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2 dogs kill neighbor's 2 dogs after slipping through Upper Macungie fence

An 11-year-old boy watched in horror Monday morning as his 3-month old puppy was ripped apart in his Upper Macungie backyard by two of his neighbor's dogs, the boy's aunt said.

The boy had taken his pup, a 25-pound Irish setter-hound, into the backyard to relieve himself when the neighbor's dogs, described as PIT BULL-BOXER MIXED BREEDS,  squeezed their way through an iron fence and attacked, the aunt, Stephanie Reilly, said.
"My nephew was screaming bloody murder," said Reilly, who drove from her home in Wilmington, Del., after the attack to be with her family in the Wescosville section of the township.
After killing the puppy, the attacking dogs turned their sights on the family's second dog, a 4-year-old Yorkshire terrier-poodle mix that Reilly said ran out of the home to protect the puppy. The second dog, who is smaller than the pup, was also killed.

Reilly said a construction worker who heard the boy's screams called police. "THE CONSTRUCTION WORKER, SHE SAID, DESCRIBED THE VIOLENCE AS A "SHARK ATTACK".  
Upper Macungie police said the attack happened about 10:10 a.m. in the 200 block of Blue Sage Drive. The attacking dogs were owned by Nicholas E. Okane, 36, who lives on the street, and he was cited for violations of state dog law, which requires he control his dogs, police said.

The state Dog Law Enforcement Office was called in to inform Okane of the follow-up steps he must take. Police did not say what the actions the dog law officers require. Calls to the state dog warden that covers Lehigh County were not returned.
Reached by phone Thursday, Okane, who wasn't home at the time of the attack, said he was unaware of any citation.  He said the dog warden was at his home and told him he wasn't being cited, and he said he hasn't heard from Upper Macungie 
police. Okane said he was told to keep his dogs inside and only take them out on a leash.  "Obviously it was horrible and I really feel bad for the neighbors and their dogs," he said. "It was a just a tragic event."

Upper Macungie police said when they got to the home, two women were on the ground trying to protect the small dog and two other adults were trying to remove the attacking dogs.
Police fired a stun gun at one of the attacking dogs. Police said the stun gun frightened both dogs away long enough to remove the dead dog and injured dog, but the dog's owner said the large dogs continued the attack even after being jolted with the stun gun.
The mauled dogs were taken to a veterinarian center, where the second dog died, police said.
Reilly said her sister's husband suffered puncture wounds to his hand trying to stop the attack. The neighbor's girlfriend was also bit and was treated for her bites at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest.
The boy didn't suffer any injuries, but Reilly said he was traumatized by just witnessing the attack.
"As soon as I get there, I see him and he's wearing the bloody shirt," she said. "He was shaking and crying in my arms. It was heartbreaking. It was so upsetting."
Reilly said she went to her sister's home to console her nephew, who had just received the puppy three months earlier for his 11th birthday.
Also upsetting, Reilly said, is that the larger dogs were still at the neighbor's home.
"What's going to stop them from hurting a child or another dog," she said.
Police said the incident began when the two big dogs noticed the other two dogs on the other side of the fence and forced themselves through the fence to go after them.


A pair of  PIT BULL/BOXER MIXED BREED DOGS  broke free from their Lehigh County  fenced yard, attacked and killed two other dogs and bit two people, according to police.  As a result of the incident, police cited 36-year-old Nicholas E. O'Kane under Pennsylvania dog law, township police Chief Edgardo A. Colon said in a news release.

The incident occurred about 10 a.m. Monday in the 200 block of Blue Sage Drive in Upper Macungie Township where records show O'Kane lives. Police responding to a reported dog attack found the pit bull mixes attacking a smaller dog, and officers learned they had killed another dog just prior to their arrival, the release states.

A female associated with the attacking dogs and a neighbor, who owned the two dogs being attacked, were both on the ground trying to protect the smaller dog, police said. An officer shocked one of the attacking dogs with a Taser, resulting in the dispersal of both pit bull mixes, police said.

Cetronia Ambulance took the female, whom police did not identify, to Lehigh Valley Hospital, Salisbury Township, for the treatment of dog bites to her hands. The neighbor found he had been bitten, as well, and took both of his dogs to a veterinary center.

"Ultimately, the smaller dog died of injuries sustained," police said.

Investigators found the pit bull mixes had forced themselves through the vertical posts of their yard's fence upon observing the neighbor's dogs, the release states.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Dog Law Enforcement Office also responded to order the attacking dogs' owner to take specific actions as required by law regarding the incident.

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