Monday, November 30, 2015


Mary Benbynek and her daughter’s Yorkie, Snickers, were attacked by three pit bulls while out on a walk Friday evening.
It happened in the 4000 block of SE 3rd Avenue in Cape Coral.
Benbynek says she was walking Snickers, who was sniffing out all of the mailboxes, when two pit bulls started charging from across the street.
“They immediately knocked me down and kept going so they were dragging me on my back for a whole, I would say, a house length,” Benbynek explained.
She says that’s when a third pit bull got a hold of Snickers.
“Picked him up, just mauled him, shook him.”
She started screaming for help. She says that’s when her neighbors rushed out of their house and pulled the dogs away.
“I just told her to get up and take the dog and run,” Sue Dupont said. “And then screamed for the neighbors to come out and get their dogs.”
Benbynek jumped in her car and took Snickers to the vet, but they said there was nothing they could do for him. The veterinarian told her he had a dislocated hip, bite marks, and a hernia in his stomach.
The next day, Benbynek says one of the pit bull owners apologized and offered to pay the vet bill.
“But he was going to keep them and he was going to put a chain on the fence and hope it never happens again,” Benbynek said.
WINK News stopped by the pit owners’ house. They declined to comment.
Benbynek, and the rest of the neighborhood tells us, they just want to feel safe while walking down their street.
“Other neighbors next door have pets, there’s cats that run around in the neighborhood, I’m just not comfortable having those killers living across the street,” Dupont said.
Benbynek says she filed a report with the Cape Coral Police Department who said Animal Control will be investigating. WINK News is waiting to hear back from Animal Control about details on the case.


Sweetie Pie said...

The neighborhood needs to make sure those pit bulls all 'somehow' end up dead. You know, just accidentally like how pit bulls always 'somehow' escape. After all, all Animal Control will do is come chat cozily with the pit bull owners about how wonderful pit bulls are and how other animal lives don't really matter.

Anonymous said...

Dogs need to be walked, even adorable little Yorkies. It's not safe to go outside anymore, so what are we supposed to do? Walk around our neighborhoods hoping for the best?

Hope and prayers are not enough. We need Breed Specific Legislation. If BSL is really all that offensive, why do we have leash laws, vaccination guidelines, and barking ordinances? I mean, in a civilized society, there are rules we are supposed to follow to keep the peace. Giving dangerous dog owners A FEW MORE RULES to follow is not going to cause harm. It will prevent harm to a vast majority. Isn't that how things are supposed to work?

Instead, irresponsible owners get to keep their dangerous dogs, and victims increase by the day. We act like this is normal dog behavior or freak accidents. It's not.

Anonymous said...

The Pit Bulls live at 4222 SE 3rd Ave 33904.