Thursday, July 16, 2015


 Jazzaniah Webb, 14, sustained injuries to his left hand and right arm after a dog attacked him at his birthday party.
A dog attack that injured three children in Temecula last weekend started when the dog -- watching the playful actions of a 14-year-old boy -- jumped on the boy, biting his left hand and right arm, family members said.
Jazzaniah Webb, 14, was running around tickling other children at his mother and stepfather’s home on Saturday, July 11, his father Michael Webb said in a telephone interview.
At first the boy thought the dog was playing. That’s when the dog bit on the boy. Webb’s 15-year-old sister Mykayla Webb intervened, grabbing the dog and confining it to her mother’s bedroom.
“I tried everything to get it off my brother,” she said.
Once the dog was confined, the 15-year-old girl tried to get the other children out of the home, she said.
As she ushered them out, her four-year-old brother opened the door to the room the dog was confined in. She said the dog got out and attacked her and the younger child.
Sheriff’s officials soon arrived and animal control arrived not long after that.
All three children were taken to hospitals for injuries to their arms.
The two older children have since been released, but the youngest was still receiving treatment for his injuries at the Naval Medical Center San Diego as of Tuesday, Mykayla Webb said.
The dog was identified as a Staffordshire Terrier -- a kind of pit bull -- in a news release from Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Both Mykayla and Michael Webb said the animal was an American Bull Dog.
 Three children were attacked by the dog of a family friend. The father of two of the victims identified the animal as an American Bull Dog.
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The dog has been surrendered by its owner to Animal Friends of the Valleys. It will be held by the agency for 10 days as an investigation occurs, Animal Control Officer Monique Middleton said.
Middleton said officials will try to determine if the dog had a history of violent behavior during their investigation.
Riverside County Animal Services Spokesman John Welsh, whose agency is separate from Animal Friends of the Valleys, said quarantines are commonly set by animal control agencies.
“Dog bites are entirely preventable,” Welsh added. “Dog owners must be vigilant in their responsibility, especially when they have large dogs around children.”
Jazzaniah and Mykayla were visiting their mother and stepfather for the summer, but Michael Webb said they usually stay with him in Philadelphia.
Jazzaniah was celebrating his birthday that Saturday. A family friend had come from San Diego to celebrate and brought the dog, but didn’t take it with her when she left for a bit, Michael Webb said.
“We had interacted with the dog several times, but had never been alone with it,” Mykayla Webb said.

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