Monday, June 22, 2015


UPDATE:   Wichita police shot and killed one dog that attacked Kelton Marshall Saturday afternoon. They took one to the animal shelter, and one is still on the run. 

By looking at the pit bull that is at the shelter, you wouldn't know she was capable of attacking someone. She's calm and wags her tail. She looks as if she might be someone's lost pet.
Police picked her up after an attack at Dr. Glen Dey Park in northeast Wichita.
"Sometimes when dogs start running together and pack up, they have a situation where they get into trouble, where they do dog things," says Animal Control Director Dennis Graves.
Marshall tells KAKE News he was running on a path, when three pit bulls came out of the bushes and attacked him. He kicked one dog, and punched the other.
A neighbor called 911, and told the dispatcher Marshall had a deep bite to his leg.
When police arrived, the dogs came at them.
Sgt. Brian sigman - wpd"He used his baton and tried to fend off the dogs," said Sgt. Brian Sigman. "It worked until one came to the side and started to attack the officer."
That officer shot that dog dead. While animal control officers say while the dog captured seems docile, when it or any dog gets around another pack of dogs it's personality can change.
"If one of them has a high prey drive or is a little more aggressive, the others tend to join in, that's why you need to keep animals confined," said Graves.
The dog that officers shot and killed is being tested for rabies. Police are looking for the owner of the pit bull they captured. If she belongs to you, call animal control 660-7070.


WICHITA, Kan. – A Wichita police officer used his duty weapon Saturday to end an attack by a pit bull in northeast Wichita.  Sgt. Brian Sigman said officers were called to the area of the 2800 block of N. Grove about 5 p.m. Saturday afternoon after receiving a report that two pit bulls were in the area.

Sigman said when they arrived on the scene, they were with an animal control officer who located the dogs. When one of the animals started toward the animal control officer and tried to bite him, one officer tried to use his baton to distract the dog.

As the other dog tried to attack an officer, he drew his service weapon, shooting and killing the dog on the scene.

The owners of the dogs were not located and are still unknown.


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Oh come on! It's not a pack thing, it's a pit thing!

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It is both.