Thursday, January 20, 2011


Chris Misterka was violently attacked by 2 PIT BULLS  on Armand Dr in Southeast Huntsville.  He has a rare condition called Reitger's Syndrome  and is legally blind and slow to react to any fast moving object.  He says,  "I didn't have time to react...the first dog grabbed my leg and ripped me to the ground and the other lunged at my throat but I was able to stop it with my hand before it got my throat ....and it grabbed my you can see...the whole time I was screaming for help."

His mother Bridgett Barber got a call after the attack and she is furious and says neither police or Huntsville Animal Services have done anything to the dog or to the owner!  The owner will not even come to the door for police or for anyone.

Another Huntsville Resident in this same story, Tom Johns,  says he was attacked last summer and says if something isn't done, he is moving for his family's sake.  "I hate to say someone can run you out of your house....but that's what's going on...there's no law in place...that can protect us from can happen over and over and over again...obviously!"  he said. 

These residents say they are pushing to get stricter dog bite laws in place.  For Bridgette Barber and her son, Chris Misterka, they say they don't want anyone to have to go through what their family has gone through.  She adds, "one attack should've been enough.  There has been  too many already!"  They are going to do everything they can to get it changed.    Huntsville Animal Services said they don't have the legal authority to take these dogs or anyone else's ...and that dogs are considered property.  However, Animal Services Officials have been working for the past five years to get a city ordinance in place where they could take an animal if they deem it vicious or under the care of an irresponsible owner.

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