Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Izyah Hesp, 10, was playing outside in his front yard when a roaming pit bull attacked him.

A 10-year-old boy could only scream as a PIT BULL mauled his leg outside his Christchurch home.
The dog was put down after the attack, which left Izyah Hesp in hospital for 10 days. His parents are angry the dog was not secured. 
Izyah was playing outside his Aranui home on October 30, when his cousin shouted "there's a pit bull running down the street".
"I jumped up on the fence to see it and then it just came and jumped up at me and ripped me off the fence.
"I was scared as soon as I saw him... He was on me for about six or seven seconds. I tried to kick him off with my left leg, but I just couldn't get him off me."
Neighbours came to the rescue, scaring the AMERICAN PIT BULL CROSS cross away.
"They heard me screaming and my sister crying and the dog making a growling sound."
The neighbours took Izyah to the steps of his home.
His mother, Hollie Pickering, was "terrified" by his leg injury. 
"I was in complete panic mode, I didn't know what to do.
"It just looked so bad, I didn't know how to grab his leg or anything because I didn't know if it was hanging there or what."
Izyah's father, Ieni Hesp, arrived home shortly after.
"All I could think was he might lose his leg."
Ieni Hesp said it was "lucky" Izyah had jumped up on the fence and not stayed on the ground.
"If he was at ground level it could have been up around his chest or around his neck."
Izyah spent 10 days in hospital, undergoing several surgeries to clean out and remove flesh that could not be saved, as well as a skin graft to repair his quadriceps.
Described by his parents as "outgoing, active and pretty cheeky", Izyah is a Canterbury Rugby League representative and burgeoning boxer, which he will have to give up for at least six months.
"He will make a full recovery," Pickering said.
"He will walk again, but it's just a matter of letting it heal."
The attack has made him scared of dogs.
"I don't really want to go near dogs until I'm an adult," he said.
Ieni Hesp said he was "angry" the dog, belonging to a neighbour, was not properly secured.
"If people are going to own dogs like that they need to be responsible and make sure their properties are secure."
Christchurch City Council's unit manager regulatory compliance Tracey Weston, said the council received a complaint about the incident and was investigating.
"As a result of this incident [the dog] was voluntarily euthanised by the dog owner."

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Anonymous said...

Euthanize a pit bull after the fact. A young lad had to have his leg ripped open first. Wouldn't it be so much better if these beasts were not brought into neighborhoods in the first place? Pit bulls are going to inflict pain and damage on something before they get dirt napped. Might as well dirt nap them to begin with.