Thursday, January 20, 2011


I found this information in an article on the archives of WAAY31TV.  It has no date but is probably about 2008.  It serves as further knowledge on what other cities in Alabama are doing to keep citizens safe.  HOWEVER, THE VICIOUS DOG/PIT BULL STILL GETS THE FIRST BITE FREE!  IT WOULD HAVE TO ATTACK SOMEONES BELOVED PET, CHILD, GRANDPARENTS, IN ORDER TO EVEN HAVE THESE RESTRICTIONS PLACED ON IT!

The Huntsville City Council approved with a unanimous vote a new dangerous dog ordinance after recent attacks by pit bulls on citizens. With this new city ordinance if you or a domestic animal is bitten by a dog, there will be an investigation and the case will go before a city judge who will decide what happens to the dog.  The worst case scenario would be that the dog would be euthanized.

Huntsville Animal Services Director Karen Hill Sheppard said there are less drastic actions that could be taken as well.  "The dog would be neutered and only be able to be walked by  the adults that live at that property.  It would have to be muzzled when it's walked also.  Most importantly there would have to be an enclosure built inside of the yard that met specific requirements.  The dog would be registered and if they move we have to know the movement of the dog."

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cravendesires said...

i bet the pit nutters came out in droves to complain about the wording of this law.