Sunday, July 26, 2015


To the editor:
I must honor the memory of my cairn terrier, Gretchen, and address the latest pit bull incident in Flagstaff. Two pit bulls killed her after ramming and breaking our gate. The horror remains after 35 years. In another city, a pit bull owner cheered the dog as it charged my open Jeep while delivering mail. In Thorpe Park, two pit bulls leaped from a truck bed and attacked my husband and our two leashed Aussies. The owners were finally able to pull them off.
The ongoing denial of the evidence against this breed after endless news reports recounting killings, injuries, and narrow escapes defies all intelligence. Children and the elderly are most vulnerable. Renting to a tenant with four of them is unbelievable! Most RV parks and many HOA’s refuse to allow them.
Other breeds are on the list of undesirables but these dogs are at the top. Besides being large and muscular, pit bulls were bred to have a vicious bite that does not yield.
While I have heard that some are “sweethearts,” why value this animal above other, more trustworthy canines? Why take the chance? Unfortunately, with small fines, returns of dogs to irresponsible owners, and unenforced leash laws, what are the incentives to give up this breed?
I applaud the courage of the dog owner and his defender on Lake Mary Road. The lives of a human being and a small pet were saved. I feel such empathy for their suffering.

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Anonymous said...

MARILYN SCHWIND, you ask intelligent questions.

"Why value this animal above other, more trustworthy canines?"

The only people that value pit bulls, are people that have mental deficiencies. That's why we call them nutters. The esteem they place upon pit bulls defies logic and common sense. Unfortunately, some of these nutters have a lot of money, and the know how to lobby for the rights of pit bulls. Imagine that, a breed of dog has more rights than actual human beings. It's true!

"What are the incentives to give up this breed?"

There are no incentives for nutters to give up their pit bulls. It's their God given right to have such a dangerous animal. That's why the rest of us have to fight for Breed Specific Legislation, to eliminate the ability of pit bull owners to be irresponsible, and get away with whatever their pit bull inflicts upon innocent victims.