Wednesday, June 3, 2015


(KTHV) - A 65-year-old is in the hospital recovering from a vicious dog attack in Star City.
THV11 visited the scene with deputies on Tuesday afternoon and was with them as they managed to catch one of the dogs responsible for the attack.
"It was unbelievable ma'am. Unbelievable what happened," Deputy Kenneth Tillman explained.
Monday afternoon, Lincoln County Deputies responded to a dog attack in the 4700 block of Alexander Road in Star City. Chief Deputy Bo Hudson added, "There were about six dogs and they were still aggressive when the deputies arrived and they were charging the deputies and they still had blood on their heads."
The pack of six dogs attacked a 65-year-old woman, sending her to the hospital with several wounds. "The victim had injuries to her arms and legs and they were pretty serious of deep lacerations and she had a lot of bleeding," Hudson continued.
According to deputies, as the victim cried for help, a postal worker happened to be in the area delivering mail when she saw the woman in need. "After she had passed that mailbox she heard the lady screaming and crying so she looked back in her mirror and saw the dogs around her and she was on the ground. She went back and started blowing the horn on her vehicle and yelling at the dogs and they backed up a little," Hudson added.
Deputies managed to put three of the dogs down on Monday and spent much of Tuesday with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission searching for the remaining dogs. A homeowner said he had to shoot one dog who he found acting aggressively on his property and Tuesday evening the second to last dog was captured.
If you come across the last stray dog, deputies are asking that you contact authorities.

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