Thursday, January 28, 2016



Footage from a Cleveland Heights police officer's body camera reveals the aftermath of a PIT BULL attack on a woman.
A Cleveland Heights officer shot and killed the dog Sunday after it bit the woman several times, then tried to attack him, according to a police report.
Warning: Video included in this post includes graphic images.
The dog was already quarantined following a Jan. 13 attack involving a child. It broke out of a basement just before noon Sunday and attacked a woman, according to a police report.
The 22-year-old woman suffered bites on her arms and legs and was taken to University Hospitals Case Medical Center for treatment.
Body camera video filmed after the attack shows the officer tend to the woman. The woman repeatedly tells the officer she's dying, but the officer assures her she'll recover.
"You're just scared. You're panicked," the officer tells the woman. "You're okay. Your injuries aren't too bad."
The officer helps the woman by instructing her to do breathing exercises. Officers also give her water and begin first aid.
The woman said she was leaving the Desota Avenue house through a back door when the pit bull attacked. The attack continued into the backyard.
An officer arrived and saw the dog biting the woman's arm. The dog then jumped on the woman and tried to bite her neck.
The officer pushed the dog off the woman. The dog charged at him, and he fired a shot that hit the animal's neck, the report says.
The dog backed off before trying to attack the officer again. The officer fired a second shot that hit the dog below its eye. The dog collapsed.
The dog's owner was notified of the attack. She came to the Cleveland Heights Police Department and was issued citations accusing her of having a vicious dog and not having proof of liability insurance, the report says.
Neither the dog's owner nor the victim could be reached for comment Friday. No one answered the door at the house where the dog was being quarantined.
Pit bulls have been a a controversial topic in Northeast Ohio. In July, 71-year-old Annie L. Williams died after a pit bull attacked her in Shaker Heights. Two days later a 7-month-old girl was seriously injured in Chardon when she was caught between two dogs, including a pit bull, that were fighting over a toy.
Three years ago Ohio enacted a law that removed pit bulls from the definition of "vicious dogs." The law did not overturn pit bull bans in Northeast Ohio communities such as Akron, Parma, Lakewood and Garfield Heights.


Unknown said...

Pit bulls don't attack because they're threatened, or scared, or abused, or neglected, or raised improperly. They attack because their DNA kicks in, they're excited, and they're happy, and they want to express that happiness, and it makes them feel good, and they don't want to stop.......there really is no reason to keep breeding a dog that can only fulfil it's instinctive drive by killing.

monii31 said...

Pit bulls owners are demented. They only care about themselves. He had no insurance for the dog and it bit a child previously. Why was the dog still alive??