Monday, November 2, 2015


Patrick Chatelain walked out of his Brockton house Sunday afternoon to see his dog lying hurt on the front lawn covered in blood.
"He had multiple stab wounds and he was bleeding all over the place," Chatelain, 22, of Brockton said.
Chatelain's 3-year-old pit bull, Havoc, had just been stabbed and slashed several times by a man who was walking his dog down Essex Street near the corner of Tremont Street, the Brockton Enterprise reported.
The injured dog limped back to Chatelain's house nearby leaving a trail of blood down the street.
Chatelain picked up Havoc and put him in the back of his car and drove him to an animal hospital in West Bridgewater where the dog underwent emergency surgery.
Havoc is expected to live and his family is hoping to have him back home later this week, Chatelain said.
"He had surgery yesterday that cost $6,000. He's recovering right now. They said that he could possibly come home in three days," Chatelain said. "There's at least seven puncture wounds and he got sliced multiple times."
Valerie Koonce said she watched the incident unfold from her second floor window. 
A man was walking his pit bull on a leash down the street when the two dogs started fighting with one another. Havoc was not on a leash and was by himself.
"They were locked jaws on each other biting each other," Koonce, 52, of Brockton, said. "The only thing he had was a knife and he just kept stabbing and stabbing and stabbing the dog. It was bad. After he got stabbed so many times he just ran on home and I knocked on the door and told them to take the dog to the hospital."
Chatelain said he lets Havoc outside by himself to go to the bathroom and that he is a friendly dog.
"My dog is a very, very friendly dog. He's not aggressive at all," Chatelain said. "He was in my yard going to the bathroom. In my neighborhood everybody knows him. He's the most friendly dog."
Koonce doesn't like to see Havoc out in the neighborhood by himself and said it was he who attacked the leashed dog first.
"I know they're always letting the dog loose. Pit bulls, those dogs, aren't supposed to be loose. They have to have a collar because those dogs are vicious," Koonce said.
Chatelain disagrees and believes it was the other dog and his owner that was the aggressor.
"He brought the other dog to the same animal hospital and they said he didn't have any marks on him at all. If they were both locked up on each other how come his dog had nothing wrong with him?" Chatelain said. "My thing is he tried to kill my dog, he wasn't trying to protect himself. He was trying to kill the dog and that's not right."
It is unclear if any charges would be filed in the incident.
City officials were quiet about the incident on Monday, the day before the city's general election on Tuesday. Brockton Animal Control, which is investigating the incident, referred all questions to Mayor Bill Carpenter's Chief of Staff Bob Buckley.
Buckley and Brockton Police Lt. Kenneth LeGrice did not return multiple calls for comment Monday.


Farmer Jane said...

People just don't get it. If you let your dog run off your property all bets are off. Anything can happen to it. We no longer live in a society where a loose dog is a nuisance. It is a threat. If the idiot owner can't afford a fence, he doesn't deserve the luxury of owning a dog. His responsibility as an owner requires that he not only keep his dog safe, but that he also keeps others safe from his dog. What if I just let my goat out to use the bathroom with no fence? If that goat jumped on someone's car, got attacked by a dog, or fell down a man hole, it would by my fault. Because if I can't be bothered to keep it on my own property, I shouldn't own it in the first place. It's such a no-brainer.

Sweetie Pie said...

If there are any charges, it should be on this pit bull owner for letting a dangerous dog roam.

All the same, I'm smiling...because a $6,000 vet bill will likely make him start securing his ugly gripper in future.