Thursday, November 27, 2014


A 16 year old girl suffered a serious dogbite to her leg on Tuesday evening, and her family wants the neighborhood nuisance gone for good.
The Guerreros say the dog, a  MASTIFF MIX  named "Cowboy" has attacked before, but no one ever reported it.  However, after what happened this week on 25th Street, they couldn't stay quiet any longer.
Desiree Guerrero cringed as her mom peeled back her bandage to inspect her deep cut sealed with two stitches.  Desiree also has smaller bites and scratches on her hands and arms from the attack.
Her mom, Lorraine Guerrero, recalls how it happened.
"I got a towel and I covered up the wound because it was a lot of gushing blood out, so I covered up the wound and I told my mom and my husband to call the ambulance and the police," she says.
The attack happened as Desiree and her brother walked past the dog owner's house on their way home.  They believe if Cowboy didn't go for her, he may have killed her six year old sibling.
"If I wasn't there, he would have been gone," says Desiree, "I couldn't sleep last night. I was shaking. I woke up, and my whole leg was like all cold, like I'm just scared."
They're not the only family with kids on 25th Street.
"We had already told him before to tie up the dog, because it was going to hurt somebody. They didn't listen," adds Lorraine.
The dog owner didn't want to be interviewed on camera, but said he keeps his dog in the house and has all the required paperwork.  He denies that it ever attacked anyone before last night.
Corpus Christi Animal Care Services couldn't tell us if the dog had its license and shots, but a supervisor did confirm the owner turned him over to be quarantined on Wednesday as required.
After 10 days in quarantine, the owner could get his dog back, unless it's deemed a "dangerous dog".
If that happens, the owner has to meet certain requirements first, including registering it as a dangerous dog, proving he can restrain it, and obtaining liability insurance for the dog.
The Guerreros, however, hope Cowboy will never have the chance to harm anyone else.
"I think the dog should be put to sleep, I mean he's dangerous," says Lorraine, "he could have killed my daughter. If she wouldn't have blocked her face and would have panicked more, he would have killed her."
The dog owner was cited for not having proof of vaccinations, nor a license, and creating a public nuisance by allowing it to run loose.
Animal Care Services is still deciding whether it will ask for that "dangerous dog" designation.

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