A swimming pool or a trampoline are considered "attractive nuisances" by insurance carriers because children are immature and often act impulsively. This does not mean children should die by drowning if they get in the pool unattended. This means that the pool or trampoline owner is held to a higher level of responsibility by having an attractive nuisance known to contribute to injuries and deaths. Homeowners have been held criminally negligent when fencing was inadequate to prevent drowning in their pool. Fighting breed dogs appear to be just dogs to children. Considering that pit bulls are called nanny dogs in the presence of children, that children overhear adults saying their pit bulls would lick slobbery kisses all over them, that their pit bulls wouldn't hurt a fly, that their pit bull would save lives, that their chihuahua is much more dangerous than their pit bull, that their pit bull is as much a family member as their children....well, what is a child supposed to believe? - Californians for Regulation of Pit Bulls

If you have to train a dog not to do something that is not training that is breaking an animal. Breaking an animal is not the same as training which is the direction of instincts. If you House Break your dog it will eventually go in the house if you are not there. If you train your dog to do something it was bred to do or not it will always do it anyway just not as well as if it is trained how to do it. In other words if you don't train you beagle to hunt rabbits it will hound up other things but hound it will.- TONY SOLESKY

Michael Vick had 9 beagles that were used for baiting and blood transfusions for famous pit fighters. The beagles were immediately adopted into homes without rehab, insurance policies and fanfare, but I am repeatedly told that breed doesn't matter though! - Vintage

Ever wonder why "break sticks" are only made for pit bulls? There are cases where pit bulls didn't release even after having been shot by police with a round of bullets. Their jaws sometimes have to be pried away from people *even after the pit bull has died*. Do not use a break stick on breeds other than the Pit Bull.-- Pit Bull Awareness Day