Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Namibians call for ban of pit bull terriers

Social media is abuzz with the public calling for a ban on bull terriers and pit bull terriers in residential areas.
The appeals for the ban come hot on the heels of a horrific incident in which two pit bull terriers mauled Fred Savage, 13, to death.
Savage was riding his bicycle in Otjomuise, Windhoek with a friend when the two dogs clawed their way through a hole in the fence in their owner’s yard and attacked the boy.
Tempers are flaring on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook a group of over 100 people have agreed to sign a petition calling for the ban on bull terriers and pit bull terriers that are known to be ferocious dogs.
Whilst some are calling for government to put down all dogs of the same breed, many have blamed dog owners for not knowing how to feed and take proper care of their pets. Another group are not in agreement with the view that such dogs must be put down as they say not everybody is an irresponsible dog owner.
The government through the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has warned the public to refrain from circulating videos and content showing how the boy was mauled by the dogs as the video is insensitive. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Mbeuta Ua -Ndjarakana in a statement said it was unacceptable that people were circulating a video on how the teen was mauled to death. “The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has noted with great shock and dismay the circulation of a video showing the late Fred Savage, the young boy, being mauled to death by dogs in the capital this weekend. The circulation of such videos is not only unethical in the public eye but also unlawful as it is traumatizing to especially the family of the late Fred,” stated the information P.S.
Ua-Ndjarakana warned those found in possession of such visuals that they could face the music.
“This is not the first time videos of this nature are circulated on social media as the ministry has noted in the past that videos of a violent, sexual and hateful nature have also circulated. The ministry would therefore like to caution members of the public to stop circulating such videos and anyone who will be found in possession of and circulating videos or visuals of such nature will be dealt with by the law,” he further warned. (Warning - Item Young Boy Killed By Pit Bulls might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.)

the video of the act is unethical and unlawful and possessors of the video will be dealt with... how about the act? how about the possession of these monsters? are they also unethical and unlawful?

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