Friday, June 5, 2015


Published on Jun 4, 2015
Out of the Blue, originated as an art exhibit and memorial to canine attack fatality victims at Art Prize in Grand Rapids Michigan in September 2014. Concerned citizens, advocates, victims and volunteers came together to bring the mobile exhibit Out of the Blue to the Ohio State House on May 30 2015 to challenge pitbull advocates at their "Pibble Rally" and challenge the legislation that pitbull advocates want to introduce to over turn all forms of Breed Specific Legislation in the state. The advocates are also want the public to know about the Michigan Senate Bill number 239 that was introduced that would overturn all existing breed specific legislation in that state and prohibit news laws to regulate pitbulls and other dangerous breeds. The citizens at the Out of the Blue exhibit have added crosses and memorial information for over a dozen new vicitms of pitbulls that have been killed by pitbulls since the memorial was designed. More than 42 crosses representing the deaths of Americans killed by pitbulls since 2014 to the present date lined the streets. Victims say people are traumatized, disfigured, and brutally injured by pitbulls that are attacking and killing people and pets at an alarming rate. The citizens at the event spoke about testimony from surgeons that document that the injuries from pitbulls are much more severe, and are often beyond the scope of medicine to repair. Vicitms of pitbulls that are begging for help with massive medical bills are common now online as less than 2 percent of the victims of pitbulls recover funds from the pitbulls owners to cover the costs of the attacks. Pitbull owners are often uninsured or they tie up lawsuits for decades while the victims have their credit destroyed, lose their ability to work and even lose their homes. Most of the fatalities by pitbulls that were represented at the event were caused by family raised unabused pitbulls that never showed prior aggression. Some of the attacking dogs were neutered and had lived with families for eight years before attacking and killing family members that could not get the dogs to let go so they could get to a phone. Concerned citizens vow to continue to take the fight for Breed Specific Legislation to the public as they denounced national news media outlets including CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News for censoring pitbull fatalities and failing to let the public know about this growing public safety problem. Citizens talked to dog owners and families and referred people to, and for more information.

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