Thursday, December 24, 2015


Published on Dec 21, 2015
Willy Peters werd zwaar verminkt door zijn eigen honden. De politiek wil maatregelen, want er zijn steeds meer van deze pitbull achtigen. En hoe lief ze ook lijken, dat kan omslaan, blijkt uit het verhaal van Willy. Let op: de beelden kunnen schokkend zijn.
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The man fell in his living room. The 'beloved pet' pit bulls attacked him. As he tried to fight his pit bulls, they dragged him outside, where he went into shock. At that point, a neighbor came and intervened. The newsreader points out that he's not the first owner to be attacked by his 'beloved pet' pit bulls (with shots of another incident). Then the owner tells that he looked down and saw his arm bit off -- just a bit of bone left with some fragments of muscle. The news reader says that the owner should have known, since 'beloved pet' pit bull Max had already killed someone's chihuahua.

Then comes a politician saying we need to register this kind of bite incident, and some commentary that maybe the Netherlands needs a ban on breeding more pit bull type dogs (because the aggression is genetic and shelters are flooded with pit types). They close with the owner saying what shocks him most is other pit bull owners blaming his girlfriend, saying she must have sicced the sweet wiggle butts on him. And now he's on the waiting list for a physical revalidation therapy.

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