Monday, October 19, 2015


Nicholas Faibish

12-years old | San Francisco, California

June 3, 2005 - Nicholas Faibish, 12-years old, was left alone with the family's two pit bulls. When his mother returned, she found her son covered in bite wounds, his face badly mauled and a hole in his scalp. Paramedics tried and failed to resuscitate the boy at the scene. Police officers said the boy put up "a hell of a fight." The pit bulls had been with the family for about a year and a half. The boy's parents had been trying to breed them. At the time of the attack, the female pit bull was reportedly "in heat." Nicholas had been left alone in the basement that day. For unknown reasons, he left the basement and interacted with the dogs upstairs.

The next year, Maureen Faibish went on trial for felony child endangerment in the death of her son. On the day of the attack, Faibish took her daughter to a school picnic and left her son alone in the basement with a plugged toilet. She instructed the boy not to leave the room. Earlier in the day, the male pit bull, Rex, had bitten the boy twice. Prosecution argued that Faibish recklessly ignored signs that Rex would attack her son if left alone. The jury deliberated for two days and failed to reach a verdict. On July 31, 2006 a mistrial was declared. Four months earlier, the City of San Francisco began enforcing a mandatory pit bull sterilization law. [source citations

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