Wednesday, May 13, 2015


For a few minutes Monday afternoon, two dogs had the run of the town as they terrorized residents of Canon City.

For a few minutes Monday afternoon, two dogs had the run of the town as they terrorized residents of Canon City.
"I was driving down the highway heading home when I saw a woman in a car dealership parking lot being attacked by two dogs," Canon City Officer Lora Chase told 11 News.
Chase said when she stopped to help, the dogs took off and found their next target.
"We then saw them attack an elderly woman on a little motorized scooter. Two guys came to her aid, who were then also attacked by the dogs."
The dogs kept going.
"I drove up the road to try to warn other pedestrians that they the dogs were attacking people." But Chase said the dogs soon found her.
"Another man got attacked next to my car. One of them climbed up onto my car to get away from the dogs. ... If I would have gotten out of my car, I probably would have gotten attacked also."
Chase said her children were with her during the whole ordeal.
"It terrified one of my daughters pretty bad."
Chase said none of the attacks were provoked.
"I watched them just completely tear up a big man. ... He was walking. He was literally walking. I got up to him and told him, 'Watch out, there's these vicious dogs running up the road attacking people,' and about that time the dog jumped through the air and latched on to his arm. He tried to fight the dog off and the other dog bit him in the abdomen.
"None of the people I saw them attack were doing anything."
The dogs eventually made their way to the Abbey Events Complex, where a family event with dozens of small children was going on. Yards away from the event is where the dogs' brief reign of terror came to an end.
"Another officer located the dogs running towards the Abbey grounds...they decided to cut the dogs off to make sure the dogs didn't get in to where the event was taking place. ... Both dogs were running together. The officers attempted several times to try to get the dogs...basically what they were trying to do was get the dogs into the back of the patrol car and secure them in there, but it was really hard for them to do because the dogs were actively aggressive towards them. They tried everything from putting treats in the back...but nothing worked," Canon City Police Department Lt. William Ray said.
The officers were finally forced to open fire when one of the dogs tried to bite an officer. One of the dogs was killed.
Both dog owners have been located and given a summons. Canon City police say this is not the first time these dog owners have been in trouble with police.
The surviving dog is being held by animal control officers. POLICE SAY BOTH DOGS WERE PIT BULLS.
Two of the victims had to go to the ER. Their conditions are not known.


Anonymous said...

Normal dogs don't do this. When they get loose, they run around, sniff things, try and play with other dogs.


Dayna Hamilton said...

Wow! My greyhound got spooked today and ran past me, out the door, up the street, fast as she could, biting and mauling as she went...! Just kidding! She just ran and ran until a very nice man grabbed her and held onto her till I caught up to her!
I could've said these dogs were pits with out any description but their actions. Too bad the officers didn't shoot both of them.