Saturday, November 21, 2015


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I don't have a facebook account. I was reading comments on about the Erie, PA attack. Someone mentioned that NY police are using a pit bull. I googled it and came across this despicable fluff piece from the Associate Press with the usual LIES from ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION!

"Kiah was given to the department at no cost thanks to a partnership between Croft's company, San Antonio-based Universal K9, an Austin animal shelter and Animal Farm Foundation, a nonprofit based in New York's Dutchess County that works to ensure "equal treatment and opportunity" for pit bulls.

Traditional K9 breeds cost as much as $15,000 per dog.

Despite frightening stories from around the country — a 9-year-old girl was fatally attacked by a pit bull this month on Long Island — advocates say the breed's reputation for violence is undeserved, the result of the breed's use in dogfighting and as a status symbol for gang leaders."

Amiyah Dunston was mentioned in passing, as if it's just a blip on the radar screen. Too bad this story did not include the death of Carter Hartie, who was killed just one week after Amiyah in New York. But pit bulls don't deserve their reputation because they are status symbols for gang leaders. WHAT?!

I can't believe reporters buy this crap! The article goes on to say "A 2014 report from the Animals and Society Institute reviewed several years of data on fatal dog bites and found no correlation between dog attacks and breeds."

Is Animals and Society Institute PEER REVIEWED? Or just a made up organization to support the lies the pit bull advocates are putting out there?