Sunday, October 31, 2010


Comments by Dagny to the Channel 48 WAFF story on the 2nd attack:

I have e-mailed this link to the Mayor of Decatur, maybe he will actually have some response for Decatur's lack of concern for public safety.

This is an outright atrocity on part of the City of Decatur.  These dogs are PIT BULLS not mixed breeds.  They fight all night and everyone is afraid to go out at night.  I cannot believe they were allowed to mangle a poor lady and kill a pet and then roam the streets for 10 months all while living blocks from an elementary school.  Decatur needs to answer to why they have failed keeping the community safe.  What if the dogs were out this Halloween?  Whose child might have been attacked?  How would you feel if these dogs killed a child, what if it was your child, because it could have been!   And Decatur failed to warn anyone that this could occur.  I think this is absolutely ridiculous.  The city was well aware of the threat yet this is the first time I have heard of it in the media.

I want to make it clear, I am mentioning that these are Pit Bulls, not as a generalization that some people have about the nature of  pit bulls, but instead so the reader can consider the strength of pit bulls' jaws. One of the Corbin family members stated that his Mother was also injured in the 1st of these  two attacks, yet this is not mentioned in the article.  Having your arm locked in the jaw of a pit bull is much different from having your arm locked in the jaw of a peek-a-poo.  That is why I made the distinction. My sympathies are with the family.

My comment to Dagny's comment:  Well said!  Now let's see if anyone else in Decatur AL cares and has the guts to stand up for what is decent and right in this community and begin to change the way Animal Control operates in this city!


I attempted to tell Mrs. Julia Corbin's story in my 3rd post months ago!  I was very upset that the Decatur Daily did not have any coverage of this PIT BULL ATTACK and neither did I see it on the local TV news.  This woman was injured by these pits and the injustice of these 2 pit bulls being put back out in the neighborhood to terrorize this family all these months, and then to attack again  and kill the one cat the family had left is more than my nervous system can endure.

I  received a comment yesterday telling me that there was another attack, so I kept searching on the internet and finally found a story on channel 48 WAFF News and it didn't even mention that Mrs. Julia was injured in the 1st attack!  The reporter changed her story to include the attack on Mrs. Corbin after one of her children contacted them, but it still did not give a complete account of what happened!

Everyone should go to and read the horror of  pit bull attack after pit bull attack:   Children and adults being scalped; legs, arms, fingers, lips, noses, teeth, eyeballs, being ripped off;  cattle, goats, horses, miniature ponies, family pets, seeing eye dogs,  mutilated, killed.  Grandmothers, war heroes, 4 Day old infants, mail carriers, joggers, 10 yr olds riding their bikes - No one is safe from pit bulls.  As happened in Lynn, MA Monday June 7, 2010,   A family can be walking down the sidewalk with a 6-mo old baby asleep in a carrier on its Father's stomach and a "RESPONSIBLE PIT BULL OWNER" came walking by them with his pit "ON A LEASH" and the pit lunged and nearly took the tiny baby's leg off while it was in its Daddy's arms!

Pit Bulls are notorious for escaping their collars, breaking their  chains, eating through a fence, leaping over a fence, a person can not escape them.  They go through electrical fences, neither mace or pepper spray stops them, beating with 2x4's or  stabbed with knives doesn't stop them. It often takes more than 2 bullets from a gun to take them down....................

If even one of those pit bulls that are in the back yard next to ours makes it over our 5 ft. fence, WHO EVER IS IN OUR BACK YARD IS DEAD.  WE WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO ESCAPE FROM ONE, LET ALONE ALL 4 OF THEM.  They run with the swiftness of tigers and are just as strong.  They kill and feed off a person like sharks - circling and biting and circling and biting.  No one would hear us getting attacked in our back yard and no one could get in to save us if they heard us!  We built our fence to keep our 2 dogs in and to keep them safe....BUT HOW DO WE KEEP PIT BULLS OUT!   DECATUR ANIMAL CONTROL USES THOUSANDS OF OUR TAX PAYERS DOLLARS TO PUT MUCH HIGHER FENCES IN THEIR NEW FACILITY TO KEEP THEM SAFE BUT OUT HERE IN THE PUBLIC WE ARE ON OUR OWN TRYING TO DEFEND OURSELVES FROM THESE SELECTIVELY BRED FOR KILLING MUTANT CREATURES!  My family has never taken a thin dime from the city of Decatur for any kind of services......but we reached out for help on this situation with these 4 pit bulls next door and what did we get?   We are demonized  and made to look like the aggressors and the pit bulls we are told are just "SWEET BABIES".

The 2 Boxers that lived in that back yard before the pits moved in could stand flat footed and leap over that white 4 ft fence to get out and they did it many times.   I would like for the City of Decatur - The Mayor, the Commissioners,  The City Attorney, Animal Control,  Everyone who is anyone in "THE POWERS THAT BE IN DECATUR, ALABAMA "  to give me a 100% assurance, guarantee,  swearing on your Bible  that those 4 Pit Bulls Next Door to Us will not ever get out and harm us or anyone in the neighborhood.  Show us that it is impossible for them to break their chains, break their collars, dig out, climb out, leap out.  We have seat belt laws and now texting laws, we have recalls for baby beds where 3 children have died in 1 year.  Well, I can show you that many more people have died from Pit Bull Maulings than baby beds or strollers that malfunction. 

I want my home back.  I want to never be lunged and growled at again by Pit Bulls chained up no more than 30 ft from my patio. I want to be able to listen to the birds sing and not Pit Bull dogs barking incessantly with their high-pitched squeals that makes you think something is being hurt.  Every time a storm comes up, just dark clouds and a little rain, one pit in the pen right by our fence line screams, huffs, and leaps straight up trying to get out for hours on end.  We can't sleep!   Every time a siren goes on, all 4 pits Howl/Bark/Squeal/  It wakes us up usually 3 times a night.


Saturday, October 30, 2010


A neighbor was walking her small  dog one Sunday afternoon a few months ago and I saw her from my window  and went out and talked for a few minutes.  The 4 pit bulls next door to me were barking very loud. She said, "I hope they never get out of that fence because I was attacked by a pit bull when I was in Jr. High School! I ask her to give me details about it:

#5.   She was about 12 or 13 years old and went home from school with a friend.  As they walked in the front door into the living room, the friends  PIT BULL  lunged at her and she put up her arm and it got her hand.  She had a lot of damage to her hand and it took a long time for all the nerves and muscles to heal.  She said all that saved her that day was the fact that the friend's parents were home and they got the dog off her! (Colbert Co)

A few days later I was taking my dog walking in the middle of the day and we past by this same neighbor's house and her daughter came out to pet our dog and we talked a minute. She said, "You know, a Morgan Co. Deputy had to shoot a pit bull a few years back where I live now out in the county." I ask her to give me details about it:

#6.  It was late in the day and a pit bull escaped out of a house and went on a rampage in the neighborhood and would not let anyone out of their houses.  It bit someone and a deputy finally had to shoot and kill it!.  When I got back home I  went on line and found this information at:

Mar 24, 2006, Thursday about 5:08 PM,   a MIXED BREED PIT BULL attacked a Morgan Co. Sheriff's Deputy shortly after biting a 17-yr old . Deputy Gary Landers was bitten on the hand.  He was treated at Huntsville Hospital and received stitches.(Morgan Co)

Several months ago I talked to a friend from Athens, AL and   she told me about the dog that bit her:

#7.  She said that she and her sister liked to skate on the front cement walk in front of their house when they were about 8-9 yrs. old.  Their next door neighbor had raised 2 DOBERMAN PINCHERS  from pups and as they got older they would set their eyes on her and start creeping up on her and chase her into her house.  She said her parents knew this was a problem and she was not to skate very far out on the walkway.  Then one day it happened!  She skated out a little far and her Daddy went to do something else and the big male Doberman ran at her so fast and he got her on her forearm as she swung it up to protect herself.  She screamed and the blood started flowing and she said her Daddy was so mad.  It took about 20 stitches to close it up she said.  Her Daddy had a talk with the neighbors and the Dobermans were gone from that neighborhood!
(Limestone Co)

#8.  I was talking to a neighbor I hadn't seen in years and she was telling me about a dog bite to a man  behind us.  When we moved in this house this family behind us had 3 SHAR PEIS.  We had no fence around our yard then and they had only a 4 ft chain link fence on a lot of uneven and rocky land.  They would bark and viciously growl  all day long at me as I tried to garden in our back yard.  But they kept them in at night, so they didn't wake us up.  Ugly dogs they were-their face looked like their butt,  and their butt looked like their face!

But then several years passed and they started getting out all the time.  They often came in our yard and we would have to run in our house.  This happened a lot when they were not at home and especially on Sunday.  We called animal control, and they would just leave them a note on their door!

Then one Saturday my 2 grandchildren were in our den watching TV and suddenly they screamed and I ran.....There were all 3 of those Shar Peis with their front paws up on our large picture window looking in at our grandchildren and barking and growling viciously!  They were trying to break in our house!  I picked up the phone and called these people and gave them a piece of my mind.
Then I witnessed one of the dogs get run over in front of my house early one morning.  It had gotten out and was gone all night.  Then another one disappeared......and it got quieter at that house. We built a privacy fence and tried to forget about the neighbors behind us....until I had the talk with the other neighbor I hadn't seen in years......

She told me that one of the Shar Peis had bitten the owner of the house  - on the face and that's why he has a full beard cover up the scar!  This is one noone will ever see in the local paper!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Is it unlawful to have roosters on property in a residential neighborhood where the lot sizes are 100' wide and 150 ' deep, and to rattle cages sometimes for hours with tingling metal sounds?  Sounds emerge like striking metal cages with a stick of some kind.  At the same time pit bulls are BARKING, SCREAMING, SCREIKING, GROWLING, HOWLING, AND AN ASSORTMENT OF WHINING SOUNDS.  Sometimes it happens when a party is going on usually between the hours of 1:00AM and 4:00AM.  Then cars leave and it gets quieter......THEN THE ROOSTERS START CROWING!!!!!  Other times there are no other cars but this cage rattling goes on and on for hours!!! Then a rooster will crow! And, of course, the bass - boomboomboom- amplified repetitive rythm on and on and on.

Is it unlawful to train pit bulls with a long pole with something at the end of it and to feed them what appears like raw meat hanging down as they circle and come in for the jump? Is it unlawful for one to have on his property something that makes a rolling sound.. ....."a mystery sound"? in dozens of  recordings  It sometimes sounded like an odd drum -wood on wood.  Then it sometimes sounded like a wheel turning.  Then after searching on line -we read about  TREADMILLS TO TRAIN PIT BULLS!!!  I saw pictures of them and I  heard how one sounded!    I even read that bait is used dangling at the front of the treadmill to make the pit run!!!

Nice neighborhood we live in.   There are huge mansions built by lawyers as well as many doctors.  And there are the older brick ranchers.  People of many ethic and racial backgrounds live in this area!  Soooooo!  What are the laws?  What are the city codes, ordinances....protections for decent citizens of Decatur who pay their taxes and expected some form of protection from certain things we always thought were  ILLEGAL!

Are the citizens of Decatur AL sticking their heads in the sand like an ostrich? Is this the new norm in our neighborhoods where people are terrorized by pit bulls  and all kinds of other things going on but we have no where to turn because the "POWERS THAT BE" will not stand up and enact laws that protect innocent people and their property.  As I sit here typing this I  can feel the amplified - boomboomboom bass sounds coming through my floor, chair, my air space being invaded.  IS THIS THE NEW NORM FOR ANYONE LIVING IN DECATUR AL -PIT BULLS, ROOSTERS, AMPLIFIED BASS SOUNDS ON AND ON?  No regard for your neighbor that has to get up and be at work in the morning.  Who cares.....when you can sleep all day and your pit bulls can stand guard while you sleep all day!  These pit bulls really do a good job guarding us old 70-yr-old Gringo's-That's what was shouted at us over our fence at midnight a week ago......the pits wouldn't stop barking so we could go to sleep and we turned all the lights on and went and stood in our front yard to watch the party going on - it was a Tuesday night- and they called us "OLD GRINGOS".  I thought we were citizens of Decatur and the United States and I once thought we were protected by our Police Department and I thought our taxes paid for Animal Control that followed city codes, ordinances, and laws voted on by our City Council to protect families, pets, and property.  I was wrong.  I want to leave Decatur!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


(1-16-11 - I was just reading this story after months have passed since I last read it.  I have seen hundreds of VICIOUS DOG/PIT BULL stories since posting this and it has now hit me after reading many stories of how these dogs manage to take a small child out of their mother's arms and maul or kill it and now looking at where this woman was bitten.....this PREDATOR WAS PROBABLY TRYING TO GET AT THIS BABY OR IT WOULD HAVE KNOCKED THE WOMAN DOWN FIRST!  ONE MORE EXAMPLE OF DECATUR AL DODGING A SERIOUS MAULING OR EVEN DEATH BY PIT BULL!)

On Wednesday, November 5,  2009, A Decatur, AL woman was attacked  by her son's reportedly 140-POUND PIT BULL.  They had the pit bull only 2 weeks when it "SOMEHOW" escaped from the fenced back yard and came to the front yard where Ms Carbajal was holding a 9-month old baby.  She was able to hand off the baby to its mother as the pit bit her 3 times on her stomach and latched on to her arm and would not let go! It was still on her when the policeman got there and he shot it twice to get it off her! The arm wound required 28 stitches.,46938