Saturday, September 5, 2015


UPDATE:  VIDEO: Police continue to search for the owners of 4 large dogs who attacked 56-year-old Charles Washington Friday night while he was walking along Pacetti Street on the Eastside. Washington was taken to UF Health where he remains.

A Jacksonville man in his 40's is in critical conditon after he was attacked by 4 dogs about 8pm on Friday night while he was walking along Pacetti Street. People in the neighborhood tell Action News Jax it was only a matter of time untill an attack like this happened.

Neighbors describe the dogs as large and aggressive and said they often escaped their fenced yard and roam the area. Kristen Jones said, "They were vicious; they were horrible."

Jones has lived on Pacetti Street for several years.  She has 4 children and says living next to the home is a nightmare.

"I haven't even been able to enjoy my house since I've been here.  I feel like a prisoner in my own yard."

Police said it was around 7:50pm Friday when 4 dogs from the home attacked a man walking down the street.  The dogs escaped past a fence and viciously mauled the man. Police said his injuries were numerous and severe.  He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Jones was one of the people who first called police.  "The guy was just helpless and hopeless and there was just nothing that could be done," she said.

Action News Jax spoke to a woman off-camera who said she used to own the dogs before she gave them to her boyfriend.  She said he was out of town when the attack happened, but the dogs had never been a problem.  Neighbors disagree.  Action News Jax spoke with a woman who has children in middle school who walk by the house. he says she's been scared for quite some time.

"My son walks down this street to go to Matthew Gilbert and I'm afraid that he might get attacked by one of those dogs," she said.

The 4 dogs involved in the attack and 3 more that were found in the yard were taken to animal control. Police said its's too early to know if the owner will face charges for the attack. Neighbors say they are relieved that the dogs are now in the care of animal control.  Police say the dogs were  PIT BULL MIXES.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

seven pit bulls to protect that dump from thieves.... hmmm... we thinks that other charges could be in "his" future and that "he" won't back.

Sweetie Pie said...

Right until the end, I figured both bullied reporters and police were going to hide the OBVIOUS type of 'dog' involved. Glad they didn't after all, though it would have been futile if they'd tried. At this point, the public knows in a case like this it's 99-to-1 that it's pit bull or pit bull mixes.

I hope all seven of them are humanely euthanized. Woulda been better if none of them had been born.

Mandatory spay/neuter of all these bulldog / was dog types NOW, even if lawmakers are too cowardly to do outright bans.