Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A civilized society does not want to be subjected to animals capable of savagely attacking people, tearing flesh from their bodies, removing ears, tongues, noses, eyes, scalps, genitals, extremities, limbs, even heads. It's beyond comprehension that these bred-to-kill animals are allowed to live among us.

Most human victims don't die from their attacks. They are usually saved during the assault and left mutilated, severely injured and/or disabled for life. They're often left in financial ruin because the pit bull owners rarely have extra liability insurance.

We need to start protecting our citizens and outlawing the breeding of pit bulls entirely. The US military has banned them from their bases and housing, we need to follow suit and ban them across Canada and the US.

BSL (breed specific legislation) benefits people, pets and pit bulls and works everywhere it’s enforced. 40 other countries either completely ban pit bulls or have strict conditions on their ownership. In stark contrast, Canada and the US are the only two countries who allow for them to be imported, and in most areas no special requirement is needed to own them. If the breeding of them doesn’t end, the horrendous bloodshed and carnage will continue.

There are hundreds of safer breeds of dogs to choose from that can provide everything a pit bull can, minus the instinct to kill.

There are at least 37 dog breeds that have gone extinct. All dog breeds were human made, and for whatever reason, these types of dogs stopped being produced and now they fail to exist. The pit bull type dogs should end up on the same list.

Extinct dog breeds: http://bit.ly/1MR3AYC

Information on BSL: http://bit.ly/1ki92Xv


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Anonymous said...

Not only will the horrendous bloodshed and carnage continue, it will accelerate. Pit bulls are becoming super popular in my neighborhood. I've got 3 bull mastiffs in my neighborhood as well. I do not feel safe walking around. I carry a knife and pepper spray. I have a machete ready to go in my garage. I'm armed, and hope that it will be enough to protect me and mine. I'm seriously contemplating concealed carry. It should not be this way. But pit bulls are LEGAL in my state, and PROTECTED. Why pit bulls deserve protection, and I don't deserve protection FROM THEM, I will never understand.

Anyone that says we have to accept this is wrong. There is no viable reason we need pit bulls. The people that protect pit bulls are dog fighters. Pit bulls don't need to be in a pit to fight dogs. There doesn't need to be a crowd watching, or bets made. A dog fight can breakout anytime a pit bull launches an attack on another dog. If that's not the definition of a dog fight, what is it? If it's not a felony, what is it? When a pit bull kills another dog, why is it labeled a freak accident, instead of the crime that it is?

The even worse reality in all of this is that murder by pit bull is legal. We accept death by pit bull as if it's some unfortunate accident that no one saw coming. The pit bull apologists make sure that their lies and myths about pit bulls are shoved down everyone's throat, and that all pit bulls should not be judged by the few that fulfill their true destiny. Pit bulls are not therapy dogs, nanny dogs, pets, companions, or cute little wiggle butts. They are all capable of being killing machines, and it is impossible to tell which ones by looking at them, will launch a deadly or disfiguring attack.

No one should have to walk around with weapons to fend off a pit bull attack. No one should lose their life to a pit bull attack. No one should have to witness their dog brutally killed in front of them because a pit bull decided it wanted to kill something. The more we allow pit bull apologists to fight for their breed of choice, the harder we should fight for our rights. We are humans after all, and humans are bestowed rights, not pit bulls, the last time I checked.