Sunday, November 1, 2015


Dear person who killed our dog,
Yes, I hold you responsible. You knew your pit bull came from a dog-fighting background. You bragged about it to your neighbors. You thought you were so cool and exceptional to “rescue” a dog that should never have been adopted by anyone, especially you. Then you brought your killer dog into our safe and lovely community, not caring about the danger you put everyone in. Even the man living next door to you never let his kids play alone in the yard again after you moved in.
You knew your pit bull was unpredictable, but you didn’t do anything to protect us. You knew your dog was going to attack ours, but you didn’t warn us. When we looked up and saw you for the first time, your dog was dragging you across the street and it was coming right at us. You should have done something to stop it. Why didn’t you? I will never understand.
Yuri’s birthday was on Halloween one year ago. He turned eight the night before you killed him. He worked as a therapy dog for St. John Ambulance, visiting people with dementia and people in palliative care. Some of these people will always wonder where he went.
Even worse, Yuri was my daughter’s support dog. She is visually impaired, autistic, and has an anxiety disorder. He was her constant companion. He helped her go to school, travel around the city, and shop in stores. He helped her meet new people and gave her the confidence to talk to them.
You erased it all in a flash. You proved to her without a doubt that the world is unpredictable and dangerous, a place where her dog can be ripped to pieces in front of her eyes. The attack was so traumatic it’s taken my daughter a year to begin leaving the house on her own again.
But you – you just went out and got yourself new pit bulls. Rescues again, from unknown backgrounds. I see photos online of your new dogs off-leash in the neighborhood. You haven’t learned anything about controlling a dog, much less more pit bulls.
Yuri didn’t deserve what happened to him. He was sweet and shy and gentle, like a tiny baby deer. He was only five pounds. He was so light and quick he was almost magical. When your dog lunged at him, he rolled onto his back to show his submission. Your pit bull didn’t care – he tore out Yuri’s stomach. I can barely comprehend what kind of dog does that. I certainly can’t comprehend the kind of person who would get more pit bulls after seeing that.
Don’t you dare blame me for anything, ever. Everyone should have the right to go for a walk without being killed by a pit bull. I went for a walk with my daughter and our little dogs a year ago today, expecting nothing more than a warm autumn day. We have never walked in peace again. Every sudden movement in the bushes brings back the horror of your ignorance.


Anonymous said...

It is so sad to read a firsthand account of an innocent dog being inhumanely killed by a pit bull. Why is this allowed? Are we some kind of messed up society that gets off on little defenseless dogs getting disemboweled? I don't want to ever see that, let alone have that happen to my dog, or worse yet, a family member. But we keep on protecting the rights of pit bull owners, instead of the rights of everyone else. It doesn't make sense, and it never will.

James Lee said...

yep , we are some kind of messed up society , for sure .

James Lee said...

hey , im from vancouver and hold and was a first aid attendant with a ticket from st john ambulance society . yeah , it sucks that vancouver has these multiple pitbull incidents .