Tuesday, October 27, 2015


“I am a breedist. I discriminate based on the breed of the dog because all breeds are not the same. All breeds were created by humans. All of them.  A purebred dog is an unnatural thing. It would never occur in nature without human intervention. If humans can create them, we can eliminate them - without guilt.   All dog breeds were created for two reasons: aesthetics (looks) or to do a job (herd, track, retrieve, etc.) They are either works of art or tools for humans.  The creation of the Pit Bull type dogs was for despicable and obsolete reasons. That tool, developed for the purpose of winning in a fight, now poses a danger to humans. It is no longer needed and, in fact, can be extremely harmful.  Let's abandon this breed in favor of other breeds with less risk. Unborn dogs will never be missed, nor will they ever suffer or cause harm.”   -    Steven Lowe

Pit bulls were not bred to be nanny dogs.  “They were created by dog fighters to be the ultimate canine gladiator. A brick like head, powerful jaws, an athletic, whippet thin body. Tenacious, agile, it is genetically programmed to inflict terrible injuries.” - BBC

All the love and training in the world will have no impact if this dog’s genetics kick in. That’s proven time and time again with the lives lost and the people left disfigured and disabled.


Dayna Hamilton said...

I guess I'm a breedist too.

Anonymous said...

Am am a breedist too, no guessing about it. I don't try to get a Lab to herd or my water hating Border Collie to retrieve ducks. She'd do it, she's a Border Collie, but she'd be hating every minute of it and probably drown by the end of the day.

I'd never take an Akita off-leash anywhere without a secure fence, they just aren't that interested in coming when called, yeah, sometimes, maybe...

Physical characteristics, temperament and bidability are all carefully selected for in each breed. Dog breeds are Genetically Engineered Organisms, not with gene splicing, but with culling and thoughtful mating, including inbreeding and line breeding.

Horrible as it is to consider, the Pit Bull breed has been the MOST objectively bred for its job. There's no human subjectivity creeping into 'win' or 'lose' in the pit. Styles of herding may change, depending on the judging criteria, so the herding group, as useful as it has been, isn't has hard coded for ONE job as the Pit Bull type dogs have been.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:32,

For a second, I thought I wrote what you said. I know it sounds weird, but I have said it before. I had a Border Collie that hated the water. I couldn't even squirt her with a hose to cool her off in the summer. She was mostly black, so I thought I'd be doing her a favor. She would glare at me like, "Why are you doing this?" My Golden Retriever would welcome the hose, would dunk her head in water to pull out a toy that was submerged. Gee, I wonder if it had anything to do with the breed?

Why is it we prejudiced breedists are so smart, but pit bull apologists don't have a clue? Did they all flunk out of 8th grade science class?

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I've had many dogs but the top 3 breeds I've had were German Shepherd, Peekapoo, and basset hound. I didn't choose them...they were chosen for me and I loved and cared for all. My peekapoo was 18 when she died and she was my lap dog. My female basset Jessi died on Aug 7 with horrible lymphoma cancer so this whole summer was a blur for me watching her die. She was my buddy and I can't stop crying for her. I never dressed a dog up in a tutu or put flower wreaths on their head. I never felt like I had to make pictures of them licking their tongues in my mouth and neither did I ever place a baby on top of one. They were dogs and each could do very specific activities according to their breed. I gave them their shots, fed them heartworm pills and made sure they had no fleas. I brushed them and walked them and fed them. And, I made sure they never bothered any neighbors with barking. I don't get this pit bull crap that is going on. I didn't 6 years ago when the nutters moved in next door and I don't get it now. Time marches on and I hope I live to see the pendulum swing back to sanity when it comes to dogs in our neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Decatur AL,

I am so sorry for the way you have to live. I don't think any of us are asking too much in regulating pit bulls and other dangerous dogs. Why do we always have to wait for a disaster before we act? Why can't we live in the interest of safety, rather than living in The Wild Wild West.