Wednesday, November 25, 2015


A Chilton County family is getting an early start reflecting on why it's thankful and the dinner table isn't even set. THREE PITS BULLS attacked a Chilton County pastor Wednesday as he was jogging near his home. UAB doctors are treating the avid runner who's filled with compassion.
ABC 33/40 did not get a chance to see the Reverend Allen Foster, but his wife says the dog bites are on his arms, legs and back. Some of you might remember Foster. He's the pastor who helped donate a plot to bury a three-year-old Jefferson County girl killed last August.
Pastor Allen Foster's daily routine ran into a surprise for him and his wife Vicki.
"I'm very tired. I am very stressed. It's been a rough morning," said Vicki Foster.
Vicki's husband was attacked about a mile from his Chilton County home.
"Just to get the call your husband is telling you he's been attacked by three pit bulls is more than I can handle this morning," added Foster.
The Foster's friends rushed the jogger to UAB hospital. She made it about an hour after three pit bulls bit Pastor Foster.
"He's going to be okay. He wasn't mauled up like you would think. He has bite marks all over his body. He's got a lot of stitches, added Foster.
She knows the wounds will heal.
"I've just been thinking this is unnecessary that a dog would just be able to run around like that and hurt whoever, especially a man, who's out doing a jog in the morning time," added Foster.
The dogs attacked a pastor who helped a grieving family bury a three-year-old killed last summer.
"He's got a really good attitude about it. We are very thankful. It could have been a whole lot worse," added Foster.
Terri Gothard has known the reverend eight years.
"I feel really bad for this pastor. He is a kind man and friend to everybody," said Gothard.
Everybody who knows the pastor, especially Gothard, understand the dogs could have bit them.
"Our family talked about that this morning. We are going to need to protect ourselves when we are riding. All of the neighbors have golf carts. We really enjoy being out here, but this really does concern me," added Gothard.
Foster expects doctors to let the pastor go home soon. She's plans to talk to the sheriff's office about the dogs accused of biting her husband.

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