Saturday, October 3, 2015


A woman is upset after ten of her forty goats died after allegedly being mauled by a neighbor's PIT BULL.
"I have never seen so much blood, and guts, and ears lying everywhere," said Vickie Whitis.
Vickie Whitis woke up Wednesday to find eight of her goats dead and several more with gruesome injuries. Two more died late Friday afternoon.
"I was in shock; absolute total shock," said Whitis.
From bleeding wounds to missing ears, she fears others in the herd of forty will also perish.
While she claims her neighbor's pit bull is responsible for the attack Whitis says the Lampasas Sherrif's Office tells her their hands are tied.
"He told me that he could not destroy that dog by law," said Whitis.
The Lampasas Sheriff's Office was not available to talk on camera, but off camera tell us no one can be cited because Whitis has no proof the dog came on her property.
Though animal control does say a pit bull was found at its owners home down the street and covered in blood.
They also confirmed the dog was initially detained but is now back home.
"It is just not right to return these types of dogs back into society. It's not safe," said Whitis.
Whitis calls the incident a devastating blow to her livelihood and insists the dog and its owner be held responsible.
News Ten tried to contact the dog's owner but were unable.
The Sheriff's Office says they have no records of any other attacks in that area.


Dayna Hamilton said...

She needs to prepare for when that mauler comes back. It will for sure.

Anonymous said...

Set up surveillance cameras.

What more proof do they need, than a bloody next-door neighbor pit bull? Smoking gun? I think so!

The Sheriffs office has no records of any other attacks, and I'm sure there won't be a record of this one. Because their hands are tied, you know?

When a pit bull comes on your private property, and kills your livestock, it's perfectly legal. We don't want to euthanize the pit bull, because it's getting ready for the big time. You know, a real dog fight. If the pit bull happens to kill some goats, who cares? If the pit bull happens to kill a person, it doesn't matter. Pit bulls have more rights than any other species. They cannot be discriminated against, or punished ("the deed"), or dirt napped. Yep, the Sheriff's hands are tied!

Farmer Jane said...

I've been there, literally picking up pieces of animals that I've raised and cared for. And the dog goes free. Arm yourselves. Stay alert. Law Enforcement and Animal Control cannot/will not help you. I once managed to pull the collar off of a pit attacking my ducks. I was trying to choke it. Even with the tag on the bloody collar identifying the dog, all they could do was "have a talk with the owners".

Anonymous said...

It is so infuriating to hear that's how ineffective law enforcement is when a pit bull attacks your livestock. They can't go look up a law that covers a loose pit bull killing animals on someone else's property? It's the Wild Wild West out there.

Farmer Jane said...

You can legally kill a dog attacking your livestock. However, you have to be there, with a gun, and shoot a moving target that is attached to your cow or goat or whatever helpless victim the dog is killing. Also, you have to be careful not to hit any humans that happen to be around, including the dog owners. If you do kill the dog, which is legal, and, in a more sensible world, the only right thing to do, you have to live next door to a person whose "sweet, loving, non-aggressive" pet you just killed (he was just playing with your goat. He would never hurt a flea). Imagine what an angry thug of a neighbor can do to your livestock while you're at work.
I may or may not know of a person who maybe is making a pretty good living as a pit sniper. Or that could just be a rumor...