Tuesday, November 3, 2015


ANOTHER STORY:  http://wpri.com/2015/11/04/family-dog-attacks-18-month-old-child/

They were almost out the door to Chuck E. Cheese with two oldest children, ages 8 and 7, pleading with their mother to hurry up.
All the Mom had to do was dress the baby.
Then someone opened a door and the family’s 2-year-old pit bull came into the room. Moments later the adults were battling with the dog to save the baby’s life.
Sabrina Medeiros was one of those who helped to free the baby from the dog. She stayed by the family home, 46 Orange St., as her friend, Sophia Gantor, prepared to ride to Hasbro Childrens’ Hospital in Providence with Police Officer Michael Perreira.
The baby, Lexy, went by rescue to the emergency room after being mauled by the family dog just after noon on Tuesday in the family home.
“He is a sweet dog, a gentle dog,” said Medeiros, who was in the apartment when the dog attacked. “But he is jealous of the baby.
“He managed to get half the baby’s head in his mouth. It was insane.
“We were all grabbing at the dog and pulling at it. My boyfriend grabbed the dog and pulled him back. He got the dog and picked it up and threw it in another room.”
The baby had deep cuts to the back of her head and a partially severed ear, Medeiros said.
The baby’s vital signs were stable and paramedics had the bleeding under control before they began the trip to Providence, police report.
Animal Control officers took the pit bull, an unneutered male, into custody. Family members pulled up on Orange Street to care for the two older children while the mother went to join her youngest at Hasbro.
“Right now, she said she won’t keep the dog,” Medeiros said. “The 8-year-old and the 7-year-old can ride the dog like a horse, but he was always jealous of the baby.”
Police reported that the baby’s injuries were not considered life threatening.



A family's dog attacked an 18-month-old infant on Tuesday leaving it with non-life threatening injuries.
Police say an 8-year-old child was putting shoes on the 18-month old girl when the attack occurred. When the 8-year-old opened the door to talk to her mother, the dog ran into the room and attacked the toddler, according to police.
The toddler suffered injuries to the sides of her head and ears, police said. 
The mother and several other individuals grabbed the dog's testicles to get the dog of the toddler. 
The toddler was taken to Hasbro Hospital in Rhode Island. 
The family "RESCUED"  the dog six months ago. It is a PIT BULL TERRIER MIX.



Anonymous said...

Why did a rescued pit bull terrier still have its testicles?

Sweetie Pie said...

Typical nutter mentality -- the frankenmauler just tried to kill a baby, but she still says "He is a sweet dog" (present tense). The press amplifies this lie by printing it without comment on how insane the statement is.
When did Americans get so dumb, and when did they start to hate their children so much?