Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Journal and Courier - Lafayette IN
Time to neuter all pit bulls, jail owners for attacks
Another vicious attack by not one, but four pit bulls. Dare we say anything lest we raise the ire of the breed’s apologists?
I have been in veterinary practice for 43 years and never have seen anything like the infusion of this breed. Having worked with more than 100,000 dogs of all breeds, I defy any apologist to offer up such experience.
Sure, there are sweet pits, but telling one from the bad ones, the Jekyll and Hyde ones that can be incited to violence by some catalyst, is near impossible. While most apologists fancy themselves good trainers, 95 percent of owners are clueless.
Many breeds have a history of use based on genetics; the border collie’s is herding, German short hair pointers find birds, and pits have a history of violence. With that information, it still makes sense from the “it’s how you raise your dog” crowd that any dog could be made to herd or point; I mean, it’s how you raise them, right?
A border collie herds instinctively, pointers find game birds, and a pit bull? Well, it wants to chase two girls across a field with three of its buddies and maul them.
Neuter all pit bulls, require high, double fencing, and give severe fines/incarceration of owners for such attacks. I’ve had it with pit bulls and their mixes trying to bite me during exams or scaring other pet owners. Six weeks old, three months old, you can’t trust them; you can only make excuses for them.
Douglas Skinner, DVM



Anonymous said...

Hats off to this DVM who has taken a stand on a growing menace. Hopefully other vets will do the same and speak for their patients who cannot speak, and for their customers who are the biggest losers in this bloody battle.

I know there will be a backlash against him. I applaud his courage.

Dayna Hamilton said...

Oh My Gosh!!! A veterinarian who is not afraid to speak out!!!!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what pit bulls are. Excuse dogs.

It's not the breed it's the owner.
It's how they were raised.
They weren't socialized properly.
The victim did something to provoke pibble.
The pit bull was protecting his territory!
Pibble just got neutered.
The victim had a seizure, and pibble was trying to help.
Pibble somehow got out.

I know there are thousands more excuses, but I could be here all day.

Anonymous said...

Integrity ROCKS1 Great vet

Anonymous said...

Wow guys, Thanks. Didn't know how to enter my name here, being old and all!I have two more pit bull stories from yesterday and today, but hey, use your imagination. It's the breed and the owners as well. A lot of nice owners, nice caring people, for sure, but many sit on a powder keg and don't know it!! Swayed by the media who use the pit as the media darling flavor of the month, people want to have one in part I think to rescue them or to show civil disobedience against sane society

It seems to be a problem among society today to say anything against pit bulls, criminals, or certain ethnic, religious groups. The owners are often very zealous in their defense, for in an obscure way they are defending themselves. Try to give one up to a pit rescue as a client did when his pit attacked his other dog...even they won't take them. Here in Indy I was told they have to go to dog pound, THEN they will be evaluated before being found a new home. The fact that they have to be evaluated says something. Then I was told by a volunteer that the owner should give up his other dog instead!! Oh well, the microwave beeper just went off, so I got to eat. One last thought here. Today at 12:30 we put an aged, really nice pit down for liver cance. A nice dog, rare, but nice. Five minutes later we delivered a little yorkie puppy via cesarean section. Life goes on. Just wanted to leave on a happy note.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Anonymous 12:36pm - I assume that you are Dr. Douglas Skinner. Hello and I'm honored to have your comment on my blog. As an older grandmother I struggle with how to use this computer every day and I make mistakes on it daily. I found the blog dogsbite.org online after new neighbors moved in next door. On one day we had a rather quiet peaceful street and overnight there was a pit breeding operation with "all that comes with it" next to the bedroom side of our house. My husband and I stepped into the world of pit bull advocacy the likes that we had never seen before and didn't even know existed previously.
We are simple country people that had owned dogs our entire lives. Yes, life goes on. I just lost one of my basset hounds, Jessi Mae,11, to lymphoma cancer. My other male basset, Jake,12, has cancer also. The past 6 years has been nothing but a struggle to make sure my 2 slow old bassets did not get attacked ...let alone my husband or myself or our grandchildren.

You have an honest, plain-spoken style in your writing that is very refreshing. Thank you for freely speaking your opinion. There's too many victims out there both human and family pets. I hope we hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

I cannot walk a chihuahua without looking over my shoulder... just never know when a pitbull attack will occur. The chihuahua is like a "canary in a mine shaft"... without the chihuahua... the pits might attack me! How can civilized society allow pitbulls?

Farmer Jane said...

Thank you, Dr. Skinner. Vets are often heard repeating the lies and myths that the nutters use to put all of us and our pets in danger. It made sense to me. If a pit type dog attacks a family pet, and that pet lives to make it to the vet, the damage is usually so catastrophic that the bill is in the thousands. Veterinarians make a ton of money on the pit trade. It's good to hear that not all vets are happy to cash in on the bloodshed. Stay strong. You will hear a lot from the other side about this, and it won't be nice. I wish you lived near me. I need a good, honest vet.

Ken Quin said...

Don't forget "it was startled."

Ken Quin said...

Dogs have been put on a pedestal. I have nothing against dogs, but frankly, this is a weird trend. Pit bulls, I could easy live without.

Ken Quin said...

I wouldn't want to walk any dog today. Pit bulls are everywhere.

Ken Quin said...

If a bad owner makes a bad dog, it's time to jail owners who have dogs that injure others, including other pets. If a person injures a pet, It's a crime of abuse and cruelty. If a person has a dog that injures another pet, the owner of that dog should be charged as if they themselves committed the crime.
It is unfair to all of society that pit bulls and fighting breeds are excused for acting naturally, and the owners are excused because they claim not to know this is this breeds natural behavior.
If you don't know the traits of the breed, the breed should not be in your possession.
Blood sport dogs enjoy blood. Why is that impossible for some people to comprehend?

tmarielbs56 said...

Wow a vet with integrity speaking the truth about these dogs! It has been three months since I was severely mauled. I would do it all again to save my precious grandson. When we were talking the other day he was telling me how he felt when the pitbull knocked him down and bit his ear. Every time I feel down about my scars, I think of him and what those scars represent. Thank you