signs up to warn people, make sure that your dog is contained, but really, for people like me, report it,” said Freeman. “My fear is there is going to be a day before this dog does not attack a child. I do not want to read about it and say I cannot believe I did nothing.”

2017 DOG BITE RELATED FATALITIES - 30   (13 children - 17 adults)

PIT BULL - 16 (GA 3, OH 3, IL, CA, MD, OK,  NV, MI, VA,  FL 2, MS, MA, NC)


OK - 1

Child killed by family dog - 11
Owner killed by their dog - 6
Adult killed by relative's dog - 5
Adults killed by dog/dogs while walking in neighborhood - 3
Adult killed by loose dogs while walking in her own yard -1
Adult killed by dogs allowed to run loose at/near business - 1
Child fatally mauled walking to school - 1
Child fatally mauled while playing in neighborhood - 1
Adult killed by friend's dog - 1

1)  1-17 LOGAN BRAATZ - 6 - ATLANTA GA - The boy was walking to his school bus stop with other children and some adults when 2 loose pit bull dogs began attacking them - It was reported that Logan was eviscerated, his friend Syrai Sanders was scalped and another child was injured - Although neighbors came running with sticks, knives and whatever they could find, the attack was deadly and swift and the dogs continued to circle and attempt to attack - The dog owner said his dogs had a fence but "SOMEHOW" got out.

2) 1-17 SKYLAR DEAN JULIUS - 2-MONTHS-OLD - SAN MARCOS TX - The father was caring for the infant girl while the mother was at work - He fell asleep for around 20 minutes and when he woke up the baby had been mauled by the family German Shepherd they had had for over 8 years and it was reported that the dog "had never shown aggression before".

3) 2-13 LOUISE HERMIDA - 75 - QUEENS NY - The elderly woman was mauled by her large dog that had been adopted almost 6 years ago. The breed is said to be a Mastiff or a Mastiff/Great Dane mix.  Neighbors say as many as 10 dogs lived at the apartment.  Her 39-year-old son, who has autism, attempted to put the dog in its cage and he was bitten on the leg. 

4) 2-16 UNIDENTIFIED 5-YEAR-OLD BOY - CLARKSVILLE TN - Emergency personnel were called at 8:20am on a Thursday morning to a report that the Family's two English Mastiffs reported to be about 6-months-old had mauled the child. The boy died from extensive injuries.

5) 2-26 JAMIE OWSLEY - 21 - QUINCY IL - He was pronounced dead at 3:38am after arriving at Blessing Hospital - A Forensic Pathologist ruled that he died from penetrating and crushing injuries to his neck - His cousin and roommate KERRY TALBOUT II reported that he heard something rustling in the living room and heard PIT BULL growling - He got up and looked and found 1 of his 3 pit bulls  HERCULES  WITH HIS MOUTH LATCHED ONTO OWSLEY'S NECK - He pulled the dog off his cousin and put it in a kennel - It is reported that  instead of calling 911 he called his grandfather and waited for him to come they took the victim to the hospital - During police interviews Talburt said he kept 3 pit bulls in his apartment:  Hercules a male blue pit, 4, Java, 2, and Hoss, 1.5 -  He said that if Java and Hoss were out of their cages then Hercules would be in his cage because they did not get along - He also said that Hercules had bitten three people prior to biting Owsley including a bite that required stitches.

6) 2-28 VALENTIN HERRERA - 76 -  LINCOLN HEIGHTS CA - He was mauled by 2 pit bulls on February 2 while walking his small dog Dodger - Dodger was killed - He was knocked down during the attack and could have further received head injuries .......

7) 3-23 JASE PATRICK FOHS -  8-MONTHS - LUSBY CALVERT COUNTY MD - The family pit bull latched on to the child and was still attacking when officers arrived only minutes after the call - An officer had to shoot the dog to stop its mauling but the baby died.

8) 4-6  CECILLE SHORT - 82 -  AND HER LITTLE DOG - OKLAHOMA CITY OK - Cecille was taking her pet dog for a walk when they were attacked by 2 large pit bulls - A passerby in a car saw the attack and called 911 - Police arrived and shot one and hit the other with their vehicle because they could not get out of their vehicle but it was too late for the victims!!!  Witnesses describe the elderly woman as being almost decapitated.

9) 4-26  MAURICE BROWN - 60 - DAYTON OH - Neighbor's heard screaming and crying for help after 4am and dogs barking and began calling 911 - Police arrived and had to shoot a pit bull that apparently broke free from a chain in a backyard and attacked the man - 4 dogs were taken from the property.

10) 4-27 LISA GREEN - 32 - UPPER MACUNGIE TOWNSHIP PA - Neighbors heard the woman being attacked by her 3 1/2-year-old male pit bull/boxer mix on the rear deck of her home - They offered the dog ham and it didn't stop the attack - They hit it with a stick and it crunched the stick - Then an off-duty police chief  who lived nearby was called and he shot the dog in its leg and that finally stopped the attack but the woman had suffered great blood loss and was pronounced dead at the hospital - It was reported that she had had the dog for 2 1/2 years - Neighbors reported that the dog was biting on her neck. 

11) 5-1  JANE MARIE EGLE - 59- ASHEVILLE BUNCOMBE CO NC - A call was made to 911 about an aggressive dog and when deputies arrived they found Jane Egle unconscious and appeared to have animal bites - the aggressive dog would not let anyone inside the home - They finally subdued the animal and it was reported it died - Seven dogs were taken from the home - 6 Boerboels and 1 Great Pyrenees - According to a relative, her Facebook and Instagram she bred these very large aggressive dogs for sale - Behavior analysts evaluated the dogs and recommended they be put down due to their aggressiveness - But the Great Pyrenees will not be put down and it was determined it was not a threat to society. 

12) 5-8  KAMIKO DAO TSUDA-SAELEE - 6 MO OLD GIRL - LAS VEGAS NV - First Responders were called to a home around 1pm where a 6-month-old baby was fatally mauled by the family's pit bull they had had for 9 years -  The mother was home with the baby and it was reported that she went to the bathroom and left the baby in her walker with the dog - when she returned the pit was attacking the baby and she got it off but it was too late - The child was later pronounced dead at the hospital. 

13) 5-12 - SANDRA KAISER - 71 - REDDING CT - She was attacked by her own dog at her home - The breed is said to be a "Mixed Breed" and it was a "Rescue Dog" that had been living at that home for about 6 years -  An autopsy was to be conducted...not much information on this one.

14) 5-28 - SUSANNAH JEAN MURRAY- 3 WEEKS - GRAND RAPIDS MI - The infant was left inside a home sleeping with 3 pit bulls free to roam the house on the late afternoon of Thursday May 27 - An adult went inside to check on the child after a reportedly 5 minutes and found the child bitten on the head with one of the pit bulls near her with blood on its mouth - The baby underwent surgery but died on the early morning of Friday 28.

15) 6-1 - MARGARET M. COLVIN - 91 - VIRGINIA BEACH VA - The granddaughter reported that the dog was adopted from a rescue on Wednesday and was brought home and on that day the elderly grandmother was either knocked down or fell inside her bedroom and the 1-year-old 50-pound American Pit Bull Terrier mauled her in a approximately 5-minute attack - The woman died on Thursday.

16) 6-9 - MARCO JUNIOR (MJ) RAYA - 1 YEAR - PHOENIX AZ - The grandmother was caring for the child and had put him down in a bedroom - She then opened an ?outside? door and the Rottweiler came in and grabbed the baby from the room and dragged him outside - An officer arrived and shot the dog to end the attack on the baby and he was rushed to a local trauma center and was later pronounced dead from his injuries - The Rottweiler belonged to a family member.

17) 7-11 - VINSON TUCKER - 79 - MCCREARY COUNTY KY - It appears that the elderly man had gone to a junk yard owned by Mike Stephens who also runs a towing and wrecker service just down the road to pay a bill - Neighbors say the dogs stay at the businesses and also at Stephens home and this has been going on for quite a few years as there have been liters of puppies also seen on the property and on facebook - At this first writing one video reports that there was a surveillance camera and a detective reported that there was a dog on each arm and on each leg at least 4   !!!!!PITS????? MIXED WITH SOMETHING - 

18) 7-20 - MICHAEL PARKS - 60 - FOSTORIA OH - He was letting his unleashed pit bull outside around 11pm when the dog ran across the street and began fighting another pit being walked on a leash by its owner - Parks attempted to stop the pit fight and was bitten on a recently installed dialysis shunt and began bleeding profusely - He was pronounced dead later that night at the hospital - The article does not say which dog bit him or if both pits bit him.

19) 7-27 -  JACOB BROOKS - 4 - EL PASO TX - Neighbors report the 4 dogs were aggressive and they often heard them fighting and growling at night - They also report that they often had seen the children playing on the enclosed trampoline and the dogs would not let the children get off - One article is now reporting a neighbor saying the dogs are PIT BULLS AND GERMAN SHEPHERD MIX DOGS.

20) 8-1 - PARIS ADAMS -  20-MONTHS - HARTWELL,  HART COUNTY GA - The toddler was being cared for at his grandmother's home - Apparently the family (mother, aunt, boyfriends, etc.  were involved in the PIT BREEDING BUSINESS!!!- She says that 2 of the pits charged out of the door into the backyard when she opened it and began mauling the child - first readings...911 was not called and the child was not taken directly to hospital ER...instead she drove to another residence to pick up the child's mother (her daughter) and then they drove to an urgent care facility - Where the child was pronounced dead...before police arrived!!! - She was arrested and charged with 2nd degree Murder, manslaughter and cruelty to children and released on $50,000 bail.

21) 8-19 - MICHAEL JAMES OBERGAS - 8-WEEKS-OLD  - HOUSTON TX - The infant was in a bassinet when the parents stepped away - 2 family dogs, a GIANT SCHNAUZER MIX AND A LABRADOR RETRIEVER MIX fatally mauled him - The latest article states one of the dogs was able to open a secured bedroom door and mauled the baby but it did not say which dog did this.

22) 8-26 - ALICIA MALAGON - 76 - CALHOUN COUNTY FL - She was looking after her daughter and son-in-law's dogs while they were away on vacation and took her small dachshund with her to check on them - A pit bull named "Blue" attacked her dachshund and when she came to her dog's aid the pit turned on her biting her over her entire body but especially on her right leg she had a laceration that was extremely deep - She managed to crawl to use a phone but passed out before first responders arrived - She died from her injuries.

23) 8-27 - GRACE WALKS - 41 - LAKE WORTH FL - She lived with her father and mother-in-law in the 900 block of Pinto Drive - They had 2 dogs that were registered to the mother-in-law - On this night the parents were not at home and she was found at about 8:15am by a neighbor inside the fenced yard - She was pronounced dead at the scene - The cause of death was determined to be from animal bites and it was not determined whether the male American Bulldog or the female Pit Bull attacked her or if both of them did - Both dogs were euthanized. 

24) 9-20 - CONNIE STOREY - 61 - BEATLINE COMMUNITY OF NESHOBA MS - She was attacked on Sept 8 while feeding her son's pit bull and had been hospitalized since the attack - It is reported that both her legs had to be amputated - She succumbed to the horrific injuries  on Weds Sept 20. 

25) 9-20 - UNIDENTIFIED 1-MO-OLD INFANT BOY - KNOX COUNTY OH - The baby was sleeping in a bassinet and in the care of its father when around 6:12am the father found the child with its head mauled - The father had 2 pit bulls inside the home - This first story says that he said "one of his dogs" attacked the boy - When asked on the 911 call if he needed the dispatcher to walk him through CPR he told them that the child's head injuries were too severe - The baby was pronounced dead at the home - It was determined that their 7-year-old pit bull killed the infant in the bassinet. 

26) 9-27 - KATHY SUE NICHELSON - 61 - CHERRY LOG, GILMER CO GA - She was mauled relentlessly by her friend's son's pit bull when she got out of her car to walk up the driveway - A passerby saw her on the ground and stopped to render aid but the pit attacked him as well - He was able to get inside his vehicle and call 911 - Law enforcement and EMS arrived and finally had to shoot the pit in order to get to the victim - Neighbors report that the dog had a long history of biting people - The dog owner was later stopped in his vehicle along with his wife and small bags in their car tested positive for meth and he was arrested and charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and Reckless conduct.  

27) 10-21 - JAVIAN CANDOLARIO - 7 - LOWELL MA - Javian had been playing outside with other children and his older brother when he was mauled by a neighbor's 2 PIT BULLS inside their poorly constructed fence - There were as many as 15 witnesses but none knew what to do to save the boy and as far as I have read none can say exactly how or why the child got inside the fence - There were gaps around the gate that was over a driveway and he could have easily stepped inside to get a ball or he could have been pulled inside by the very large pit bulls - He was reportedly already dead as first responders arrived - The pits could have just as easily jumped the fence!!!

28) 10-30 - SHARON LINDEMAN - 75 - JOHNSON COUNTY AR -The elderly woman was found in her driveway on Monday, Oct. 30,  by her younger sister who had left for work around 8am and came home around 4:15pm to find her dead in the driveway with deep gashes, scratches and injuries consistent with a dog attack - Her body was sent to state crime lab for autopsy - Stray dogs have been an ongoing problem in the area.  

29) 11-3 - SOPHIA BOOTH - 2-WEEK-OLD GIRL - CLEVELAND OH- Neighbors report that the 4-year-old German Shepherd seem to be a "guard dog" and they kept their distance - The dog was in a kitchen area blocked off by some type of barrier or gate and the infant was in a bedroom - The dog somehow broke through the barrier and fatally mauled the baby. 

30) 11-4 - 69-YEAR-OLD MAN - HAMLET RICHMOND CO NC -  MAULED BY 2 OF HIS 5 DOGS - A PIT BULL AND MIXED BREED  DOG - Neighbors report that he walked his "many" dogs early every morning - He would walk 2 dogs....then walk 2 more....but he always would walk his black and white pit bull by itself because it was "SO ENERGETIC"!!! -A next door neighbor reported that the 2 dogs, R J and Little J, began fighting earlier and the man broke them up - but they must have "retaliate" - because he stopped their pit fighting so they redirected and  began mauling their own owner. 

PENDING - 5-7 JAMES DERLE PATTERSON - 63 - JACKSONS' GAP TALLAPOOSA COUNTY AL-  Patterson was riding a small gas-powered scooter about a mile from his home on Alf Road- A caller reported the incident at 4:13pm that "dogs" had attacked a man - He was found unresponsive with wounds consistent with a dog attack and was pronounced dead at 5:37pm -  He was found about 15 yards from where his scooter was found..... in the road - The road is a dead end and located in a rural secluded area - There were "beware of dog" signs posted on the property - The breed or breeds of the dogs have not been identified. 


1) 3-18 - JOHN BRUNO - 5 - WARRINGTON TWP PA - John was playing in the snow on Wednesday, March 15, when his family looked out and saw him down on the ground with the family dog tugging at his scarf around his neck - He was unresponsive and first responders gave him CPR and he was rushed to a hospital - He died on Saturday, March 18 - Investigators report that he suffered ligature strangulation from the  HOUND MIX  pulling on his scarf.

2) 6-8 - SHIRLEY WRIGHT - 89 - TOLEDO OH - On May 6, 2017, the elderly woman was working in her yard when a neighbor's dog charged at her knocking her down on concrete.  She was hospitalized and died on June 8 of complications from her injuries - Her family filed a suit in Lucas County Court against the neighbors. 

3) 8-2 - WILLIAM GAMBLE - 66 - PALM COAST FL - He was walking his Staffordshire bull terrier on July 30 in his neighborhood when a dog said to be a Plott Hound began attacking his dog - Witnesses say the Plott Hound, that had a history of aggression, came out of its collar while being walked by one of its owners...a female - His dog was injured and he was knocked over or he fell injuring his knee - It is not clear if he was bitten by either dog during the attack but he made it back home and collapsed in his garage - He was able to tell his wife that he had been attacked by a dog before he went unconscious - He apparently suffered a series of heart attacks and died on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

4) 10-10 - PATRICIA CROSBY - 53 - DETROIT MI - She was walking to her babysitting job when a pit bull attacked her - Michael Williams a neighborhood watchman heard her screaming for help and ran to her and he had his licensed to carry gun on him which he pulled out and attempted to shoot the pit bull off her - He shot the land shark but then the victim realized she was also shot - She died after arriving at the hospital.