Thursday, January 28, 2016


Published on Jan 26, 2016

"My two young children were playing in the backyard when our neighbors pit bulls busted through the fence and ran towards them. Both kids were playing near the back door and came inside immediately. But as you can see, the two pit bulls proceeded to take over my yard and viciously attack each other on my property, leaving blood in my grass and on my back porch.

I filmed this from my back window while waiting for the police to arrive. At first it almost seems like they are playing, then it escalates. After a few minutes you see chokeholds and violent shaking. Towards the end of the video they come limping up to my back porch, licking the blood off their wounds. They left blood in my grass and on the cement of my back porch. They also defecated in the grass. Neither pit bulls were wearing collars.

I got the impression these pit bulls had been left outside for a while and had not been looked after properly. Beyond that..... If they can turn on each other this way, they will eventually turn on their owner (or their owners young children). These two are very capable of harming a neighbors child or pet. If they attack each other, its a fair match. But had one of them gotten a hold of a smaller dog, or god forbid a child, serious injury or death would have been the result.

Additionally, they clawed and jumped at our back door in a very aggressive manner while peering through the glass and staring at my young children. They also attempted to jump/climb over a different area of my fence to reach another neighbors sweet little dog playing innocently in his own backyard. As I'm sure you know, pit bulls are known for possessing the strength and agility to scale fences and walls. There are numerous videos on youtube illustrating this well known fact (links provided below). It's quite easy to find national news stories regarding pit bulls who scaled 6 foot wooden privacy fences, mauling whatever they found on the other side. These two pit bulls are only 8-9 months old. They are already exhibiting a propensity to climb the wooden fences in our neighborhood, and their ability will only increase with time.

They were in my backyard for over an hour while we waited for the police to arrive. This was a major disruption to our afternoon, and it frightened our kids. I have it all on video. This is just a snippet.

Neighbors, please be aware - the Williamson County Police and Animal Control did not apprehend these two pit bulls. They removed them from my backyard (with the help of the owners next door neighbors), returned them to the owner, issuing a citation. Therefore these two pit bulls are still living in our neighborhood under the care of a very irresponsible owner. We spoke extensively with the police and animal control. They will not collect the two pit bulls until they actually physically harm someone.

The owner of the two pit bulls has not contacted our family to apologize, clean up the mess or offer any reassurances that the two pit bulls will be dealt with. Further, I am not the first to show concern. One neighbor (who shares a fence with the pit bulls owner) witnessed the two pit bulls out of control and paid to have the back fence reinforced. As homeowners, we should not be made to live in fear at the hands of irresponsible dog owners.

NOTE: These two pit bulls were not wearing collars or tags. The police officer was fully aware of this fact (as was animal control) but they still returned both pit bulls to the owner. If you think a tragedy can't happen here, please be advised that we have had innocent people mauled by pit bulls in our neighborhood before:

Here are a few more links, providing illustrations of pit bulls jumping over 6 foot wooden neighborhood fences then mauling innocent adults, children and pets.

Pit Bull jumps 6 foot wooden neighborhood fence, mauls 9-year-old boy playing in his yard. Neighbors express shock over dog being able to climb fence.

Neighbors two pit bulls climb 6 foot reinforced wooden fence, enter elderly neighbors backyard, mauling both her and her dog. Dog owner expressed no remorse.

Residents worried about neighbors two pit bulls for an entire year. The two dogs were not dealt with until the day they climbed over their 6 foot wooden privacy fence and killed a 71-year-old grandmother working in her flowerbeds.

Example: Pit bull climbs over 6 foot wooden neighborhood fence"



Jensen Family said...

This is horrifying! It feels like a ticking time bomb. I think if you see them in your yard again that you should kill them yourself. They are obviously in hunting mode and want to kill. My father in law is a retired firefighter and rates Pitbulls as a top danger. I'm very concerned for your children, these pits have claimed your yard. I'm sorry for this stress in your life!

Anonymous said...

When I was watching this, I thought, "There's no such thing as a pit bull." Yet I see this exact behavior from pit bulls all the time. I don't see border collies engaging in prolonged, brutal, blood baths. I haven't seen any chihuahuas going for the jugular. To have a spontaneous dog fight between none other than two pit bulls in your own backyard, should not come as a surprise to anyone other than nutters.

Our neighborhoods are going to the pits, literally.

PutMeInCharge41Day said...

So much for the " they are forced to fight"