Sunday, January 24, 2016


A northeast Houston woman says she's fed up and afraid because her neighbor's  PIT BULLS  keep getting into her yard. Alice Murray says she's called the police and animal control, but says nothing seems to have worked. So she called us.

"I come out of my house to go to my garbage can and here are two pit bulls growling at me. That scared me to death. And I'm back up praying Jesus and backing up in my house so the dogs won't bite me," Murray said.

She has lived in her northeast Houston home for 47 years.

"I don't have no business worrying about no dogs," Murray said.

She says when the dogs got out last week they killed another dog that had made its way into her yard. This week, a pit from the house behind hers jumped the fence into her yard, and then into the yard in question. Houston BARC says that dog got caught on the chain and hung itself. Murray tells us she watched as her neighbor's pits attacked the hanging dog.

"Animals were doing what animals do. She got two puppies back there. She protected her puppies. It's not our problem the dog got caught on the chain," neighbor Lynn Randle said.

"They ain't no puppies. I saw a puppy kill a dog in my back yard, pulled his intestines out while the dog was still walking alive," Murray replied.

Houston police say they've had two calls for service to Murray's home. They found that dead dog on the first call. Her neighbor's nephews say it's not as bad as she says.

"We're here 24/7. If they get out, they get out the front and we catch them and put them right back up," Randle said.

She called Houston BARC and they showed up while we were there. They cited the owner for not having a city license for the dogs and not having them vaccinated. But while the dogs are still there, she worries for the kids on their street.


Anonymous said...

The owner doesn't have a license and the pit bulls are not vaccinated. Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah. Almost all of the irresponsible nutters follow that credo.

DecaturAl, this is the same thing you're going through! Obvious backyard breeders, not properly taking care of their maulers, not containing them, and allowing them to harass neighbors. Nothing can be done because there are no laws on the books. Here's a nuisance form to fill out.

It's sad when a person feels that the police and animal control are not helping the situation, and they have to resort to contacting the news to draw attention to the situation. The neighbor's nephews weren't very apologetic, and they were downplaying the situation. They're not the ones being threatened, and IT IS as bad as Alice Murray is saying. I know nutters don't think a dog being killed is a big deal, but it is to the rest of us. To say, "It's not our problem the dog got caught on the chain." Is despicable! Lynn Randle claiming that her pit bull was protecting her puppies, really? From what? The puppies weren't harmed, were they? Animals were doing what animals do? I have a dog and it hasn't killed another dog, nor do I expect it to. What has the world come to? This is acceptable? My pit bull had puppies so it can kill your dog? REALLY?

All of this makes me want to puke.

Dayna said...

Well, we can hope that the pits will soon go pit on their owner then they'll go away till another neighbor gets a couple. This poor woman needs to get a gun and some lessons on how to shoot it. OR, if she doesn't feel comfortable with a gun she should set out some poison meatballs on her property. If the stupid owners can't keep their mailers in their yard too bad.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another Klonda Richey situation brewing. Maybe the local authorities need a little history lesson?

Anonymous said...

Anon, 8:23 I didn't even think of that!

Sweetie Pie said...

I don't think the Klonda Richey history lesson would help. The corrupt official responsible for her death -- Mark Kumpf -- got promoted shortly after his depraved corruption caused her death.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we citizens cannot charge our public officials with dereliction of duty. Mark Kumpf and this AC waste of skin should be criminally liable.

Anonymous said...

I live in this situation now.
New neighbor, pitbull rumored to have escaped PA because it attacked someone.
Pitbull had the house to itself for 6 months before owners moved in. First time I saw it, hit my fence so hard I thought our roofing ladder fell. No barking or growling, just a nasty brindle pit ripping apart a steel fence. Five people pulling on this dog, and a sixth shoving a screwdriver in its mouth to get if off, and a seventh one screaming and bawling because 'he's going to kill you, oh god he's going to kill you'.
Second time they used an honest-to-god break stick. It's also confronted me at my gate. Tries to literally bust through the windows to get at us.
It knocked over its little boy and latched onto our fence one day, woman tried to grab it. It took off, the woman was in instant panic mode. Told the boy to get in the house and shut all the doors. She then rant after it. Her kids are nuisances that run the neighborhood, so I can only assume she told him that because she was afraid the dog would attack him.

I know it sounds sick, but I cheer it on every time it tries to attack its owners. Nearly had them a couple of times. If it does get them, I'm walking inside and letting nature take it course. They'd return the favor no doubt.

Took 2 weeks get animal control out here. Dog had no license and no proof of vaccination. Dog was also tied up inside of house (I wonder why). Said he'd have the city boy come and make sure the laws were enforced.
Oh, and the pitbull was a pitbull until I mentioned I've seen what this pos can do to a full grown horse and bull. Suddenly the 50-60lb mutant is a boston terrier.

I've been keeping documentation, have a security camera recording. If something does happen. I'm suing everyone. If it happens to someone else, I'll be there to help them (unless it's the owners).

Oh, and they just go a new pit bull puppy. Already aggressive.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Good Luck with your situation Anon12:05pm. When my next door nutters moved in with their mutants they placed one of their pens with 2 of their 4 pits right up against our fence near our bedroom. We had 2 basset hounds that always played peacefully for short periods in our backyard and they had a doggy door. These nutters are night-time nutters....the dogs bark and lung during the day, but when 12 midnight rolls around the pit breeders get-a-movin' movin them pits from pen to pen and to the back of the garage area. After 2 yrs of being frozen stiff with fear and getting nowhere with animal control or police, those pits were removed in a lawsuit on an order from a judge using a state nuisance law. But they kept 1 large female and probably kept others hidden for 2 years, and now.....

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

In June 2015 they built pens for 3 pits on the other side of the yard and brought out 2 XXL mutants and put them in very small pens on each side of the older now...XL white female breeding bitch. Twice in June and July I attempted to sit on my patio with my little Jessi basset that was dying with cancer so she could lay in the sun, and suddenly a large dark brown pit would be right on our fence line growling. Then it would go back in the garage or the utility room that is part of the house. There was an arrest of one of the nutters in the paper in Nov. for drugs,drug paraphenalia and driving with suspended licence. One of the other nutters, to add to his other 2 arrests in 2013 of home invasion/robbery/where guns were used, was arrested on drug charges in Dec. 2015. So all the traffic that pulled up in front of their house in June, July, Aug. suddenly came to a stop. But now the after 12 midnight movin' them pits around has started up again big time. Its an addiction...its in their DNA...BOTH THE NUTTERS AND THEIR CHOICE OF MUTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I am 24-hours a day scared stiff just like that teenage girl laying in the snow in Cleveland Heights Ohio that a policeman had to shoot the pit off her last Sunday. Most the time I have to remind myself to breathe...I'm so stressed I forget to breathe. Who is responsible for this situation? It starts with the Mayor and the city council of this town who have listened and believed a "CULT OF PEOPLE" that repeat over and over again that 1.) pits were once nanny dogs 2.) dachshunds are more aggressive 3.) rottweilers kill more people than pits. And the biggest myth of all.....4.) "It's all in how you raise them" babbleshit! I have never before in my 70 years seen dogs raised and kept like these pit bulls next door to me.