Wednesday, August 5, 2015


A woman suffered major injuries to her arm when she was attacked by this dog in south Modesto on Monday. The dog was secure in its owner’s yard when the attack occurred and the owner did not violate any laws.

A woman suffered traumatic injuries to one of her arms Monday afternoon when she was attacked by a pit bull in south Modesto.
The 63-year-old woman entered the dog owner’s property in the 100 block of Blankenburg Avenue uninvited, said Annette Patton, executive director of the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency.
The dog was behind a closed gate sitting on its front porch when the woman entered the property. Some neighbors reported seeing the woman waving her hands prior to the attack.
“He’s a big, lovable guy, so something transpired that spooked him, and that is a lot of dog,” said Animal Control Officer Connie Hooker.
The dog, named Fat Boy, is about 4 to 6 years old and weighs at least 80 pounds. Fat Boy wagged his tail as animal control officers petted him Monday evening at the shelter on Cornucopia Way.
To stop the attack, Fat Boy’s owner pulled the victim inside his home, Patton said.
The woman was taken by ambulance to a local hospital with major injuries to her arm.
Patton said the dog owner did not break any laws; the dog was secure on his property. But the owner voluntarily surrendered Fat Boy to the agency.
He will be quarantined for 10 days to ensure he does not have rabies, then likely euthanized, Patton said.
Despite his temperament with animal control officers, Patton said the agency cannot put up for adoption a dog that has bitten a person.
She said a rescue group could take him if one is willing to assume that liability.

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scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is that famous pit bull smile. i guess we now know why pit bulls smile.

Anonymous said...

Second "Fat Boy" attack since Christmas.

Sputnik said...

The pit bull narcissists have infected too many animal control agencies.

"This pit bull was nice to ME, didn't hurt ME-MY-SPECIAL-SELF when I pet it. So despite the fact that it just mauled/killed a child/that woman/someone's mother, it's just a big lovable guy. After all, I-ME-MY-ADORABLE-SMUG-SELF am the only person in the universe that counts."

How did we manage to create such a large population of these idiots?

Anonymous said...

Translation, they will give it away.

Dogs do not maul because someone waves their arms. Dogs might shy away if they.are "spooked" or bark, but not this. This is abnormal (except for certain types of dogs that don't need a reason).

William Linington said...

The owner ended up keeping the dog after all. I'm sure we'll hear about the next victim in a while.