Tuesday, July 28, 2015


DAYTON -- Another day, another dog bite in Dayton. This time a 14-year-old girl.

"The dog ran off and head butted me first, I pushed it down, and it came back up and it bit me," Alyssa Grooms said.

Grooms says the normally friendly  BULLDOG surprised her when It came from her neighbors yard and bit her in the face. She was rushed to the hospital and left with several stitches along with a hole where her bottom tooth should be. The neighbors say they are friends with the dogs owner and the bulldog is a good dog, despite the attack.

"It was a freak accident, but all I ask is for her tooth to be fixed because now it's a tooth implant which is not cheap, you're talking a couple grand," Dreama Grooms, Alyssa's mother said.

The dogs owner says she's offered to pay for any medical bills. She said she feels terrible about the accident, but doesn't believe the dog bit Alyssa. Instead, she believes the dog got excited. When he jumped on Alyssa, she says he accidentally knocked out her tooth and scratched, not bit, her face.

"The first thing I did was walk over the road and talk to her dad and say I am so very sorry that this has happened," The dogs owner said.

Dog attacks are becoming all too common. Children's Hospital has already treated 126 kids this year.

Earlier this year, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley promised to look into tougher laws to protect everyone from vicious dogs. We went to City Hall to follow up with her but she was unavailable for comment.

We will follow up with the mayor again.

In the meantime, the Animal Resource Center has ordered the owner to keep the dog inside. When he is taken outside, he will need to be on a leash for the next 11 days.


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Anonymous said...

Of course, like EVERY pit bull owner, this one is psychic and knows what REALLY happened, which is different than what the victim reports.

Also, I love this ruling: "In the meantime, the Animal Resource Center has ordered the owner to keep the dog inside. When he is taken outside, he will need to be on a leash for the next 11 days."

So on day 12, pittie gets to go free and head-butt, scratch, bite, maul whoever the heck it wants to, right? RIGHT?

I swear, the whole Animal Resource Center in Dayton is populated by people whose IQ's are lower than the Animals they're supposed to be "resourcing" for.

Can't the city at least put the word CONTROL back into their name so those dolts get some idea what their job is supposed to be? Better yet, shut down the Animal Resource Center completely, disband the whole Animal Resource Center staff. Wipe out the whole operation. The people are incompetent and they are NOT SERVING THE TAX PAYERS. They've let TWO CITIZENS DIE under the current directors watch!

Open it again as ANIMAL CONTROL and hire a whole different set of employees with a mission statement that starts with Protecting and Serving the (HUMAN) citizens of Dayton Ohio by enforcing Animal Control laws and Humane Regulations.