Monday, January 31, 2011


Mar 22, 2010 - Bill Cabaniss was taking an early morning walk near his home in Aycock Heights in rural Colbert Co when he heard a noise behind him.  He turned to find 3 snarling dogs circling and lunging at him.  "I just kicked like a wild man,"  he said.  "I wasn't going to let them take me down."   He pulled out a can of pepper spray, but it had lost it's pressure.  One of the dogs put a bite on his right shin and he has gone through 18 rabies shots, with 3 more to go.  Cabaniss says his was the 3rd attack in less than  6 weeks in the neighborhood.  We've gotten  too civilized out here to allow packs of dogs to run loose.  There are up to 20 children riding their bikes through here.  A month earlier dogs came after his neighbor  Sam Hughes.  He described one of the dogs as PIT BULL/BOXER MIX.  Another man was attacked the same week.  "This happened not 100 yds from my house where my 3-yr old plays in the front yard," said Hughes.  Mothers who push children in strollers say they have had the dogs follow them.

The owner of the Pit Bull/Boxer mix that bit Cabaniss  was located and that dog was  quarantined.  Another dog  is described as a GERMAN SHEPHERD that apparently is a stray, and the other was a BLUE HEELER whose owner was also found.  Colbert Co Animal Control Association Director Tommy Morson  said there is no leash law outside of metropolitan areas and dogs can run free provided they don't create a nuisance. The owner of a trespassing animal could be cited by the sheriff's office.  Morson said his department couldn't detain animals in unincorporated Colbert Co for fear of a lawsuit, but citizens can detain animals on their property.  The association offers free, humane dog traps for homeowners dealing with dogs that are creating a nuisance.

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