Thursday, January 7, 2016


January 7, 2016
By RAYMOND L. SMITH Tribune Chronicle
An 8-year-old Willard Avenue boy was taken to Akron Children's Hospital Tuesday morning after the FAMILY'S 160-POUND WHITE AMERICAN BULLDOG unexpectedly bit him several times across his face, left shoulder and neck.
Dale D. Boyers and other members of his family arrived at their home at 1257 Willard Ave. SE at 1:45 a.m. Tuesday, shortly before the attack, according to a police report.
Dale Boyers was lying on the floor petting Aires, the dog, when he was bitten several times.
Michele Slater, Dale's cousin, who was not in the room at the time of the attack, heard what was happening, ran into the living room and pulled Aires off, according to the report.
She put her hands into Aires' mouth to get him to let go, the report noted. The dog was put in a bedroom and she called 911.
MedStar medics reported seeing puncture wounds on the boy's cheeks, lower lip, left shoulder and neck, according to the police report. There was a deep gash in his neck from one side to the other.
Officers advised the family to keep Aires under quarantine for 10 days.
The family was advised to take the dog's shot records with them to the hospital in order to show medical personnel in case they needed it.
Warren City Dog Warden Johnny Onatz on Wednesday said he attempted to reach the family about the incident, but they had gone to Akron Children's Hospital to be with him during his treatment.
"It is normal that a family would be told to do a 10-day, in house quarantine when there is a dog bite,"  Onatz said. "The dog should be kept inside and only allowed out on a chain to walk. I have not had the opportunity to see the dog's shot records."
Sandi Boyers, the dog's owner, told police this was the second time Aires has bitten one of her nephews.  About a month earlier, another nephew entered the house through a kitchen window and Aires bit him in the leg and groin area.
Efforts to reach Sandi Boyers by the Tribune Chronicle were not successful. When called, Slater did not want to comment.
Information about the incident will be forwarded to Trumbull County Children Services, according to the police report.
No charges have been filed.

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Anonymous said...

Why does anyone need a dog like that around children? And why does anyone keep a dangerous dog? Like, oh, it's normal behavior for a dog to bite a family member. It's the kid's fault for climbing through a window, right?! What about the kid laying on the floor petting the dangerous dog. What did he do wrong?

When is it going to be realized that dangerous dog breeds are not pets? That normal human behavior should not automatically result in a dangerous dog attack? When?

How many more children need to be sent to the hospital, or to their graves before we as a society accept that pit bulls, bull dogs, and the rest are not suitable companion animals? Are we that stupid? I know some of the population is, but what about the rest of us?