Tuesday, September 15, 2015


For the past three weeks, less and less people have been using the trail as news continues to spread that a dog was killed near the 1000 block of Lillooet Street West after being attacked by another dog. 
"Hardly anybody walks the path anymore," says Gloria Dean. 
On Aug. 23, Dean was dog sitting her friend's 12-year-old Bichon Havanese named Toby when he was attacked without provocation. 
"I was walking Toby down the back alley near the trail and all of a sudden, up behind me, came a PIT BULL MIX and attacked Toby. It grabbed Toby by the neck and I kept trying to get the teeth off with my hands but I couldn't."
Despite several neighbours thinking the dog was a pit bull, the Moose Jaw Humane Society, confirmed it was not. The dog is a lab mix that could have some pit bull in it.
A neighbour heard Dean's scream from his garage and immediately knew something was wrong.
"I was on my way to work. I come out of the house into my garage and I hear a woman screaming hysterically 'Help! Help! Help!,'" said Russell Whitsitt. 
"I pull out of the garage and I see the dog, and Dean is hovered over a little pup. The dog is just in there chewing away and she's continually screaming."
Whitsitt grabbed his window scraper and hit the lab mix six times in hopes that it would let go of Toby. However, the window scraper broke. 
"I went into my garage and grabbed a rake and I come out and nailed him another six times. Finally he let go and took off."
Toby had lost a significant amount of blood and had a hole in his neck the width of three fingers. 
"I picked Toby up and ran him home. I knew he was gone," she said.
Dean was in such distress she was sedated and sent to the hospital, leaving her with a $320 ambulance bill. 
"It's been a horror. It just pops up into my head all the time," said Dean through tears. She's been losing sleep and has cried every day since. 
Toby's owner, Laurel Yamniuk, has also had trouble coping since the incident. She was in Saskatoon at a wedding when she received the news calling it the "worst phone call of my life."
"It was difficult to see," added Whitsitt. "It was just heart wrenching to see such a stupid dog ruin somebody's life."
Dean and Yamniuk say this isn't the first time this neighbourhood lab mix has attacked. According to Yamniuk, the lab mix attacked another dog several weeks prior but it survived. Both times the incident was unprovoked and the dog was not on a leash or wearing a muzzle. The dog is often seen leaving its owner's backyard unattended. 
"That dog should not be here at all. Anybody with dogs like that should be out of town. I would like to see that dog put down," said Whitsitt. 
There is currently a petition being passed around the neighbourhood that will be presented to the city. Yamniuk and Dean have not been satisfied with how the situation has been dealt with and they need closure and a solution. 
"I want to see the dog put down so that nobody else in the community has to go through what I've gone through," said Yamniuk.
"The dog has attacked more than once and numerous neighbours have seen the dog running loose before. People are very fearful." 


Dayna Hamilton said...

"a lab mix that could have some pit bull in it" ?! I'd bet money it's the other way around, pit bull behavior for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, a lab that acts like a pit bull, that might have pit bull in it, but...

"Despite several neighbours thinking the dog was a pit bull, the Moose Jaw Humane Society, confirmed it was not. The dog is a lab mix that could have some pit bull in it."

Sometimes the Humane Society can say some pretty nutty things!