Friday, October 9, 2015


After her family's newly-adopted pit bull attacked her daughter, Laura Parker says what people don't know about dogs they bring home - or the dogs in their neighborhood - can hurt them.

"He was attached to her face. I actually had to pull him off her face," Parker said. "I called 911. They came to the house. I was in complete shock."
Neighbors say they have witnessed multiple pit bull attacks in the area since last year. But they claim not much has been done to stop the dogs from possibly attacking again.
Here's part of the problem:
The Clermont County Animal Shelter has been under new management since the first of the year. That means dog attack cases prior to 2015 are no longer part of their records.
Parker's dog, Bruno, has been put down after attacking her special-needs daughter.  But Bruno's parents are still around, and neighbors say they are just as aggressive as Bruno. Parker says she's concerned about preventing another attack.
"I don't want to see somebody else get hurt by these animals or even killed because they've slipped through the cracks," Parker said.
The facilities director says he has contacted the county prosecutor about previous dog attacks and the prosecutor will determine the fate of the dogs involved.


PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Sorry, seems like this child has "special needs" parents. What parent in their right mind purchases a pit bull when they have a child with special needs.

Anonymous said...

Oh you know, the type of parent that buys the lies the pit bull apologists sell. You know, that there's such a thing as a therapy pit bull. It's not the breed, it's the owner. It's all in how they're raised. They were nanny dogs.

jonnhy paycheLaura Parker said...

He was not newly adopted! I had him for a year! I was told he was a chocolate lab mix. I didn't know he was a pit bull bully mix until after the attack! If ppl are going to write the story they need to have all the facts correct!

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Laura Parker, thank you for giving us the correct information. I am sorry this happened to your daughter. "Hiding the breed" is going on all across the U.S. and beyond. Lab Mix appears to be the number one disguise at this time. As a victim your voice needs to be heard. You are very brave. Good Luck!

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Laura Parker, how did you acquire this dog? Was it adopted from a shelter or rescue organization, or from a neighbor or friend? The article did not make this clear either.

jonnhy paycheLaura Parker said...

I was given the dog by what was a friend! She got him from a guy named Brian England. Who has slipped through the cracks to many times! New Richmond police department and animal control have been aware of this guy for years! My dogs parents attacked a 3 year old too.. Had new Richmond police department or the dog warden done their job I would have never had my dog. Brian was ordered to put his dogs down finally last year. He still to this day has them! Had new Richmond police department handled the first few calls about these viscous dogs correctly my daughter nor the 3 year old would have been attacked! I have been fighting since my daughters attack to stop this guy! How many others have to be attacked or possibly killed before the county says enough is enough! Brian's neighbor has been fighting this fight for 4 years. I just joined the fight September 29th when I found out all the information about the dog I had. Please help anyway you can! Thank you

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Your story is on the FB page: Ohio Needs Pit Bull Laws. It is linked on my side bar. You could go there and tell more information about this situation. These are people from Ohio. I didn't know the complete story until you commented on my blog. Then when I went back and looked at the link, there was your video with you speaking which I immediately added to my blog. It makes so much more sense to see the victims and hear them speak. You may already know all this information, but I want to reiterate a few things for others who may read this also. Colleen Lynn, the founder of is where you will learn just how many victims there are and just how savage these dogs have been bred to be. She has information on every state which I have also linked to. Tell your story....DON'T BACK DOWN!!!

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

ALSO...Awareness for Victims of Canine Attack or AVOCA is also linked on my sidebar. Get your story out on a few of these and other victims' advocates will get back with you.

So many of us find ourselves with no support in our own communities...they just don't want to get involved....all dogs bark, all dogs bite, so on and so forth. Even when told of horrific attacks on children, they don't have the attention span to listen to you....Until the pit latches on to their child's face and leaves a hole where their cheek, neck and ear was, or scalps the child. Then and only then they might get involved. I commend you for trying to make your community safer.

jonnhy paycheLaura Parker said...

I will contact both organization. I am having to work long hours to make up for the expenses. My family and I have been through a very traumatic incident. Not only is my daughter permanently physically and emotional scared! I have nightmares about the attack! I was only 2 feet away from my daughter when this happened! If I wouldn't have been there my daughter my not be here! This irresponsible creator needs to be held accountable along with the police department and the county!