Saturday, June 19, 2010


In my quest to learn how to live in my new altered environment since Sept. 5, 2009,  when 4 pit bulls moved in next door to us, I have come upon 2 dog attacks in Decatur, AL,  both very serious, one extremely vicious, that noone in my family had heard about. We have searched the archives at the local paper and have not found an article at this time.  It would be my preference to video both victims and let them tell you their story. That is not possible at this time.  I will try to tell their stories from what has been told to me from their family members:

#2.  Christmas Day Dec. 25, 2009 - Mr. Jesse Browning was visiting his son Mike in a Decatur neighborhood.  Mr. Browning is from this area but was living in Oklahoma at the time.  He was staying at a rental home his son Mike owns near his residence. As Christmas dinner was being cooked at his son's house,  they called down to Mr. Jesse to come up to eat.  He decided to walk up to his son's house, a block or two. He later stated that he had noticed some dogs in a chain link fence at a residence on an earlier walk to his sons home. This time  TWO PIT BULLS  got out of this fence and attacked him.   According to his son, Mike, Mr. Jesse was knocked down and  he threw up his hands to protect his neck and head.  His hand got crushed.  His arm and shoulder was injured and his legs look like someone had taken a razor knife and slashed him up and down both legs.   The leather jacket and gloves he had on because of the cold weather helped to  protect him.  Mr. Jesse told everyone that they were going to kill him!!! Two teenage boys came from somewhere and managed to pull the pit bulls off  him.  It has been 6 months since the attack and I asked how he is doing now?  Mike said he was having problems with his shoulder. The man who owned the 2 pit bulls also owned about 5 pits and was renting the house that didn't have a proper fence to keep the many dogs securely in.  Mike told me that when they captured the 2 pits that attacked Mr. Jesse, they still had remnants of "heavy logging chains" around their necks!

Now, on the same night in the emergency room at Decatur General Hospital,  Mrs. Julia Corbin's son was also there.  He had cut his finger preparing food. When Mr. Browning was brought in, he offered to let him go first because he was hurt so bad!  The Corbin family did not realize that in just a week their family would also experience a pit bull attack!

#3.  New Year's Eve December 31, 2009-  Thursday evening - Mrs. Julia Corbin lives in a nice, middleclass neighborhood in Decatur AL. Her husband is suffering from lung cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.  She spoke to me on the phone and said that night they thought they might feel like going out to eat, but realized neither she or her husband was up to it.  Her children were bringing food in as it got dark and a daughter noticed two dogs running in and out between houses.  She said it looked strange because she had never seen the dogs before and she didn't even stop to think what kind of dogs they were because she was busy at the time  preparing New Year's Eve meal for her parents. I think it was about 9:30 to 10:00 PM when they heard a strange noise on their large front porch.  So Mrs. Julia and her daughter looked out because they had 2 small cats that they had let sit on the front porch.

They immediately saw the 2 YOUNG PIT BULLS  on their porch staring at something  and they were  making a steady, high-pitched whining noise.  They turned to look at what the pit bulls were looking at....and Heidi their older cat of about 10 years was sitting on the back of a wicker chair and one pit bull had him in his sight.. He lunged to the top of the chair and got the cat.  Mrs. Julia and her daughter fought for the cat.  The pit grabbed Mrs. Julia's arm and hand and would not let go. Her daughter tried her best to pull the pit bull off her mother.  Her sick husband came out and grabbed a wood stake they had been using for Christmas decorations and began hitting the dog.  The pit bull had let go of  Heidi to bite into Mrs. Julia, now as he finally let go of Mrs. Julia he once again went after the little cat. The 2 pit bulls chased her back and forth and she screamed in terror! In the meantime, their other cat, Fluffy,  took off running around the house with the 2nd pit bull after it.  Thank God, it managed to slide through the space under the gate to the safety of their back yard.  Mrs. Julia was bleeding profusely and as the 2 pit bulls tortured  little Heidi in their deadly game for about 20 minutes,  911 was  called and police, animal control and an ambulance  came to take Mrs. Julia to Decatur General Hospital.

The 2 pit bulls  were found and tied up to a tree and the owner identified.  When Mrs. Julia got home from the hospital early the next morning after her deep puncture wounds were treated on both hands, they find out that the pits belong to a  man who was renting a house on a street behind them.   Of course he said he would pay the bills - A vet bill -about $100- for trying to save Heidi and then putting her down because she couldn't be saved,  and the hospital bill for Mrs. Julia's injuries was several Thousand Dollars!  It has been 5 months since the attack when I talked to Mrs. Julia, and nothing has been paid on her bill so far. The 1st lawyer they hired had to recuse himself because of "conflict of interest."  It's not known if they have another lawyer yet.

Will Decatur AL City Commission members wake up and pass laws that will keep Senior Citizens like Mr. Jesse and Mrs. Julia and My husband and I safe?  Or will the next attack be my grandchild or one of their children or anybody's prescious house pet?  My heart aches for the senseless, preventable pain and suffering these 2 families have endured this past year.  What kind of place are we living in that places the welfare of Pit Bulls above the Welfare of it's citizens? 

The 2 pit bulls that injured Mr. Jesse were euthanized.  THE 2 PIT BULLS THAT INJURED MRS. JULIA  WERE GIVEN BACK TO THE OWNER  AFTER 10 DAYS QUARANTINE AND 2 WEEKS AFTER THE ATTACK, THEY SAW THEM  RUNNING LOOSE IN AND OUT BETWEEN HOUSES  CHASING SOMETHING ONCE AGAIN! They are living in constant fear!  Rest in Peace Heidi, and I PRAY for better laws in Decatur, Al.