Thursday, October 15, 2015


                                     OCTOBER 24, 2015

October 24 is the 9th annual “National Pit Bull Awareness Day” and since it began, 2793 pit bulls 
and pit bull type dogs have attacked 1067 children and 1189 adults in incidents that resulted in 
208 people getting killed and 1891 people being disfigured. Over 400,000 animals have been
fatally assaulted as well and countless injured and hurt.  The rates at which pit bulls kill and injure humans have approximately tripled during this time frame.

This October 24th, for the first time ever, over 50 organizations and advocacy groups from across
the continent whose purpose is to alert the public to the pit bull crisis have banded together to 
raise awareness about information that truly needs to be shared. Like the simple fact that pit bulls
 were bred to be fighting dogs, not household pets.

Our press release is attached and is intended to inform news medias across Canada and the US
know about our initiatives as well as our new website dedicated to providing information on the 
growing issue of attacks on humans and animals by pit bulls. The intention is to help citizens, 
policymakers and elected officials better understand the scope of this increasingly urgent public 
safety issue so we can save lives.  And here’s our great new which will be a work in progress and open to suggestions.

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