Tuesday, October 20, 2015


12 News Family claims daughter was attacked by 2 pit bulls

An Orange County family tells 12News their 9-year-old daughter and her mother were attacked by the same dogs that police said killed Tanner Smith.
Garrett Bean tells us his daughter was bitten by the two pit bulls as the girl and her mother walked home from Dollar General in February.
The girl's mother did not want to be on camera but assures us they were the dogs from the house on the corner of Aloha Street and Bahama Drive just outside the Vidor city limits, where the dogs stayed.
"It could have been prevented,” said Garrett Bean about Tanner Smith’s death. “When I found out it was the same dogs, I was furious."
Nine-year-old Shealyn Kendall said she and her mom had walked past the dogs several times, and they didn’t do anything to them. She said back in February was when the dogs attacked the two.
"First a Chihuahua got on my momma. (She) stomped at it, and two dogs came out of the gate,” said Kendall.
Monday evening we stopped by the house where the dogs stayed and saw the Chihuahua Bean's daughter told us about. However, a chain-link fence stood between the street and the door.
Garrett Bean shared pictures with us to show his daughter's injuries after the alleged attack. The marks have faded but are still visible. Bean said he filed a report with the sheriff's office.
"After that I was told they were put under 10-days quarantine,” said Bean. “Then after the quarantine he got his dogs back … The main reason I'm coming out now is because as everybody can tell, it's happened again, and it's worse as the dogs actually took a human life."
We asked the sheriff's office for more information Monday evening about Bean's allegation, but they were not able to confirm it Monday night.
Bean said the effects of the attack on his daughter are long-lasting.
"She can't even walk down that street now, past his house, because she's so scared of the dogs,” said Bean.
Several neighbors who live close to the house where the dogs stayed have been calling and contacting us that their pets have been attacked by the two pit bulls.  Police tell us the two dogs have been put down.
We will continue to follow up on this story as we find out who and what else was attacked by the pit bulls.

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Anonymous said...

This is why Breed Specific Legislation is desperately needed. In my community, it's perfectly okay for a pit bull to attack another dog. It should not be this way. For a pit bull to then attack a human, and it still gets a free pass, this is the result. You eventually get a human death.

None of this makes sense to me. These needless attacks are PREVENTABLE! If only nutters would understand that. No one can take chances with pit bulls. The first attack can be devastating. Having pit bulls attack multiple times, what are we waiting for? Oh, I know, carnage.