Sunday, January 23, 2011


Mar 13, 2008- Councilman Ronnie Marks says that some dog owners in his district are creating makeshift kennels for large, vicious breeds, by fencing in carports, which is not adequate. "I want to introduce an amendment to our ordinance at our next meeting saying that you cannot have a kennel inside an open carport.  In my district we have A ROTTWEILER AND 2 PIT BULLDOGS  penned on a carport.  They got out recently and just about ate up a little dog on a leash.  There was a huge vet bill."

Code Enforcement Officer Ron Ultz, who for many years served as Athens' animal control officer, says A lot of the city is concerned about this.  "There are a lot of pit breeds out there, a lot of dangerous dogs.  It seems these days a pit bulldog is the young people's weapon of choice. We've been lucky we haven't had a major incident.  When you have such an animal confined in just a carport or tied on a chain to a doghouse, that's just a plan for disaster.  Strengthening confinement laws is like preventative medicine.  It's better to do what we can before disaster than after.

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