Tuesday, November 3, 2015


A Spokane mother of two said that her seven-year-old son never wants to go trick or treating again after he was bitten by a dog on Halloween night.
The mother said that a PIT BULL running loose near North Fox Point Drive and West Eastmont Way bit her son.
“My son is absolutely terrified of this whole thing,” the woman, who asked not to be identified, said. “I don't know how I can get this fear out of him.”
Her little boy was dressed like Captain America. If he had the superhero's famous shield he might have been able to keep the dog off him. She said the dog knocked her little boy to the ground and bit him on the back of his left thigh. Her brother, John Shoaf, grabbed the dog off of him.
“That dog was going at him, literally,” Shoaf said. “It was scary. He saw it coming and I saw him turn around and that was it. Bam! He was face first on the ground.”
Shoaf said the dog ran back into a yard and he closed the fence. Meanwhile, his sister and nephew headed to the hospital. Thankfully, the boy did not need stitches. He was put on antibiotics and told to rest at home.
“I don't want my children to feel scared to go outside, which they are,” she said.
Spokane Country Regional Animal Protection Service is investigating the incident. They took a statement from the mother on Monday and are currently trying to contact the dog owner. SCRAPS left a notice on the door asking the people living inside the house to contact them.
Neighbors said that the dog often jumps the fence and is known to run around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it happened on a night when there were children roaming the streets dressed as things that could make even the most well behaved dogs a little unpredictable.
SCRAPS said the dog owner could face a violation for disobeying the county's leash law which requires dogs to be secured in public. As part of their investigation, they will also be looking into whether or not to deem the animal as a “dangerous dog.”


B Cazz said...

Ooh, another sternly worded post-it note for the attacking pit bull owners. I bet they're quaking with fear!

>>SCRAPS left a notice on the door asking the people living inside the house to contact them.

Anonymous said...

It's not Halloween until a pit bull attacks a trick-or-treater.