Friday, July 3, 2015


A vicious pit bull attack left a metro family terrified Thursday night.
They called us, frustrated, because they say animal control refused to show up and help.
It was so bad they had to call police to get the situation under control.
Thanks to Oklahoma City police those dogs are back with their owners, but that’s not much comfort to families in the neighborhood who are still worried those vicious attacks will continue.
Two aggressive, vicious dogs, including a pit bull, headed straight for Shannon Richardson’s home near May and Grand.
“I was out front with my girls, and all of a sudden I heard my dog start barking, my husband start yelling,” Richardson said.
The dogs tore at the screen door.
They were barking and growling, rattling Shannon’s two little girls and herself.
“I called animal control. They told me they didn’t have any officers on right now, they couldn’t do anything,” Richardson said.
She’s seen those two dogs attack other animals in the neighborhood, so as they ate away at her screen door, she called 9-1-1.
Shannon tells us this is just the latest violent episode with these dogs.
“A month ago now, my neighbor three houses over had her cat gutted and killed in her front yard, and then last week it happened again by the same dogs,” Richardson said.
We stopped by the dog owners’ house Friday, but they weren’t home, and it appeared the dogs were loose again.
“The fact that animal control never showed up, never called, never did anything…  by this morning, it’s just downright irritating,” Richardson said.
Animal control didn’t tell us much when we called Friday, other than their office is closed after 6:00p.m.


B Cazz said...

What is Animal Control being paid to do? It's obviously not controlling animals.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am confused. animal control is closed or officers are unavailable. why aren't people dealing with these threats? open the door and put a round or two in that ugly thing trying to force its way into your house. you would do it if the aggressor was human. fuck 911, just do it. don't own a gun? this is america. you should at least know someone with a gun. call them. seriously, no sane person would fault you for defending yourself.

Cardinal said...

Except that AC seems to be largely made of people who aren't completely sane.

Just wait. Somebody in that neighborhood is going to take action against these dogs, and that somebody will to get into trouble for doing the right thing.

Alternatively, they could pull a Klonda Richey. Klonda was terrorized by a neighbor's gripper dogs, which showed signs of dangerous behavior. She called AC many times and even set up video cameras to survey the dogs running loose. No matter what she tried, AC never responded. One day the dogs jumped their fence and killed her.

If there's a repeat in this Oklahoman neighborhood, everyone will be up in arms. They'll be yelling at each other from opposite sides of the fence about nature vs. nurture, and whether the victim was responsible for their death. And those who say no, will say what we've said countless times to so many deaf ears: All dogs were made for a purpose. Pit bulls were made to fight other dogs for sport, and were descended from dogs capable of bringing down bulls and bears for sport. It is NOT "all in how you raise them" because even the best-behaved dogs exhibit breed-specific behavior. I would, however, rather deal with a Labrador that doesn't want to leave the water than a pit bull that doesn't want to let go of my leg.

Trisha Gilpin said...

When we lived in a trailer park there was a pit bull who ran loose terrorizing everything and everyone. One day it killed a cat. The cat belonged to a good friend of my daughter. He didn't kill it immediately, the vets offices were closed, and her mom and my husband were gone, so there was no way to get kitty to the emergency vet. I called the police dispatch, gave my name and address and demanded they send an officer right f***ing now! Before the officer could even open his door, I demanded he get his clipboard and paperwork to file a complaint. The family was ordered to destroy the dog after that. I cursed that cop up one side and down the other about how sick I was of calling about that loose dog and the trouble it was causing. Sometimes you HAVE to get NASTY with the authorities to get results.

Dayna Hamilton said...

Here here! Or throw some poisoned meat for the repeat offenders.

Trisha Gilpin said...

The owners were repulsive drug dealer types. Their next door neighbor would have died one night, if he hadn't been working overtime. The girls had pissed off their ex-boyfriends by ripping them off in a drug deal. The ex's came and shot at their trailer. Wouldn't you know, neither pit bull, nor any of the obnoxious scum inside were hit? The bullets went right through and went through both the recliner where the man normally sat watching tv, and his bedroom wall. The girls and their life giver (mother is too good of a word for her) all thought it was funny. Poisoned meat all around would help sometimes. The reckless disregard for human life should forfeit some people's right to exist, just like their dogs.
The ex's did time, the girls and life giver kept the second pit, and continue to be trailer park druggie queens.