Friday, October 2, 2015


Imagine watching as your neighbors are attacked by dogs. That’s what happened around midnight behind the fence of a backyard in Jackson.
The dogs attacked their owner and his roommate, sending both men to the hospital. We have learned that the FOUR DOGS have been picked up by animal control. 
Several neighbors say the dogs were PIT BULLS and have attacked children and smaller animals in the area. One of the witnesses said she couldn't believe her eyes, but says she has been complaining about these dogs for a very long time.
Lindsey Brown said she ran outside her home with her boyfriend and the pit bulls were all over her neighbor's roommate and then jumped on him.
“This is where we heard the man cry for help; I didn't want to get too close because the dogs are in the house." said Brown."They were biting him all over his body. It just was not one area, they got his throat. It was horrible, it was horrible.”
Lindsey said back in the spring one of the dogs attacked her puppy.
“One of the dogs jumped the fence and came over in my backyard and had him in his mouth," said Brown. "My dog is a smaller breed and these are pit bull mixes for sure. They are very scary.”
Lindsey admits the owner paid the vet bill for her dog and promised to keep them in his yard, but nothing really changed, so she reached out to animal control in Jackson, but it didn't help much.
“We complained in the spring," added Brown. "I know my neighbors across the street have called, so I am not the only one that has complained."
 Police said Jackson Animal Control will quarantine the dogs for 10 days while they investigate the attack.
“They should be contained," said Brown. "They shouldn't be pushing on the fence, and I have to use a 2x4 and beat against the fence to scare them away. It is not a pit bull issue. It is an owner issue."
People who live in the city limits of Jackson are allowed to have two animals inside the home according to the city's ordinance.


JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -Two people have been hospitalized after a dog attack on Friday.
The dog apparently attacked its owner and his roommate at their home in Northeast Jackson. Both were taken to the hospital.
Animal Control is investigating.


Dayna Hamilton said...

I am glad the dogs finally got their owner after terrorizing the neighborhood. I wonder if a light went on in his tiny brain.

Anonymous said...

It's sad when the Darwin Award doesn't come to fruition.

Gosh, if it were me, I'd probably stand at the fence yelling things like,

"Aw, they're just playing!"
"Look! They're trying to lick you to death!"
"They're known as nanny dogs!"
"It's all in how they're raised!"
"Pit bulls are just like normal dogs. Normal dogs bite when threatened, and stop. Pit bulls do the same thing! All you have to do is stop threatening the pit bulls!"
"Your pit bull has never shown signs of aggression before!"