Monday, January 31, 2011


Nov 24, 2007 - Two boys were injured Wednesday when a PIT BULL TERRIER attacked them behind a home in the neighborhood of Scenic Hills.  Prattville Police Chief Alfred Wadsworth said the boys, ages 11 and 14, were playing in a drainage ditch behind a home at 225 Denise Drive when the attack occurred.  The dog came out from under a fence and attacked them.  Both were hospitalized after the attack.  "The 14 yr old appeared to have more bites than the 11 yr old. They were transported to Baptist South by medics.  One got bit in the arm really deep.  The dog has since been transferred to a veterinarian's office where it is being held in quarantine.

The attack was not the first time officers and animal control personnel have been called to the Scenic Hills area.  "There have been complaints about dogs at large, running loose down there," said Wadsworth.  "I'm not sure about dog attacks."  Animal shelter staff said they had responded to a call of dog fighting in the area earlier in the week.

Wadsworth said officers were still attempting to locate the dog's owner Wednesday afternoon.  Charges could be filed in the case. "There's a city ordinance against dogs running at large, and there's also a state law about keeping a vicious animal," he said.  "Once he bites someone, he's considered vicious.  The owner of the dog could be facing criminal charges."  Wadsworth said he was not immediately aware of any prior incidents at the address or with the dog involved in Wednesday's attack, however.

Due to the attack occurring in the Elmore County portion of Prattville, Wadsworth said the Elmore County Health Department is involved in the investigation.

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