Friday, September 18, 2015


Petitioning Connie Millard
On Friday, August 21, 2015, my 10 year old Silky Terrier was attacked by my neighbor's three PIT BULLS, mauled, mutilated and died on the way to the veterinarian's hospital.  Caleb was simply standing in my yard and the Pit Bulls escaped their scadally fenced in front yard and ran up my driveway to attack him. He was helpless -- I beat them with only what I had in my hand -- a broomstick --and it was like hitting a steel rod.   I screamed so loud that neighbors up the street and a street away came to try to help.  However, the neighbors right across the street and who owns the dogs did not show up until the mauling was almost over.  One of my neighbors picked up Caleb and one Pit Bull chased her into my garage, she ran into my house along with me and handed the little man to me -- she said they then cornered my cairn terrier, Caitie, who was also outside with us and sniffed her then turned away.  My other neighbor said she tried to come to my aid but the black Pit kept her at bay by aggressively barking and going toward her. She backed away slowly into her home. My veterinarian said thank God they didn't turn on you.  I am grieving and angry that this law  In Ohio the Pit Bull breed has been removed off of the dangerous dog list.  This law must be changed.  I don't know what political organizations are promoting this breed to be safe -- but it must be all about political gain and money.   Until Friday, I was convinced that Pit Bulls were deemed to be a safe dog if raised properly -- but no more.  We must stop this insane propaganda and make our communities safe again. I realize that Caleb was just a dog, but I have no children and he was like my little boy.  So innocent-- but it could be a child next time.   Please sign this petition to keep Pit Bulls out of our communities.


9/3/2015 - South Side Leader

 Letter to the EditTo the editor:
On Friday, Aug. 21, [at] approximately 4:30 p.m., my little 10-year-old silky terrier, Caleb, was attacked by my neighbor’s pit bulls (3) and died on the way to the hospital. Please print in memory of him, and for all the pet owners who have experienced this same kind of loss. There is no legal recourse, only our tears:

I miss your eyes,
I miss your little ears,
I miss your face,
I miss your paws,
I miss you by me all the time,
I miss you.

I miss you not sleeping with me,
I miss putting my hand on your back each night as I went to sleep and just touching you,
I miss you greeting me at the door each time I come home,
I miss walking you,
I miss talking to you,
I miss holding you like a baby,
I miss kissing your little head,
I miss you.

I miss feeding you,
I miss taking you to the store with me,
I miss buying your food,
I miss combing and grooming you,
I miss watching how happy you were to see your grand mommy and grand poppy,
I miss you.

I miss seeing you run in the backyard with Caitie,
I miss you walking behind me as I mow the lawn,
I miss asking, where’s the baby boy?
I miss scolding you,
I miss singing the songs I made up for you,
I miss just calling, “Caleb”

I promised I would always protect you, but could not when you were attacked in my driveway by my neighbor’s pit bulls. You were so little, so defenseless.
My heart is broken in a million pieces.
I miss you.
And so does Caitie
onnie Millard, Lakemore

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Dayna Hamilton said...

"I don't know what political organizations are promoting this breed to be safe -- but it must be all about political gain and money. "

Ding ding ding!!!! Nail meet hammer.