Monday, September 14, 2015


Chris and Tracy Redshaw with Candra and Lilly
A dad told tonight how he had to 'prise open' the jaws of a ferocious STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER as it attacked his three-year-old twins.
Chris and Tracy Redshaw were taking daughters Candra and Lilly - who has a rare genetic disorder - to Red Hall Primary School in Darlington, Co Durham alongside their brothers Harry, eight, and Damien, four, when the attack happened, just before 9am.
The dog was thought to have escaped through the front gate of a nearby property. "All I heard was the wife screaming," said Chris, 34 - a full-time carer for Lily, who was first to be attacked. "I looked around and my daughter was being dragged away by a dog.
"It was one of those surreal moments as I could not quite believe what was happening. I had to prise its mouth open to get the dog off her."
LILY HAD BEEN PULLED TO THE GROUND BY THE HOOD BEFORE SHE WAS RESCUED BY HER DAD. THE DOG RIPPED OUT HAIR FROM THE BACK OF HER HEAD. Candra also suffered a bite to the lower back as the dog 'went beserk', attacking for no reason. Lilly was treated for a head injury.
Terrified Tracy, 38, also fought to protect her family. Her two girls were taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital for treatment. Their brothers were also checked over by paramedics called to the school.
Grandmother Ann Redshaw, 61, broke down in tears as she told how the girls were not have suffered more serious injuries.
"We were very worried about Lily in case she suffered a fit," she said. "But all the children were traumatised. The dog attacked for absolutely no reason. It is terrible to think about what could have happened, it could have been so much worse. It just went beserk."
Lily suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects growth.
The keeper of the dog, a 44-year-old woman, has been arrested on suspicion of allowing it to be dangerously out of control and is helping police with their inquiries.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
The twins have been discharged from hospital. Neighbourhood Inspector Caroline Dawson has said: "Obviously this was a truly terrifying incident for those involved. It is the last thing you expect to happen at the school gates and was very distressing for anyone in the area at the time. I would like to reassure residents that this was an isolated incident and the dog involved has been taken to be destroyed."
Durham Police stepped up patrols in the area. The head teacher of Red Hall Primary School Julie Davidson said: "This was a horrible incident that happened outside our school and we will be supporting the family in any way we can.
"We are a close knit school community and my staff, including our counsellor and family support officer, will be available to discuss any concerns our pupils or their families have following what happened."
Anyone with information about the incident should contact Durham police on 101.

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another Nanny-dog gone pitbull , it would seem . funny how in Britain nannys are allowned but not pitbulls . pity .