Tuesday, December 1, 2015


A man was released from the hospital Tuesday, less than 24 hours after being bitten in the face by a PIT BULL MIX named Cooper.
The dog was up to date on his shots and is being quarantined inside the Hudson Drive home where the attack took place.
Police and officials with the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society say it’s not immediately clear whether the man was in the house by invitation or not.
He has not yet filed a complaint with PAWS. If he does, PAWS will investigate to see whether the dog would be deemed dangerous under Florida law.
“The dog’s inside his own house,” said Dee Thompson, director of PAWS. “He’s doing what dogs are supposed to do. He may have misread why the gentleman was walking in his house.”
The victim was originally going to be flown to a hospital in Pensacola, but the helicopter couldn’t fly due to weather conditions.
“He got bit pretty good,” said Captain Bill Royal with the Fort Walton Beach Police Department. “When you have a facial wound, you’re going to have lots of blood.”



Farmer Jane said...

Really? Dogs are supposed to try to rip your face off? All these years I've been misled. Why not own a badger, or a monitor lizard? Or a tiger. Dee Thompson needs to engage her brain before she opens her mouth.

Anion said...

A friend of mine once had to go and feed my dog when my husband and I were stuck in traffic (we'd been away longer than expected). She took her boyfriend with her, and reported that our dog--a shepherd/collie mix--"seemed scared" of her boyfriend until he saw her, with whom he was very familiar, and knew it was okay. The dog attacked no one, despite a stranger entering his home.

So we thought maybe he just wasn't "that type of dog." Until the night my husband got out of bed while the dog was asleep, and spent an hour or two on the computer in the spare room. When he opened the spare room door to come back to our room, our dog leaped out of his bed with a snarl like I have never heard before. I woke up and looked over at the dog and saw him standing there, hackles raised, hair up, teeth bared, growling an absolutely unholy growl--our sweet, friendly boy with the soft eyes looked *terrifying*. We were both honestly afraid he was going to bite my husband, until my husband managed to slowly edge sideways and turn on the bathroom light. Our dog then realized who he was, and was extremely apologetic, heh.

But you know, our dog honestly believed there was an intruder, and that his Mommy and Daddy needed to be protected (especially me, since the dog was devoted to me). And yet, he didn't leap up and start eating my husband's face immediately. He growled and snarled and made clear that he *would* bite if the intruder didn't leave. He didn't behave that way when the house was empty, only when his people were there, and there was a strange person standing in a dark doorway.

Contrary to what this twit thinks, THAT is what dogs are "supposed to do." They're not supposed to leap to maul and attack first thing, without warning.

These pit apologists invading all levels of animal control/enforcement need to go. As long as idiots like this insist that dogs are "supposed" to try to eat houseguests, we'll never be safe.