Tuesday, August 2, 2011


"The paw prints ... They were circling him," Porter said shortly after the attack. "The more a dog attacks, the more brazen they get. It's only a matter of time before they go after a human."

Porter admitted that Buddy was running loose the night he died, but said that doesn't take away the fact that the pit bulls killed his dog.

Paul Miller, executive director of the Humane Society of  Washington County, said an animal-control officer followed dog tracks in the snow to determine that the pit bulls lived on property owned by Denesa Churchey, who resides at 4209 Mills Road.

When called for comment, Churchey referred questions to her Hagerstown attorney. A representative from his office said Thursday that he didn't want to comment for this story.

Miller said that although no one saw the attack, the dog tracks leading to the Churchey residence provided enough circumstantial evidence to conclude that the pit bulls were responsible for Buddy's death. As a result, Humane Society officials deemed the dogs  vicious and dangerous using the guidelines of the Washington County Animal Control Ordinance.

Among other things, the ordinance states that vicious and dangerous dogs must be confined to a secured enclosure and cannot be let out unless they are leashed and muzzled.

One of the pit bulls was confiscated and is being held at the Humane Society at 13011 Maugansville Road, Miller said. The other two dogs must be locked in a kennel on the Churchey property.

Miller said Churchey is appealing to have the vicious and dangerous label lifted from the dogs.

Assistant Washington County Attorney Kirk C. Downey said he couldn't comment on the case, but the Washington County Attorney's Office would represent the county's interests.

He said a date for the appeal has not been set



Sputnik said...

Domestic dogs killing other dogs is utterly unnatural. Dogs that do this are human-created, unnatural monsters.




as well as everything Ray and Lorna Coppinger have written. Also Alan Beck: The Ecology of Stray Dogs: A Study of Free-ranging Urban Animals, York Press, Baltimore, 1973.

Also lots of others (eg, http://www.nonlineardogs.com/100MostSillyPart1-2.html) who explain how NORMAL domestic dogs are put together.

Thomas's book is a story of tracking her dog that ran free in the neighborhood nights. It tells how dogs circling each other seems to be the reason they wander.

Semyonova's book explains how dogs use purely ritual moves to solve conflicts (besides much other useful information).

The man whose Lab was wandering is not in any way at fault here. The only one at fault here is the nutcase who chose to have pit bulls and then let them wander.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This article is incorrect Buddy was in fact 8-years-old and died on February 24. I know this to be a fact because Buddy was my dog,part of my family,my best friend,and my baby that will always be in my heart <3 and I miss Buddy so much I think of him all of the time and wish that Churchey would have gotten rid of them so I will still have Buddy to hold in my times of need.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I'm so sorry your Buddy had to die such a horrible death. You will never get over it, but in time maybe another pet will comfort you....but please don't ever let it run free. our children and our pets can not be let out to play free anymore. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits, we actually do have another pet after loosing Buddy. Thia new pet is another lab but now a yellow ab named Moose and even though everyone knows that Moose can never replace Buddy it does help knowing that we helped another animal other than just grieving. But again thank you for the comment and if you want to read about or last court case with Churchey you can go tohttp://www.herald-mail.com/news/local/hm-sharpsburg-man-loses-suit-over-death-of-his-dog-20120622,0,2809577.story#tugs_story_display

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I have found the article "Sharpsburg man Loses suit over death of his dog" and read it. I plan to blog it. I think there are some profound statements made by Judge Thomas that needs to be repeated. May I suggest that you go to my SIDE BAR and go to MY FAVORITE BLOGS and click on and read --HOW DANGEROUS BREED ADVOCATES ARE REDEFINING OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH DOGS AND WHY WE SHOULD STOP THEM--- then in time, begin reading DOGSBITE.ORG and CRAVEN DESIRES and the other blogs at the top of my blog. This was my support as we waited 2 1/2 years for our court case to come before the judge. My 2 basset hounds were not attacked by my neighbors 4 Pit Bulls -- But they tried their best to get out of that pen by our fence to get to them growling and lunging -- and the incessant barking, howling, screeching went on day and night. We lived in such fear 24 hours a day. The judge ordered them removed from the property finally. We won....But we don't feel like winners....It took years off our lives. This is about dogs...but it is so much more...It is about MAN'S INHUMANITY TO MAN. IF PEOPLE TREATED EACH OTHER BETTER, THEN WE WOULD ALL TREAT EACH OTHER'S ANIMALS BETTER. Hang in there..you did not lose this case in our minds...you made your point...please start reading the information from my side bar and begin commenting and telling Buddy's story. Write a story about Buddy...tell us about him. Everybody in this circle cares.