Sunday, September 20, 2015


NAPLES Fl.- A dog is dead after a man says he shot the animal in self-defense.
The man killed the dog Wednesday night around 9 p.m. on 95th Avenue North in Naples Park. He called 911 and told deputies on scene the dog was going to attack him and his dog, so he shot it.
911 Operator: “Ok, are you injured sir?”
Caller: “No, but the dog was attacking me and I had to shoot it.”
911 Operator: “Ok, and you’re not injured? You don’t need an ambulance?”
Caller: “No I don’t. The dog is dead though.”
The shooter was the only one around when it happened. Neighbors came out when the shot was fired and saw the American bulldog. He was covered in blood with a gun shot to the head.
His name was Bruno he lived a few doors down. His owner, Jason Seltz, says he got out. “This is the result of Bruno getting shot,” said Seltz as he motioned to a grave in his front yard.
The description of the dog’s behavior was on opposite ends of the spectrum. Some neighbors called Bruno sweet while others said he was aggressive and had attacked prior to his death.
“The fact that it attacked a dog down the street shows it had tendencies,” said neighbor James Tedesco. “If your dog was in the house, we wouldn’t have this conversation. A responsible dog owner looks out for his dog.”
Seltz says Bruno was a rescue only 1 1/2 years old. He had to be put down due to his injuries.
“He’s a rambunctious, goofy and happy dog,” said Seltz. “The guy shot him point blank in the head just because he is trigger happy. There is no reason for that. I wanted to kill him.”
The man who shot the dog did have the proper concealed carry permit. Collier Domestic Animal Services is looking into the dog’s death.


Farmer Jane said...

Honestly, if your dog is running loose, all bets are off. And you can blame pit bulls. It used to be, a long time ago, before our neighborhoods fell to the plague of pits and their nutters, a loose dog was just a nuisance. It pooped in your yard and knocked over your garbage. Now, a loose dog is usually a pit bull. It is now a threat to your life, as well as the lives of your children, pets and livestock. I know that farmers are much more likely to shoot a dog in their fields at first sight than they used to be. Dog owners need to be aware of this. If your dog is running loose, you are complicit in its demise.

Anonymous said...

If Bruno got out, how come his owner wasn't right behind him trying to regain custody? It sounds like Bruno was allowed to roam the neighborhood, and whoever happened to be at Bruno's mercy, be damned!

More people should conceal carry.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I would have done the same thing. This is the exact reason for leash laws. It's a shame an animal had to die because the owner couldn't properly secure his animal. Judging by the dog owner's quote he sounds like a loose cannon just like his dog.

Anonymous said...

Here are the facts about what happened.

1. Bruno, a 90+ pound unleashed dog charged a man while walking his 18lb Malti/Pom and was shot when he leaped off the ground lunging for the man. Bruno was less than 2ft away when he was shot. The man fired only once hoping to stop the attack, as he was backing away, hoping the dogs owner would show up. He was also trying to give the dog time to stop his pursuit. THE MAN DID NOT RUN AND LEAVE BRUNO he called 911 and stayed there stopping cars from running him over until help arrived.

2. DOMESTIC ANIMAL SERVICES (DAS) HAVE MANY PREVIOUS REPORTS OF BRUNO DESTROYING PROPERTY AND ATTACKING OTHER DOGS: The cases are listed below with brief description of what happened. Anyone can get these by calling DAS in Naples FL.

Case #A15-010500-1 A resident a few houses from Jason Seltz called police because Jason consistently allowed Bruno to destroy his property and defecate on his property. (This shows he was running unleashed)

Case #A15-011146-1 The same resident who called on June 17th called again because Bruno was 'loose again' & Jason refused to take whatever measures to insure Bruno was unable to get out of the house and roam the neighborhood.

This man was walking his puppy and because of Bruno's aggressive behavior, was terrified he would hurt his puppy. Jason was unable to control his dogs or call them back home, they did not obey him. The man had to get Jason's dogs back to their own home. He stated Jason is incapable of managing his dogs.

Case #A15-011607-1 A husband and wife who live a few streets over were walking their small dog on 95th Ave when Bruno came charging for their small dog. Bruno got his mouth around the little dog before they could pull him off. The husband returned Bruno to his owner, Jason Seltz, and when the man let Bruno go to hand him over to Jason, he charged this mans dog again! The man then stood between Bruno and his dog to protect him and Jason then threatened the man by saying he would 'KILL HIM IF HE HURT HIS DOG'!! All the man did was stand in front of his dog to protect him. The man then called 911 after the threat to physically harm him. Then while trying to get off 95th Ave by walking down the street, Jason continued to allow Bruno to be off his leash and let Bruno stalk them until the 800 block before getting him home.

Case # being processed at DAS - Jason Seltz was riding his bike while at the same time allowing Bruno to run unleashed with him. Bruno attacked a mans leashed dog by grabbing her by the neck in a vicious manner & pinning her to the ground. The owner of the attacked dog was walking by with his dog on a leash when this attack happened. Bruno had to be physically pulled off the dog. Jason & the dogs owner had a heated verbal confrontation at the scene. There is a report of Bruno's attack & there were other witnesses.

Bruno was not trained on proper socialization skills outside of his home.

The man who shot the dog was cleared by the police & DAS at the scene of any wrong doing. They said he was well within his right to protect himself. He was a licensed gun carrier with gun training & carried his gun due to the many break-ins. It was for safety against thieves & thugs.

This information was gathered through police reports, DAS reports, eyewitnesses and people who know the truth about the character and trustworthiness of the man attacked. He is a good person who was just walking his dog and was attacked for no reason. I have met thus man before and know he is not 'trigger happy' as Jason claims. He does not deserve the vicious attack by Jason Seltz or any of his commenters. Yes it is a tragic thing that happened, but the wrong person is being condemned.

To Jason Seltz: Own-up man. You are wrong LET IT GO and remove your lies.